Neighbours Spoilers – Can Chloe and Harlow bring Mick down?

Coming up on Neighbours in the UK, as Mick continues to wreak havoc across Erinsborough, will Harlow and Chloe finally put their differences aside to get rid of him?

Mick Allsop (Joel Creasey). It’s the name that sends shivers down the spines of numerous Erinsborough residents.

Had you said the name a few years ago, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) would have winced. Now, there’s a lot more people on that list.

Ever since Harlow (Jemma Donovan) tampered with Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) employment process, and locked Mick in as the winning candidate for a role at the hotel, she’s been regretting her decision. It was initially a ploy to ruin Chloe’s reputation with Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), but has ended up causing Harlow a world of pain in the process.

Rebranded as “Michel”, embracing his ‘gay heritage’, Mick has come onboard at Lassiters as the Front Desk Manager. Unfortunately for those around him, he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. On top of that, he’s rubbing everyone up the wrong way.

Now, Chloe’s got a task – she must get rid of Mick!

Realising that the only way to do this is to enlist the help of Harlow – her rival and the exact reason why he’s here in the first place – last week saw Chloe give her a rundown of her plan. Everything Mick does wrong has to be written down in order to performance manage him out of the business.

As the pair watched him file his nails, Chloe was adamant.

I need you to document his every move,” she told Harlow.

Unbeknownst to Chloe and Harlow, the drama had already kicked off when Mick let himself into Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) apartment. Whether on purpose or by accident, Mick barged into her new flat and claimed it was a mistake, blaming the front desk management for the key mix up.

So naturally, when Amy learns that Mick is responsible for all the room access keys, she can’t hold back her disdain. She’s quick off the mark, revealing she’s going to speak to Chloe, but Mick has other ideas.

Getting up close and personal with Amy, he makes a stunning revelation that he could only possibly know as a result of snooping around her room.

Talk’s just started up around the hotel of a little itch that’s been circulating,” he tells her, referring to the outbreak of crabs that has been spreading around Lassiters.

Of course, the only reason he knows Amy is involved is due to him spying a bottle of lotion in her room, designed to kill the parasites.

Refusing to be blackmailed, Amy puts her foot down. Mick can say what he likes but she is going to tell Chloe the truth regardless.

However, it seems Mick’s powers of persuasion are too strong, and he’s able to convince Amy to keep her mouth shut and not report him to Chloe.

Furious at the fact she caved, Amy heads out to find her boyfriends, only to learn that Ned has now become infected by the infection as well.

Amy’s adamant that she never fell victim to the bugs – buying the medication was just a precaution – so is unsure how Ned managed to get catch them. Fortunately, it’s not long before they realise that Ned and Levi had been using the same towel by error, a fact which doesn’t help the already frosty relationship between the two guys.

While they have tracked down Ned’s connection to the bugs, with mention of Sheila doing the washing and being out of laundry powder, is there a chance the bugs are about to take hold onto another of the Canning family?

Meanwhile, with Amy dealt with, Mick’s reign of terror continues.

Now, he’s trying to organise Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) law office as his space to set up a Santa workshop.

I have a lead on a real life reindeer we can set up in your kitchenette,” he tells Toadie.

Toadie’s less than impressed when he realises Mick is being deadly serious, but the battle to get rid of him really ramps up when he runs into a shocked David. The pair quite literally bump into each other while Mick’s view is blocked by the numerous large Christmas bags and flowers he’s carrying, as he continues on his quest to make his mark on the hotel.


“Mick, what are you doing here?” asks David, the disgust clear on his face. “And why are you wearing a Lassiters outfit?”

While Mick assures him he’s only there because he’s bagged himself a job, David is worried he’s come back as he’s still obsessed with Aaron. After all the Brennan and Tanaka clan have been through in the past year, they don’t need another thing to threaten their relationship.

“And that’s the only reason you’re here, for work?” David asks, unable to believe that his husband’s former stalker is back in town. “So you’re not here for Aaron, because you know we’re meters away from a police station?” he warns.

Despite “Michel” assuring David that he’s got nothing to worry about – Aaron is no longer his type, and he’s now into “older cashed up men” who can keep him in the lifestyle he wants – David heads straight to Chloe, ordering his sister-in-law to find a way to get rid of the new front desk manager.

Chloe had no idea he was “that Mick”, the same one who stalked Aaron years ago, and now feels even worse for hiring him.

Speaking to Harlow, a desperate Chloe begs for her help.

Enough’s enough – he needs to go,” she says.

Will Harlow agree to fix the problem she caused?

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Here’s the full spoilers for the next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 22nd November (8737)

Terese is curious about Glen’s reasons for returning to Erinsborough. He’s clearly no fan of Paul’s, but he still seems to be playing happy families whenever his brother is around. What is Glen really doing here?

Mick’s antics continue to grate on Chloe. Luckily for her, Harlow is also incredibly over this situation and suggests to Chloe it’s time to team up. Can these two nemeses work together to bring Mick down?

Tuesday 23rd November (8738)

Aaron, David and Nicolette struggle to move past the teddy cam incident. In no mood to celebrate, they decide to cancel Isla’s naming day BBQ. When Jane discourages them from cancelling, Nicolette unleashes at her.

Terese is shaken to hear how much resentment Glen still feels towards Paul. He’s determined to ensure Terese secures her freedom from Paul. Terese accepts the support, but is about to get a huge shock at her next AA meeting.

Wednesday 24th November (8739)

Terese is shocked to learn that Glen also struggles with addiction. Terese quickly realises there’s a bigger issue: Glen has just taken a job at Leo’s vineyard. Is this the best move for a recovering alcoholic?

Jane worries the boys and Nicolette will regret giving up on Isla’s naming day celebration. With Chloe’s help, Jane plans to surprise them by setting up for the party while they’re out. But Jane’s made another mistake, and this time it backfires on her in an extremely painful way.

Thursday 25th November (8740)

Kyle worries he won’t be able to satisfy Roxy in the way she needs, so she makes a bold move to convince him she’s on board with whatever the future holds.

Jane lies unconscious and alone until Leo finds her and she’s rushed to hospital.

It looks like Ned and Levi are in the clear until they discover their itchy outbreak is spreading around the rest of the community.

Friday 26th November (8741)

Kyle’s elated by Roxy’s proposal and accepts.

When a giant decoration falls off the roof of the Flamingo Bar, Ned and Levi work together to fix it, leaving Amy very hot and bothered.

Melanie sets up a psychic stalls for the party and has a few startling consequences while reading for the locals.

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