Neighbours Spoilers – Roxy proposes to Kyle

Coming up on Neighbours in the UK and Australia, Roxy and Kyle take the next big step in their relationship. Meanwhile, Melanie’s attempt to keep Nell happy could backfire spectacularly.

These episodes air from Monday 22nd November.

There’s nothing like the sweet feeling of love to perk you up when you’re down. At least, that’s Roxy Willis’s (Zima Anderson) philosophy when it comes to her boyfriend.

Poor Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) has been through the wringer this year. He fed his cousin’s girlfriend a poisoned kangaroo pie, suffered burns on his face following a chemical mishap, and now is reeling from some horrifying news.

After watching his friend Hendrix (Benny Turland) go through a cancer scare, Kyle decided to go and get his own check up. It was there that he learnt he could possibly have testicular cancer.

Under the guise of a fishing trip, the loveable larrikin headed to ‘Franga’, the colloquial pseudonym of his hometown of Frankston, in order to mull things over with his childhood GP. It was there he was delivered the devastating confirmation.

However, things were set to get even worse. Kyle underwent further testing which revealed that the cancer had spread into his lymph nodes. Chemotherapy would be required as a result.

Playing his cards to his chest as always, Kyle didn’t want anyone, especially his nosey grandmother Sheila (Colette Mann) to find out. Unfortunately, in episodes which aired last week in Australia, a tired and distraught Roxy revealed all to Sheila.

The biggest clanger of all? The fact that the doctors had to take both of Kyle’s testicles in order to save it from spreading.

Initially furious, Kyle can’t quite figure out how to handle his emotions. But as the anger he is feeling begins to subside, he begins to see the true pressure that his girlfriend was under and the enormity of what he was asking her to do.

As the pair finally accept the future that they are faced with, one that they can’t choose, they realise that there is only one thing they need to do to be happy – always be truthful with the other.

It’s easy for Roxy, but poor Kyle is going through an inner turmoil.

Without the ‘boys’, Kyle feels like a changed man. Although it’s easy to say that his orchiectomy hasn’t changed him, it is quite obvious that it has changed the way he perceives himself. As a result, he’s worried about his future with Roxy.

She’s open and honest about loving him regardless, but all Kyle seems to be doing is mulling over how he’s going to keep his girlfriend happy – and no less, satisfy her – now that he is two stones lighter.

As it becomes apparent what is going on, Roxy realises that there is something she can do to prove her love. She’s going to propose to Kyle!

It does come across as convenient timing for some, but in the former party girl’s mind, there is absolutely nothing else that she wants. In fact, the timing would be perfect, testicular cancer or not. After all, they’ve been through a lot in their short time together.

When the opportunity presents itself, Roxy takes it, and pops the question to her beloved. Over the moon by her show of love, Kyle says yes. The pair kiss and it’s official – they’re engaged!

Of course, there’s happiness, but Sheila has her reservations.

Fortunately, Roxy is able to convince ‘Mama Jugs’ that she and Kyle couldn’t be in a better place. With her assurance, Sheila celebrates with her grandson and new granddaughter-in-law-to-be!

And if there’s one thing Roxy and Sheila have in common, it’s shopping.

Together, they head off to find the perfect wedding dress!

Meanwhile, as the Flamingo Bar Christmas event hots up, Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) decides to embrace her inner Madame Zolga.

With the Christmas party the event to be at this year in Erinsborough, the zany PA decides to flex her psychic abilities and give readings for all her neighbours.

As the readings go on, it seems not everyone is happy with what they hear.

However, when young Nell (Scarlett Anderson) approaches her dad’s girlfriend, asking her to speak to her late mother Sonya (Eve Morey), it pulls at Melanie’s heartstrings. Not wanting to let Nell down, Melanie is forced to fake a conversation to appease her.

Will her attempts to keep Nell happy backfire spectacularly?

Australian viewers will see these scenes from Thursday 18th November, while UK viewers will have to wait just a few days more, until Wednesday 24th November.

Don’t forget, Neighbours in the UK now airs at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5, while Home and Away‘s evening showing has moved to 5STAR.

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Here’s the full spoilers for the next two weeks of Neighbours:

8736 – Friday 19th November (UK) / Monday 15th November (Aus)

Kyle’s furious Roxy told Sheila about his cancer diagnosis. With emotions at a high, Sheila comes up with the idea of honesty boxes. A way for them to communicate in a calmer way before they explode at each other.

Amy backs out of telling Chloe that Mick’s squatting when she realises Mick may also have something over her.

Terese returns from Queensland and admits to Susan things would have been much worse if it had not been for Paul’s long lost brother Glen. Terese doesn’t expect she’ll see Glen again, but is she wrong about that?

8737 – Monday 22nd November (UK) / Tuesday 16th November (Aus)

Terese is curious about Glen’s reasons for returning to Erinsborough. He’s clearly no fan of Paul’s, but he still seems to be playing happy families whenever his brother is around. What is Glen really doing here?

Mick’s antics continue to grate on Chloe. Luckily for her, Harlow is also incredibly over this situation and suggests to Chloe it’s time to team up. Can these two nemeses work together to bring Mick down?

8738 – Tuesday 23rd November (UK) / Wednesday 17th November (Aus)

Aaron, David and Nicolette struggle to move past the teddy cam incident. In no mood to celebrate, they decide to cancel Isla’s naming day BBQ. When Jane discourages them from cancelling, Nicolette unleashes at her.

Terese is shaken to hear how much resentment Glen still feels towards Paul. He’s determined to ensure Terese secures her freedom from Paul. Terese accepts the support, but is about to get a huge shock at her next AA meeting.

8739 – Wednesday 24th November (UK) / Thursday 18th November (Aus)

Terese is shocked to learn that Glen also struggles with addiction. Terese quickly realises there’s a bigger issue: Glen has just taken a job at Leo’s vineyard. Is this the best move for a recovering alcoholic?

Jane worries the boys and Nicolette will regret giving up on Isla’s naming day celebration. With Chloe’s help, Jane plans to surprise them by setting up for the party while they’re out. But Jane’s made another mistake, and this time it backfires on her in an extremely painful way.

8740 – Thursday 25th November (UK) / Monday 22nd November (Aus)

Kyle worries he won’t be able to satisfy Roxy in the way she needs, so she makes a bold move to convince him she’s on board with whatever the future holds.

Jane lies unconscious and alone until Leo finds her and she’s rushed to hospital.

It looks like Ned and Levi are in the clear until they discover their itchy outbreak is spreading around the rest of the community.

8741 – Friday 26th November (UK) / Tuesday 23rd November (Aus)

Kyle’s elated by Roxy’s proposal and accepts.

When a giant decoration falls off the roof of the Flamingo Bar, Ned and Levi work together to fix it, leaving Amy very hot and bothered.

Melanie sets up a psychic stalls for the party and has a few startling consequences while reading for the locals.

8742 – Monday 29th November (UK) / Wednesday 24th November (Aus)

Ned, Levi and Amy’s time at the party is ruined when Mick arrives in a highly offensive costume.

Not wanting to upset Nell, who asked her to speak to Sonya from beyond the grave, Melanie tells her that Sonya loves her dress.

Realising that Terese losing her wedding ring may work to his advantage, Paul ends up making another faux pas that backfires terribly.

8743 – Tuesday 30th November (UK) / Thursday 25th November (Aus)

Paul is deeply wounded when he learns that Glen may have been involved in Terese’s decision.

Chloe offers Nicolette a spare ticket to a concert in the city.

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