Neighbours Spoilers – Rose Walker returns to Erinsborough

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Rose returns to Erinsborough and makes her presence felt between Toadie and Melanie. Plus, there’s a new Canning on their way to Erinsborough!

These episodes will air in the UK at the beginning of September.

Toadie Rebecchi’s (Ryan Moloney) love life has been nothing if not tumultuous over the past two decades.

With one wife dead in Sonya (Eve Morey), another a former prisoner in Steph (Carla Bonner) and a third believed dead but actually alive in Dee (Madeleine West), it’s clear that when it comes to love, Toadie knows how to pick them!

Since then, he’s had brief flirtations with Rose Walker (Lucy Durack) and Audrey Hamilton (Zahra Newman), but neither were destined for the long term. Or so we thought.

His latest love, ex-Ramsay Street resident Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden), has brought him a lot of happiness over the last few months. Despite some teething issues – whether or not they should tell the children, and her reminding him of Sonya – the pair have been able to make their relationship work.

Unfortunately, some investigating by Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) has brought them to their biggest hurdle yet, as they discovered that Melanie has had an affair or a relationship with the partner at almost every law firm she’s ever worked.

Toadie will now have to work out whether he’s just another of Melanie’s play things, or whether she sees them as a serious couple.

As if that wasn’t enough, next week sees the unexpected arrival of a former love interest, and it seems there might be a battle brewing. The prize – Toadie’s affection.

After almost a year away from Erinsborough, Toadie’s former assistant Rose Walker returns for the film festival that Lassiters is putting on.

Although at the time Rose only sought employment to uncover confidential information about her husband’s intentions during their divorce, her chemistry with Toadie was irrefutable. Despite them growing close, Rose patched things up with her husband James (Bert La Bonté) and the pair left town soon thereafter to continue their wedded bliss.

Now, Rose is back and it seems she’s hiding something. Again!

“Rose comes back into town under the guise of being the PR manager for the film festival,” Lucy told TV Week. Though as things unfold it becomes obvious that Rose is back for something a little bit more substantial.

It emerges that Rose and James have split up and won’t be getting back together. Knowing this, the blond has fluttered back into Erinsborough, wanting to reconcile things with her former boss.

Sadly, Rose realises quickly that Toadie has moved on and is happy with Melanie.

However, never one to turn down an opportunity, Rose sets her mind to proving to Toadie that she is the one that he should be with.

“In any other circumstance, I think Rose would like Melanie,” the actress continued to explain to TV Week. “But in this instance, she sees her as a roadblock in the way of her romantic future with Toadie.

Embarking on her mission, Rose finds ways to make appearances in Toadie’s world, determination at the front of her mind. However, it becomes clear that the rift between Rose and Melanie is widening as Melanie begins to grow insecure with each passing minute.

And when Rose’s car is vandalised, in her mind, there is only one potential culprit.

Copping the blame, Melanie is lost for words.

However, Toadie knows exactly what Melanie is capable of. After all, she dumped manure on Angela Lane’s (Amanda Morrison) lawn after she threatened Toadie’s livelihood.

With this knowledge, will Toadie side with Rose over Melanie?

Meanwhile, it seems there’s a new Canning on their way to Erinsborough.

The Cannings are about to expand!

Whilst her exact connection to the family is unknown, it is understood that Evelyn Canning will make her first appearance on Ramsay Street on 24th August.

UK viewers won’t have to wait much longer, with it set to air there on 15th September.

We’re beyond excited to see what the newest member of the family at No. 26 has to offer.

Should she be a granddaughter of Sheila’s (Colette Mann), she will be the third introduced after Xanthe (Lilly Van der Meer) and Kylie (Sophie Gray).

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 9th August (8680)

Unaware that Paul is on a secret mission to find Nicolette, Aaron and David struggle with the loss of their daughter.

Paul flies to Canberra to find Nicolette, contacting Audrey who suggests he go to a park where Nicolette is known to exercise.

Tuesday 10th August (8681)

Stunned to see that Nicolette has given birth, Paul demands to be taken to his granddaughter, but Nicolette refuses.

Leo cooks up a peace offering, which slowly thaws David and the brothers talk through their issues.

Wednesday 11th August (8682)

Leo keeps his stance from Chloe, deciding that he can’t stay in Erinsborough right now.

Jane returns from Queensland, full of questions about why Nicolette hasn’t returned.

Aaron and David embrace fatherhood when Paul returns with baby Isla, but things aren’t as they seem.

Thursday 12th August (8683)

When Sheila accidentally catches Amy and Ned in the act, she warns Levi that Amy’s actions are no different from on partner cheating on another.

Paul puts the breaks on when Terese starts to make the necessary arrangements for the Quill investment.

Paul is shocked to learn that Jane’s hired her own PI to hunt for Nicolette.

Monday 16th August (8684)

John “reports” that Nicolette is the US and can’t be found so Paul persuades Jane to let it go.

Melanie’s past is coming back to haunt them when a number of Toadie’s clients decide to take their business elsewhere.

Tuesday 17th August (8685)

Toadie’s guardian angel for the film festival is Rose Walker, who’s back to help him restore his good image, but she just may have another agenda.

Sheila throws Levi a family BBQ for his birthday, cunningly inviting both Ned and Amy which only backfires for Sheila when the trio prove they’re happy.

Wednesday 18th August (8686)

Craving some intimate time with Ned, Amy books a room at the hotel for a private rendezvous but she accidentally texts Levi the invite.

Rose uses the festival project to wrangle as much time with Toadie as possible, which leaves Melanie feeling on the outer.

Thursday 19th August (8687)

Melanie finds herself in the firing line when Rose accuses her of vandalising her car and she’s left mortified when Rose gets the police involved.

Paul hastily created a new job for Harlow when she begins doubting her future at the hotel, leaving Chloe to point out that it basically overtakes her job.

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