Neighbours Spoilers – Lives on the line for Jane and Terese!

Coming up on Neighbours in the UK and Australia, Jane’s life hangs in the balance after a fall. Meanwhile, a shocking twist could see Terese suffer the same fate that Glen suffered some two decades ago.

Lives are in danger on Ramsay Street, with the drama ramping up as we head towards the end of the year – one through one’s own negligence, and the other through pure psychopathy!

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) has always been a model citizen. After all, it’s how she grew to become “Plain Jane Superbrain” back in the 80s. But over the last few months, it seems she’s lost some of what made her the innocent role model of decades gone by

Not only has she supported her daughter Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) after she took off with a child that morally wasn’t her own, and blackmailed her friend Paul (Stefan Dennis), but now her biggest betrayal has come out.

For weeks, she’s been spying on her daughter and the fathers of her granddaughter Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda).

After putting a video camera in Isla’s (Axelle Austin) teddy bear, Jane sat back for weeks waiting for something to go wrong.

Only in the last week did Nicolette stumble across the find, and naturally she blasted the boys for it, believing that they didn’t trust her. But it soon emerged that Jane was the responsible party.

Confirming she never watched any of the footage, Jane assured her loved ones that she only did what she thought was right. After all, should Nic have run off again, it may have provided clues as to her whereabouts!

When the truth came out, all three were seething, wondering why Jane would do something so reckless that it almost destroyed the fragile relationship they have managed to rebuild over the past weeks.

This week, the fallout from the situation continues, with the trio deciding to cancel the naming day they had planned to celebrate their new family unit.

Seeing the drama unfold and feeling guilty for her part in it, Jane tries to insert herself into the situation, urging them to push forward.

It seems that her interference, once again, is enough to send Nicolette into a tizz. Without a second though, the fiery redhead unleashes a barrage of criticism towards her mother, leaving their relationship, once rocky, now unstable once again.

When they decide once and for all to call things off, Jane makes a decision: she’s going to start decorating, hoping that seeing the party all ready and waiting for them will make them reconsider.

Heading over to No. 32, Jane begins to decorate for the naming ceremony.

Unfortunately, whilst up on a ladder, she overreaches and takes a nasty fall.

“Jane quickly learns why over-50s shouldn’t climb ladders,” Annie tells TV Week.

Thankfully, it’s not long before David’s brother Leo (Tim Kano) happens to pop over, and finds her unconscious on the patio of No. 32.

He calls and ambulance and lets her loved ones – including Nicolette – know what’s happened.

In the moment she finds out the truth, it’s as if everything in the past week slips away. All Nicolette wants is for her mother to be happy and healthy.

Rushing to be by her side, Nicolette takes her mother’s hand.

Can you hear me? Mum?” she asks, hopeful that she will wake up.

Will Jane survive?

Meanwhile, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) gets a surprise when Glen (Richard Huggett) arrives in Erinsborough, but it’s not the only shock in store.

Last week, whilst in Queensland, the pair met, with Glen also making contact with his estranged half siblings Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Lucy (Melissa Bell). Although he was elated to see Lucy, it wasn’t the fairytale reconnection for the brothers.

After all, Paul did do Glen dirty 30 years ago, as explained in the above video from the Neighbours YouTube channel.

This week, Terese and Glen find themselves reconnecting, much to the chagrin of Paul’s granddaughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan), who obviously wants Terese to reconcile with Paul.

However, when the pair go to an AA meeting together, the bond strengthens even further Terese as realises they have more in common than she thought.

Will Paul find his brother to be his next love rival?

However, perhaps Terese won’t be around to see that happen…

A new promo currently airing on the UK’s Channel 5 has shown a drunken Terese confront Harlow on the roof of Lassters.

As a voiceover of Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) stating “Harlow might be turning into a psychopath” is heard, we see a shot of Terese holding onto the hotel roof.

Once the promo cuts the black, we hear a haunting shriek of terror.

