Neighbours Spoilers – Sheila comes face to face with… Sheila?!

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, the truth behind Sheila’s mysterious packages is uncovered after a woman comes to look at the Hive. Meanwhile, Curtis’s connection to a current Ramsay Street resident is revealed.

These episodes will air from Monday 3rd May.

When a mystery woman comes looking around Ramsay Street, it generally means there’s trouble brewing. If it isn’t a secret affair that’s about to be uncovered, it could be that she is someone’s long lost sister or cousin.

This week, a mystery woman (Shareena Clanton) appears and quickly becomes acquainted with multiple people in town, before dropping a bombshell on one of Erinsborough’s matriarchs.

When a flashy Mercedes pulls in out the front of the Lassiters foyer next Wednesday, and a gorgeous woman in a black dress steps out, heads turn, including that of Vera Punt (Sally-Anne Upton). More on that later.

It doesn’t take long for the mysterious woman to start getting acquainted with the townsfolk. No sooner does she arrive than she visits the Hive, startling Ned (Ben Hall) and causing him to flick paint up onto his face.

The pair share a charged moment as she wipes the paint from his face, and for a moment there seems like a connection between the two total strangers.

She queries why the co-working space is so quiet, especially on a Wednesday – where are all the members hard at work? When Ned offers a tour of the space, she declines. She’s seen all she needs to!

Confused, Ned rushes off to find Paul (Stefan Dennis) who confirms he’s put the business on the market. The Hive is officially up for sale. But why put the business up for sale now, Ned queries, when they’ve just had a heap of new bookings? It’s doing better than ever.

Well, it turns out that Paul has made all of the bookings himself, to make the space look good!

Last week, Paul told Ned that he could return as manager of The Hive on one condition… Ned he would have to do something for him at a later date, no questions asked. It now turns out that his plan is to get Ned to talk the business up to any new potential buyer, convincing them that it’s a healthy business with heaps of bookings, despite that not being the case.

If Ned plays along, he might just be able to continue on as the manager when the new owner takes over!

Meanwhile, the mystery lady pops over to Lassiters to book an appointment with Paul. Meeting Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) at reception, she asks when the businessman is free, but before the pair can discuss it further, she recognises a familiar scent.

The hand cream that Chloe is wearing. The mystery woman states it isn’t widely available and questions where she got it.

When Chloe states that she was given it as a gift, the woman is suss. She’s already run into Susan Kennedy earlier in the day and asked about her earrings, which she also happened to recognise. When Susan stated she was gifted them by a friend, the woman thought something was off. Now it’s happened again and she’s sure something odd is going on.

This new arrival solves the mystery of Sheila Canning’s (Colette Mann) recent uncharacteristic generosity, and the whys and wherefores behind it are something that no one could have imagined.

A few weeks back, Sheila received a mysterious package addressed to her.

Sheila Canning. 26 Ramsay Street, Erinsborough VIC 9571.

Deciding to keep it under wraps, Sheila has begun receiving these packages quite frequently and has resorted to giving away their contents as gifts. To Susan (Jackie Woodburne) she gave a pair of diamond earrings. To Chloe, a very expensive fragrant hand cream.

When a new package arrives at Sheila’s house next week, she’s elated. She rips the bag open and finds a pair of sparkly high heeled shoes. When Chloe walks pas’ and notices Sheila’s shiny new “purchase”, she’s impressed, but comments that they’re not really Sheila’s style.

Sheila brushes it aside nervously, commenting that Brooke from The Bold and the Beautiful also has a pair. She is, of course, Sheila’s style icon.

Later, at the Waterhole, Sheila tries the shoes on. She believes they look fantastic and Terese agrees when she sees them – ignoring the fact they’re at least a size too big for her. However, the Lassiters manager queries whether they are practical. After all, Sheila’s job involves carrying heavy cases of wine up from the cellar – a tricky task at the best of times, let alone in high heels!

It’s not long before a Waterhole customer – the same mystery woman who has spoken to Ned and Chloe – approaches Sheila and mischievously questions whether her shoes were “a gift from a friend”.

When Sheila states they were it fact from herself, the mysterious woman reveals her identity, uncovering herself as the true recipient of the mysterious orders which have been turning up in Ramsay Street.

“I’m the one who was meant to be getting the deliveries,” reveals the woman, as the first Sheila Canning stands in shock. “I’m Sheila Canning!”

There’s another Sheila?!

Meanwhile, after a fall in the Lassiters complex – which she affectionally calls “hotel death trap” – Vera Punt is hospitalised.

When Karl (Alan Fletcher) attempts to treat her, she refuses to let him touch her, worrying she’ll end up suffering the same fate as Olivia (Alyce Platt).

Karl is hurt, and worried his reputation as a doctor is suffering thanks to Olivia’s lies. However, it’s later when Susan arrives at the hospital that she finds out some truly shocking news. Curtis Perkins (Nathan Borg), the newest teacher at Erinsborough High, is Vera’s nephew!

It’s news that quickly spreads through Ramsay Street. No one is more surprised than Jane (Annie Jones), who has recently locked horns with Curtis over the Year 13 project. Considering her feud with Vera when they were neighbours, she is sure that she’s said some shocking things about Vera and is worried she may have expressed them in front of the new teacher!

With a bouquet of flowers in tow, Jane visits Vera.

There’s no knowing how their reunion will go… especially with Curtis in the room!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 3rd May (8592)

Roxy is becoming frustrated by Emmett’s constant attention and tells Aaron and David to sort it out.

Yashvi finds herself pre-occupied with worry in the wake of Shane and Dipi’s departure.

Aaron and David are furious when Brent turns up at home with no explanation after they’ve been searching for him all night.

Tuesday 4th May (8593)

Feeling that Curtis has disregarded her authority with Year 13 while she was away, Jane is desperate to get the program back on track and on her terms.

Chloe and Nicolette relish their honeymoon period.

Aaron and David realise their attempt at a firm hand with Brent isn’t working and pledge to do better by him.

Wednesday 5th May (8594)

A mysterious woman arrives in Erinsborough who questions Susan’s earrings and Chloe’s hand cream.

Susan refused to partake in Jane’s ultimatum and orders the two teachers to find a solution together.

Sheila asks Levi, hypothetically, about the legal ramifications of keeping goods that were shipped to the wrong person.

Thursday 6th May (8595)

More patients hear about the incident with Olivia from Vera and, as a result, refuse treatment from Karl.

Paul schmoozes the newly arrived Sheila Canning, providing her with inflated truths about The Hive and his properties at Power Road.

Mortified at being caught out for accepting the misdirected packages, a remorseful Sheila is deeply apologetic and desperately attempts to fix the situation with Sheila #2.

Friday 7th May (8596)

While trying to get rid of a huge spider, Mackenzie and Hendrix find themselves in an awkward moment on the couch.

Bea’s patience wears thin as Karl continues to overstep with the podcast.

Paul is furious when he discovers that Sheila #2 has received The Hive’s unedited financial data.

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