Neighbours Spoilers – Melanie rushed to hospital as Jane lashes out

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Jane’s inability to properly deal with Nicolette’s disappearance lands her in hot water at work. Meanwhile, one of Ramsay Street’s favourites winds up in hospital.

These episodes will air in the UK in mid September.

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) has always been known for being level-headed and calm both in the classroom and in her personal life.

However, with the recent ongoings surrounding her daughter Nicolette’s (Charlotte Chimes) disappearance, she might be forgiven for acting a little out of character.

Frantic, exhausted and anxious are three words that come to mind.

It seems that next week, everything finally catches up with Jane. She starts to believe that there is no way out of the situation that she is in, and the thought that she may never see her daughter again all becomes too much. Unable to control her emotions, she breaks down at the school.

Unfortunately, it seems that it’s a case of wrong place, wrong time for the teacher. She recently gave student year 13 student Hendrix (Benny Turland) a project, and, as a way of fulfilling this, he put up cameras around the school.

So when Jane finds that her breakdown has been caught on camera, she is livid.

In her mind, it’s a gross invasion of her privacy. However, with the episode happening in such a public place, one might forgive Hendrix…

Not Jane! When she finds the high school student, she unleashes on him.

In a moment of anguish and torment, Jane raises her hand to slap Hendrix right across the face.

She stops herself just in time, but it’s a sobering moment for both teacher and student. One, so consumed with emotion she is acting in a way she never thought she could. Another, shocked by the reality of what his cameras have captured and fearful of what may happen next.

While Hendrix knows that the right thing would be to tell Erinsborough High principal Susan (Jackie Woodburne), he begins to question whether it would be in his and Jane’s best interest to reveal the truth.

Knowing the stress that Jane has endured over the preceding months, he makes a decision: he isn’t going to say anything.

But Jane can’t stand by and let this go by the wayside. She knows she made a mistake and has to own it.

What consequences will Jane suffer as a result of her actions?

Meanwhile, the Shorts and Briefs Film Festival launch lands a much loved Ramsay Street resident in hospital.

With the return of Rose Walker (Lucy Durack), Toadie (Ryan Moloney) has found comfort in having a practical joker back in his life.

While his relationship with Melanie (Lucinda Cowen) has become tense in recent weeks, his and Rose’s pranks are fun and light-hearted and leave them in hysterics. After all, it’s what attracted them to each other in the first place.

However, when one of Toadie’s pranks goes wrong, poor Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) becomes a victim.

Already feeling jealous, Melanie is shocked when Rose takes a sip of a chilli cocktail and spits it out all over her. The shock results in Melanie jarring backwards and falling as a result. In the process, she hits her head.

Toadie feels awful for the part he played in her injury and rushes her to hospital.

Unfortunately, all Rose can think about is the bad press that could come from the incident. Thinking on her feet, she asks Toadie to be her legal representation should any litigation come the way of her or the festival.

Melanie is none the wiser and when Toadie agrees to help his friend, it’s clear that the couple could be headed for heartache…

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 16th August (8684)

John “reports” that Nicolette is the US and can’t be found so Paul persuades Jane to let it go.

Melanie’s past is coming back to haunt them when a number of Toadie’s clients decide to take their business elsewhere.

Tuesday 17th August (8685)

Toadie’s guardian angel for the film festival is Rose Walker, who’s back to help him restore his good image, but she just may have another agenda.

Sheila throws Levi a family BBQ for his birthday, cunningly inviting both Ned and Amy which only backfires for Sheila when the trio prove they’re happy.

Wednesday 18th August (8686)

Craving some intimate time with Ned, Amy books a room at the hotel for a private rendezvous but she accidentally texts Levi the invite.

Rose uses the festival project to wrangle as much time with Toadie as possible, which leaves Melanie feeling on the outer.

Thursday 19th August (8687)

Melanie finds herself in the firing line when Rose accuses her of vandalising her car and she’s left mortified when Rose gets the police involved.

Paul hastily created a new job for Harlow when she begins doubting her future at the hotel, leaving Chloe to point out that it basically overtakes her job.

Monday 23rd August (8688)

Terese is having doubts about whether they can justify Harlow’s new position, and is left furious when Paul makes a snap decision without confirming it with her.

Chloe realises that Jane isn’t coping and goes to Clive for assistance, but he only makes things worse with Jane dangerously close to her breaking point.

Tuesday 24th August (8689)

Amy wants both Ned and Levi as her dates to the launch party, but when they all decide to attend together Levi finds he has an unexpected visitor.

Hendrix is rattled by Jane’s unexpected show of aggression.

Wednesday 25th August (8690)

Levi is stunned his conservative mother Evelyn has turned up, telling Amy he’ll have to push the pause button on their polyamorous relationship while she’s in town.

When Rose attempts to reignite her spark with Toadie by playing a prank on him, an amused Toadie gets swept up in the fun as they try to one-up each other, but it all ends in horror for Melanie.

Sheila is confused by Evelyn’s frosty attitude towards her.

Thursday 26th August (8691)

Toadie feels completely responsible for Melanie’s accident and commits to being by her side as she recuperates in hospital.

Although Evelyn doesn’t seem to want to patch things with Sheila, Sheila takes advantage of her presence putting distance between Levi and Amy to invite her to stay longer.

Levi hates not being able to support Amy in the aftermath of the party disaster and doesn’t know how long he can keep up the façade in front of Evelyn.

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