Home and Away Spoilers – Heather frames Marilyn for abuse

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, as Heather frames Marilyn for abuse, is Maz’s secret daughter about to get her arrested?

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons). She suffered organophosphate poisoning last September, which left her with a new, abrasive personality and which has required her to take daily medication to keep her acting herself, but things have been relatively quiet since then.

That was, until the arrival of Heather (Sofia Nolan) just a few weeks ago.

Heather arrived in Summer Bay last month as one of Roo’s (Georgie Parker) students, but it soon became clear that she was actually in town for Marilyn.

While she was friendly to Roo, and very friendly to Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) – with whom she struck up a friends-with-benefits situation – she immediately started doing her best to torment Marilyn.

It began with uncomfortable glances and subtle comments, and culminated with Heather leaving an envelope outside Summer Bay House with Marilyn’s name on it – inside, a photo of a young baby, with the words “Guess who?” written on the back.

Finally, in last week’s dramatic episodes, it was revealed that Heather is in fact Marilyn’s daughter. Heather had a birth certificate hidden in her caravan, which revealed that she was born in April 1995 to Marilyn Chambers, a housekeeper, and Timothy Frazer, a grazier.


Although Marilyn and Heather have yet to acknowledge to each other that they are mother and daughter, Maz eventually confessed the truth to Leah.

When she was younger, she went on a trip around Australia with her boyfriend. They split and Marilyn began working as a housekeeper in a cattle station, where she went on to have an affair with her boss, a man called Tim, resulting in a baby.

When she told Tim that she wanted to keep the baby, he told his wife. The couple stayed together and even let Marilyn stay with them until after the birth. Everything seemed fine, but, soon after the birth, everything changed.

The couple insisted that they wanted to adopt Marilyn’s baby, that they could give her a better life. Marilyn, who didn’t have a job, anywhere to live or any money, thought she was doing the right thing, and that the baby would have a better life with her dad, in a safe, secure home.

She confessed that she’d never said it out loud before, “not to [her ex-husband] John, not to anyone.”

Now, 27 years later, her daughter has grown up and has come looking for her.

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This week, things go from bad to worse for Marilyn, as Heather does everything she can to ruin the life of the woman she believes abandoned her as a baby.

Maz doesn’t feel any relief now that she’s confessed her shock secret to Leah; instead, she’s terrified that everyone else will find out. She’s kept the secret from her closest friends for decades; how will they react if they ever learn the truth?

It’s not long until Heather makes her next move. Last week, Heather learnt that Marilyn had an adopted son, Jett (Will McDonald), a fact which seemed to hurt her all the more. Now, Jett has become part of her plan.

TV Week reports that, this week, John (Shane Withington) gets a call from his and Marilyn’s adopted son, and can’t believe it when Jett explains that he’s just received a text from Marilyn: “An adopted child can never compare to a biological one.”

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It’s cruel and completely out of character, and both Jett and John are worried for Maz’s mental health. When John questions his ex-wife about it, Marilyn is adamant that she had nothing to do with it, and can’t believe anyone would believe she’s capable of such a thing.

Yet it’s not long before Roo (Georgie Parker), who has struggled to see Marilyn’s point of view in recent weeks as Heather and Maz have clashed, has more reason to doubt Marilyn’s mental state. She gets home to find a horrible online review of her new tutoring business, and she thinks Maz is to blame.

“Unfortunately because of the strange behaviour from Maz, she immediately feels it’s her trying to derail Roo’s tutoring job, which is confusing,” Georgie told Yahoo Lifestyle. “And because Maz can’t explain her feelings of distrust, Roo can’t find another conclusion to draw.”

Marilyn reports the matter to the police, but it backfires when she discovers that she’s the prime suspect – she’s being framed for abuse!

At the end of her tether and knowing that Heather is to blame for all that’s going on, she decides to go to the source. Heading to Heather’s van, Maz breaks in, and soon finds the birth certificate that proves what she suspected – Heather is her long-lost daughter!

With confirmation, Marilyn is finally ready to face Heather.

Confronting her at her caravan in Thursday’s triple-bill, Maz shows Heather the birth certificate, uttering the life-changing words: “I know you’re my daughter.”

Heather’s frosty attitude doesn’t let up for a second, as she tells Marilyn, “now we can stop pretending!”

With the truth out in the open, is there a chance for Heather and Marilyn to finally build a relationship?

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Remi and Eden miss destiny’s call. Is Ziggy ready to be a mum? Theo and Kirby are the internet’s hottest duo.

Tuesday 13th September (Episode 7880)

Marilyn gets framed for abuse. Will the star couple break Lyrik apart? Ziggy makes her decision.

Wednesday 14th September (Episode 7881)

Cash decides nice guys finish last. Roo accuses Marilyn of online bullying. Bree puts Remi in his place.

Thursday 15th September (Episode 7882-7884)

Remi gets his mojo back. Eden gets a bitter taste of the new Cash. Marilyn and Heather stop pretending.

Lyrik scores an unlikely band manager. An old flame reignites. Will Heather give Marilyn a second chance?

Ziggy struggles to hide her pregnancy. Will band manager Justin fail before he begins? Tane wants to call it quits.

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