Home and Away Spoilers – Chloe’s obsession with Bella intensifies

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Chloe hits Nikau where it hurts as her obsession with Bella intensifies, whilst Felicity has a controversial idea to save Salt…

Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) has found herself in a difficult position in recent weeks, as friend Chloe (Sam Barrett) started leaning on her following the death of stepfather Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams).

Unable to face the grief of her mother Mia (Anna Samson), Chloe has instead spent as much time as possible hanging out with Bella, much to the annoyance of Bella’s boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).

Attempts by Nik to bring Chloe to task over her unusual behaviour have so far failed, with Chloe’s manipulation resulting in Nik being the one facing reprimands from his family.

Feeling that Chloe was deliberately trying to come between him and Bella, Nik began questioning whether he was imagining things when (Ethan Browne) told him to stop shifting blame onto Chloe.

Next week, Bella still can’t shake Chloe off as she begs to accompany her to TAFE and sit in on her tutorial. Chloe later insists on making herself useful by helping a reluctant Bella with her photography assignment back at the farmhouse, but Chloe’s amateurish suggestions end up being more of a hindrance than anything.

Bella’s housemate Dean (Patrick O’Connor) quietly observes as she struggles to contain her annoyance, and when Chloe takes a bathroom break, Dean tells Bella that they need to get rid of her.

Dean gently suggests to Chloe that they go grab some food before he drops her home, and although Chloe initially takes offence, she reluctantly agrees.

But when Dean takes Chloe to Salt, she puts on all the dramatics as she explains that she can’t go home and face her family. Dean is well and truly sucked in.

Bella is taken aback when Dean later returns with Chloe still in tow, having agreed to let her stay the night!

The next morning, Bella wakes to find that Chloe is not only cooking her breakfast, but she’s taken the liberty of writing up the artist statement for her photography assignment—who better to write about the artist than her ‘best friend’?

This is the last straw for Bella, who finally cracks and tells Chloe that it’s all too much—she needs to give her some space!

An upset Chloe storms home and manically writes in her diary that Bella doesn’t want her around anymore.

After some further bickering with Nik, Chloe’s hurt when he informs her that he’s off to spend some time with Bella—what happened to being busy with her assignment?!

When Nik ends up being the subject of Bella’s photos, as he shows off his newly acquired taiaha skills, Chloe rips into the pair of them as she accuses Bella of ditching her so she can mess around with Nik.

As Chloe overhears Nik telling Mia and Tane about her obsession with Bella, she decides to get even…

Nik later finds that his beloved taiaha, which had belonged to his late father Mikaere, has suddenly vanished from his bedroom. Nik storms off to find Chloe who denies all knowledge, claiming that she hasn’t touched his “stupid stick“.

Chloe’s comment cuts deep, has she gone too far?

Meanwhile, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is desperately finding ways to cut back on running costs at Salt, after the revelation last week that the restaurant was facing financial ruin.

Mac had been banking on insurance money coming through, to cover the huge decontamination costs and product wastage brought on by the organophosphate attack last year. But when the insurance company refused to pay out, Mac was forced to admit to brother Dean that she was broke.

Discovering the letter, barman Ryder (Lukas Radovich) was convinced by Dean to log into the Salt accounts where the situation was laid bare—with barely enough money left in the overdraft to cover any further costs or wages, Salt’s closure was bound to be imminent.

Dean’s attempt at helping Mac, by calling their wealthy father Rick Booth (Mark Lee), backfired when Rick phoned Mac to gloat about her failure, offering to buy Salt at an insultingly low price.

This week, Dean gifts Mac some of his own money to help keep the business running, and whilst Mac is grateful, it will only cover staff wages for another week or so. Mac’s already had to cut down on staff hours, and when a huge party cancels their booking, Mac realises she needs to go one step further.

Unfortunately new recruit Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) will have to be the one to suffer.

Flick is stunned when Mac tells her that she has to let her go, but after a talk with Ryder, Flick decides she isn’t going to accept Mac’s decision. Mac’s bemused as she tells Flick she can work if she wants to, but she won’t be getting paid!

When Salt’s fish supplier Danika (Genevieve Craig) walks in and tells Mac she can’t have her fish order until the outstanding balance has been settled, it’s Flick that saves the day as she convinces her to hold off another week.

Mac retreats to the storeroom where Flick finds her crying, and the full truth about the situation finally comes out.

Flick forces her boss to come back with her to the caravan park for some time out over a beer, and makes a wild suggestion to Mac on how they can raise some cash—an after-hours poker night!

Mac roars with laughter before realising that Flick is being serious, they used to run them at the club she worked at, and the owners saw the cash rolling in as a result. Whilst Mac appreciates the suggestion, she has to pass!

But the chat makes Mac realise that the three of them need to work as a team if the business has any chance of survival, so she goes back to Ryder to start putting together a plan of action.

Will Salt be saved, or will Mackenzie have to rethink Flick’s suggestion…?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 2nd May (Episode 7756)

Mackenzie makes a harsh business decision. Bella can’t escape Chloe. Will Jasmine get answers about her past?

Tuesday 3rd May (Episode 7757)

Nikau accuses Chloe of revenge. Is Mia going head first into danger? Felicity has a dangerous fix for Mackenzie’s debt.

Wednesday 4th May (Episode 7758)

Theo fears for Leah’s return. Mia is scared to sleep. Nikau suspects a thief in the house. Marilyn is acting strange.

Thursday 5th May (Episode 7759)

A stranger comes looking for Jasmine. Theo tries to run from his past. Leah returns with bad news. Marilyn unravels in public.

Friday 6th May (Episode 7760)

Does Jasmine have a secret sibling? Cash draws unwanted attention. Marilyn’s problem is exposed.