Home and Away Spoilers – Karen meets her grandson as Jai returns

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Karen finally gets to meet her grandson, before Dean tries to play matchmaker for her and Brett…

Both Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) and his mother Karen (Georgia Adamson) were hit with family secrets last week, as Karen revealed that she was on the run from a man who wants to marry her, whilst Dean was forced to admit that he had a child.

Karen turned up unexpectedly after Dean went searching for her, worried after hearing from Karen’s neighbour that she’d apparently gone missing. Frustrated with Dean’s constant attempts to ring her, and his asking around everyone she knew, Karen stormed into the surf club several days later and told Dean to stop stalking her.

The reason for Karen’s disappearance soon became apparent when she received a mysterious phone call. After she told the caller to leave her alone, Dean was worried about what her mum had got herself into—only for her to confess that the caller was Brett (Aaron Glenane), her boyfriend of a year, who had proposed to her.

But Dean barely had time to take Karen’s news in before she asked to stay at the farmhouse, with Dean and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) realising that she’d see all of her grandson Jai’s (River Jarvis) belongings.

Jai’s mother Amber (Maddy Jevic) had forbidden Dean from letting Karen be part of Jai’s life, on account of her memories of Karen’s mood swings in their Mangrove River days. Although Karen is now on medication for her schizoaffective disorder, it made no difference to Amber who gave Dean an ultimatum—either Karen stayed out of Jai’s life, or Dean would lose access to Jai completely. As such, Dean was forced to keep his son’s existence a secret.

Although Dean and Ziggy cleared all of Jai’s belongings in time, Karen inevitably found out his existence after spotting a photo that had fallen on the floor. Dean was thrown when instead of kicking off, Karen resigned herself to the fact that Amber was right—Jai would be better without her in his life, as would Brett.

This week, Dean worries about his mum’s reaction, and more so the next morning when he realises that she’s already left the house before breakfast. John (Shane Withington) comes across Karen outside the diner, and as he asks her to join him at the diner, she quizzes him about Jai and Amber.

John explains that Dean fought very hard to let Karen be part of Jai’s life, and Karen feels guilty that Dean always has to stick up for her.

Later, Karen makes one final plea to Dean to meet Jai. It breaks Dean’s heart, he can’t risk it. Karen understands, and she promises not to screw things up for him.

But Dean has a plan, and later that day, Ziggy takes Karen to the beach, where she’s treated to a grandstand view of Dean and Jai playing together.

Oh he’s beautiful!“, Karen exclaims, barely able to keep it together as she claps eyes on her grandson for the first time.

Seeing his mum watching with such pride from afar is too much for Dean though, and he quickly makes a call…

Karen is taken aback when John then pulls up in the surf club’s ATV and tells her to hop in, he’s taking her to meet her grandson!

Dean kicks the ball over to an approaching Karen, where John introduces her to Jai as his girlfriend.

Jai asks if she wants to play, and the two run off along the beach as Dean, Ziggy and John take in the heartwarming moment.


With one obstacle overcome, Dean moves on to Karen’s lovelife…

With Karen still refusing to give a proper reason why she can’t marry Brett, Dean takes it upon himself to log into her phone and contact Brett himself.

The next day, Dean and Ziggy drag Karen to the surf club, where Brett then walks in. Karen is furious, and in a panicked effort to prove that she’s moved on from Brett, she plants a kiss on John!

Needless to say, John is stunned, as are Dean and Ziggy, but Brett barely reacts—he can see right through Karen!

Karen storms out and berates Dean for inviting Brett to the bay. She again tells Brett that she doesn’t want to marry him, but Brett isn’t buying it.

Before heading off, he calmly tells Karen that he’ll be waiting to hear from her, once she stops freaking out.

Dean can’t understand why Karen won’t give Brett a go, given that he seems to be the perfect guy—will Karen ever let herself be happy?

Meanwhile, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Tane’s (Ethan Browne) camping trip comes to an end as Nik finally masters the taiaha.

Tane had taken Nik away as he struggled to cope with Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) incarceration, to the point where he was thinking of leaving Summer Bay altogether.

Believing he knew just what Nik needed to bring him out of his funk, Tane presented Nik with his late father’s taiaha—a Māori weapon—telling him that learning the craft will give him the warrior strength he needs by connecting him to his ancestors.

Although Nik found it tough at first, he’s persevered and Tane is delighted when he realises Nik has cracked it.

Tane tells Nik that his father Mikaere would be proud, and presents him with the taiaha—he’s earned it. Now they can go home and deal with everything that’s coming.

Back in the bay, Chloe (Sam Barrett) is continuing to struggle with her guilt over Ari, being the reason that he’s inside in the first place.

Her mother Mia (Anna Samson) has been ploughing ahead with wedding plans, the idea being to get married to Ari in prison. But Chloe is becoming frustrated at Mia for carrying on like nothing has happened whilst hiding her heartbreak from everyone.

Chloe had attempted to outlet her own feelings into her diary, but when Mia came across it last week she realised that it would be evidence of what really happened to Matthew, so the two burnt it.

Although Mia has said that Chloe can talk to her, Chloe continues to shut Mia out. She’s the reason Mia is going through so much pain, so how can she expect to lean on her for support?

As a last resort, Mia reaches out to Bella (Courtney Miller). She’s the only one outside the family who knows what really happened.

Bella is hesitant as she tells Mia that she and Chloe aren’t really friends, but Mia begs her—there’s no-one else she can turn to!

Will Bella be able to be the friend that Chloe needs?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 28th March (Episode 7731)

Jasmine and Cash ditch their third wheel. Felicity fights loneliness. Dean lets Karen be a grandmother.

Tuesday 29th March (Episode 7732)

Tane gives Nikau warrior strength. Chloe punishes herself. Dean plays cupid for Karen and Brett.

Wednesday 30th March (Episode 7733)

Bella reaches out to Chloe. Theo and Justin get a court-ready makeover. Tane welcomes Felicity to the family. Ryder gets trapped, again.

Thursday 31st March (Episode 7734)

Logan is caught red-handed. Dean stands up for his sister. Theo forces Alf to look in the mirror.

Friday 1st April (Episode 7735)

Jasmine makes a proposal to Cash. Neve’s revenge hits Mackenzie. Alf turns the blame on himself.