Long-term viewers will remember that a fall from the roof of Lassiters is what left Glen paralysed some two decades prior.

The hotel may have grown dramatically in height since then, now sporting a tower, but it seems Terese may be about to suffer an ironically similar to the fate to the one suffered by her brother-in-law all those years ago!

Australian viewers will see these scenes from Thursday 18th November, while UK viewers will have to wait just a few days more, until Wednesday 24th November.

Don’t forget, Neighbours in the UK now airs at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5, while Home and Away‘s evening showing has moved to 5STAR.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

8736 – Friday 19th November (UK) / Monday 15th November (Aus)

Kyle’s furious Roxy told Sheila about his cancer diagnosis. With emotions at a high, Sheila comes up with the idea of honesty boxes. A way for them to communicate in a calmer way before they explode at each other.

Amy backs out of telling Chloe that Mick’s squatting when she realises Mick may also have something over her.

Terese returns from Queensland and admits to Susan things would have been much worse if it had not been for Paul’s long lost brother Glen. Terese doesn’t expect she’ll see Glen again, but is she wrong about that?

8737 – Monday 22nd November (UK) / Tuesday 16th November (Aus)

Terese is curious about Glen’s reasons for returning to Erinsborough. He’s clearly no fan of Paul’s, but he still seems to be playing happy families whenever his brother is around. What is Glen really doing here?

Mick’s antics continue to grate on Chloe. Luckily for her, Harlow is also incredibly over this situation and suggests to Chloe it’s time to team up. Can these two nemeses work together to bring Mick down?

8738 – Tuesday 23rd November (UK) / Wednesday 17th November (Aus)

Aaron, David and Nicolette struggle to move past the teddy cam incident. In no mood to celebrate, they decide to cancel Isla’s naming day BBQ. When Jane discourages them from cancelling, Nicolette unleashes at her.

Terese is shaken to hear how much resentment Glen still feels towards Paul. He’s determined to ensure Terese secures her freedom from Paul. Terese accepts the support, but is about to get a huge shock at her next AA meeting.

8739 – Wednesday 24th November (UK) / Thursday 18th November (Aus)

Terese is shocked to learn that Glen also struggles with addiction. Terese quickly realises there’s a bigger issue: Glen has just taken a job at Leo’s vineyard. Is this the best move for a recovering alcoholic?

Jane worries the boys and Nicolette will regret giving up on Isla’s naming day celebration. With Chloe’s help, Jane plans to surprise them by setting up for the party while they’re out. But Jane’s made another mistake, and this time it backfires on her in an extremely painful way.

8740 – Thursday 25th November (UK) / Monday 22nd November (Aus)

Kyle worries he won’t be able to satisfy Roxy in the way she needs, so she makes a bold move to convince him she’s on board with whatever the future holds.

Jane lies unconscious and alone until Leo finds her and she’s rushed to hospital.

It looks like Ned and Levi are in the clear until they discover their itchy outbreak is spreading around the rest of the community.

8741 – Friday 26th November (UK) / Tuesday 23rd November (Aus)

Kyle’s elated by Roxy’s proposal and accepts.

When a giant decoration falls off the roof of the Flamingo Bar, Ned and Levi work together to fix it, leaving Amy very hot and bothered.

Melanie sets up a psychic stalls for the party and has a few startling consequences while reading for the locals.

8742 – Monday 29th November (UK) / Wednesday 24th November (Aus)

Ned, Levi and Amy’s time at the party is ruined when Mick arrives in a highly offensive costume.

Not wanting to upset Nell, who asked her to speak to Sonya from beyond the grave, Melanie tells her that Sonya loves her dress.

Realising that Terese losing her wedding ring may work to his advantage, Paul ends up making another faux pas that backfires terribly.

8743 – Tuesday 30th November (UK) / Thursday 25th November (Aus)

Paul is deeply wounded when he learns that Glen may have been involved in Terese’s decision.

Chloe offers Nicolette a spare ticket to a concert in the city.

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