Home and Away Spoilers – Tori calls off the wedding for good

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, seeing Christian and Rachel together becomes too much for Tori. When Christian still can’t give her any answers, she makes a decision – the wedding is off!

Ever since Lewis attacked Christian (Ditch Davey), injected him with heart-stopping medication and almost ended his life, Christian has been searching for a higher purpose. He finally thought he’d found it when he was there on the day of Rachel’s (Marny Kennedy) skydiving accident, and it was only thanks to his medical training that meant she survived.

Sadly for Tori (Penny McNamee), the accident coincided with the day they were meant to leave to get married. Instead, she’s found herself pushed to the sidelines as her husband-to-be started focussing all of his efforts on his new patient. He put their plans on hold, and has been unable to give Tori a date for when they can rearrange the wedding.

At the end of last week, after admitting he’s done nothing but hurt his fiancée since the incident with Lewis, Christian decided to move out, leaving Tori heartbroken. Rejoining the action next week, there’s far more heartbreak to come.

Rachel is beginning to pine after Christian. It’s been days since he last visited her in Northern Districts Hospital, as he’s presumably been busy arranging new accommodation after moving out of the Morgan house.

She’s starting to miss him, and heads from her new ward back to ICU in the hope that he’ll be there. Jasmine (Sam Frost) is surprised to see her, but Rachel explains that she just needed a change of scenery. However, she takes a seat, starts a crossword and keeps her eye on the lift door just hoping it’ll be her favourite doctor who arrives.

As he finally turns up for the first time in days, a smile lights up her face.

She invites him for coffee, leaving Jasmine to look on concerned as the pair walk off happily chatting. Considering he’s so willing to push Tori away, Jasmine is concerned at how happy he is to go for coffee with a patient.

Later that night, as Christian is about to head to Rachel’s room to help her demolish some snacks, Jasmine really thinks the doctor is crossing the line. She confronts him at the nurses’ unit, and while he reassures her there’s nothing to worry about, Jasmine asks what Rachel’s side of the story is.

“It’s not your job to keep her company,” she insists.

“I know. But we understand each other, and that’s it.”

Soon after, Rachel suffers a panic attack and tries to force the halo brace off her head. Jasmine and Christian calm her down and lead her back to her bed, and she’s nothing but apologetic, but Christian has a better idea – he thinks the stuffy hospital is getting too much for her, and thinks she needs some fresh air!

He organises a day pass and takes her to Summer Bay, where he’s set to ruffle a fair few feathers. Of all the places he could take her, he somehow decides the bay is the most sensible, and the pair walk across the sand with Christian holding her arm for support.

When she asks him if all of his patients are this lucky, he responds “only the ones that drop out of the sky.” But is that really all there is to it?

As they put down a picnic blanket and sit together, Christian tells her that the fresh air seems to be working its magic. However, Rachel takes Christian’s hand and interlocks their fingers, as she tells him, “that, and the company… both are pretty incredible.”

Is she developing feelings for him?

As a concerned look spreads across Christian’s face, he knows he’s starting to cross a line. Are the feelings reciprocal?

Either way, it continues to be painful for Tori, who watches on from the path next to the beach.

She and Christian later sit down in Salt as they try to sort things out. It’s clear that both have missed each other, and Christian admits that the space they’ve had for the past week hasn’t made things any easier.

However, it also hasn’t helped clear up what he wants from them or their future. When he doesn’t have an answer, Tori points out that it doesn’t help that he’s been spending all of his time with Rachel – the late night talks in her room, the day passes, the rendezvous at the vending machine, the cafeteria strolls – it’s clear she suspects something is going on.

“I love you too, more than anything,” he tries to reassure her. “And I wish that I could give you a date. But this is a good start, sitting here, talking…”

But that’s not enough for Tori. “If you don’t have answers for me now, then when? How long do you expect me to wait?”

She gets a call from Leah, alerting her to Justin’s latest antics, and she’s forced to leave. When Christian asks if there’s anything he can do to help, she blows up at him. She tells him that yes, he can come home, he could set a date, he can be the man that she fell in love with!

“I have given you every opportunity to sort yourself out and I can’t do it any more. You know what, let’s put our problems aside for good. The wedding’s off. Decision’s made!”

She takes off her engagement ring and hands it to Christian, leaving him stunned. Has he really just lost Tori for good?

Elsewhere, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is still nowhere to be found. She disappeared after the video of her drunken antics at Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) party surfaced online, and she realised she was the laughing stock of Summer Bay.

As we pick up the action in next week’s episodes, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) still can’t find her anywhere. Nobody else is particularly worried, with Jasmine sure that she’ll just be having another sleepover with a randomer. However, Dean feels that this is different.

Returning home after a day of searching, he gives her phone another call at the apartment, only to hear a phone ringing from a matter of meters away.

Mackenzie’s phone is under a cushion on the sofa. Now Dean is really worried – Mac wouldn’t disappear without taking her phone, just in case of an emergency at Salt.

Stepping up the search, Jasmine tries calling Mac’s mum Tanya, but she hasn’t seen her for a couple of weeks. Jasmine is still convinced she’ll rock up at any time with a massive hangover, but the days go by and there’s still no word.

Dean heads to the police station, where he’s hoping for reassurance that he’s got nothing to worry about. However, when Constable Murray (John-Paul Jory) tells him it’s best that they file a report, he starts to realise just how serious things are.

So, when a body washes up in the bay next Friday, and the police confirm that it’s a woman, both Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Dean fear the worse. Is it Mackenzie?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 19th July 2021 (Episode 7580)

Martha comes home. Dean searches for Mac everywhere. Can Justin continue his addiction recovery?

Tuesday 20th July 2021 (Episode 7581)

Nikau and Bella see different values in a photo. Sienna gets some ammo. Where’s Mackenzie? What will Kieran’s lawyer say?

Wednesday 21st July 2021 (Episode 7582)

Nikau gives Sienna an ultimatum. Is Christian’s professional boundaries starting to fray? Alf and Roo get their priorities right.

Thursday 22nd July 2021 (Episode 7583)

Justin crosses a line that could bring his world undone. Rachel’s big day out ruffles a few feathers. Ziggy makes a shocking discovery.

Friday 23rd July 2021 (Episode 7584)

Tori’s not bailing Justin out of this one. News of Justin’s assault reverberates through the Bay. Dean’s concern for Mackenzie spreads through the community.

Also next week… Justin punches Stephen

Justin finds himself arrested by Summer Bay’s new cop, after he loses control and punches Stephen.

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