UK Neighbours Spoilers – Bea is poisoned by Kyle’s toxic pies

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Kyle Canning’s plan to honour his father threatens to prove fatal when one of his poisoned pies makes its way into the hands of an unsuspecting victim. Meanwhile, No. 32 is being watched.

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 15th February.

Kyle Canning lost his father almost a year ago, and a day has not gone by where the loveable larrikin hasn’t wanted to emulate the legacy that he left behind. While Gary’s life wasn’t the greatest at times, he did produce two amazing children in Kyle and Xanthe as well as create a fantastic business in The 82.

Kyle’s late father, Gary Canning.

Naturally, Kyle wished to make his late father proud and, to do so, he made his father’s famous sausage with mushroom gravy to win over the judges of the Erinsborough Best Dish competition. However, when girlfriend Roxy forgot to get mushrooms, she chose to use some she picked straight from the tram garden.

She had no idea that what she picked and used were in fact death cap mushrooms. In their rush to get the meals prepared before the judging, neither Kyle nor Roxy tried the mushroom gravy, meaning the only person who became ill was the judge. As she had eaten and judged countless meals that day, nobody had any idea which of Erinsborough’s restaurant had poisoned her.

Roxy assures Kyle they have removed any trace of the death cap mushrooms.

Unaware of the mix-up, Kyle used the toxic gravy in a further batch of roo pies. When he eventually learnt of Roxy’s error, he quickly sought to rid any trace of the poisonous mushrooms from the tram, just in time for a council sustainability meeting. Despite Kyle’s anxiety, they pass and he breathes a sigh of relief.

The tram’s council sustainability meeting, held by Mackenzie, runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, Toadie had already taken a pack of four pies, and offered them to Ned as a thank you for his last-minute efforts in the lip sync fundraiser.

When Kyle and Roxy learnt that Ned had the poisonous pies in his possession, they scurried to find out if there were any more. Under the assurance that Toadie only had the one pack and gave them the Ned, there’s a moment of comfort.

Bea is none the wiser to what effects this pie will have on her health.

Unbeknownst to them, Ned had given Bea a pie and, after taking a selfie, she devours the toxic treat.

Roxy and Kyle invite Bea and Levi to their date afternoon.

The effects take a little while to kick in, and Bea goes about her day with Levi as planned, testing out their newly painted billy kart around Lassiters Lake. The pair run into Kyle and Roxy who are on their way to a bocce date and invite them along.

Bea’s stomach begins to make noises.

It’s here that the signs of the poisoning begin to take effect, with Bea’s stomach producing a loud gurgle. Putting the upset stomach down to something she ate, Bea agrees to play bocce with her boyfriend and friends.

Yet Bea continues to deteriorate and leaves Levi worried when she pulls out of their games afternoon. She maintains that she’s okay but is going to go home to spend some time with Susan and Karl, asking him to fetch her some medication when he finishes up for the afternoon.

David comforts Bea as she vomits.

On the way home Bea throws up in the complex. David catches her and when she explains her symptoms – clammy, nauseous and pains in the stomach – it becomes obvious that the poisonous mushrooms are rapidly taking effect.

Bea lay unconscious, her life in grave danger.

Later in the afternoon, when Levi arrives at No. 28 he finds her unconscious in the garden.

After being contacted by Levi, Karl and Susan rush to the hospital, only to learn that Bea’s major organs are shutting down. Karl rushes to find out what the issue is and it’s something none of them expected.

Karl delivers news of Bea’s condition.

She has amatoxin poisoning, and the only way to treat it is an aggressive hydration therapy.

Levi is saddened by the news.

Susan asks the question – what if they’ve started treatment too late? With a solemn look, Karl confirms that Bea may have only a week or two to live.

Susan reels at the news of Bea’s condition.

Meanwhile, as one life teeters towards the end, another is only just beginning.

Aaron, David and Nicolette prepare to see their child for the first time.It’s the day of the ten week ultrasound for David, Aaron and Nicolette. It’s been a long time coming for the trio who have had their fair share of drama.

With all that to one side, there is bliss everywhere as they finally catch a glimpse of their child for the first time. There’s tears all around, especially from Jane who asks the boys whether they’ll allow her to be a grandmother to the child.

Unfortunately for Nicolette, she is still putting up with the constant threats from Ricardo, who is maintaining plans to sue her. Luckily, her new lawyer has concocted a plan to countersue for sexual harassment, using his constant abusive texts as evidence of this.

However, when Ricardo begins taunting Nicolette with the knowledge of where she lives, she is urged to go to the police. Sending abusive messages is one thing, but threatening the expectant mother crosses a line.

Making things worse, when hanging out the washing, Jane has the distinct feeling that she is being watched by someone…

Indeed, there is a mysterious person, lurking in the Doug Out, waiting.

The question remains – is it Ricardo?

Look Out For!

Two new shots in the opening credits are here. Viewers will see the change from Monday, with Bea and Clive having swapped shots.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 15th February (8538)

Amy continually interrupts important Rebecchi family moments leading to Mackenzie to dig up dirt by calling Hawke Airlines.

Shane and Amy manage to find time together to celebrate the arrival of the new uniforms.

Shaken after the kidnapping, Harlow is unsure about what to do about Hendrix.

Tuesday 16th February (8539)

Hendrix is devastated about his breakup with Harlow, announcing that he’s decided to repeat Year 12.

Jay’s feelings for Mackenzie are growing and he’s surprised to find that she might have feelings for him too.

Dipi and Amy continue to provoke each other, with everything culminating at the lip sync battle.

Wednesday 17th February (8540)

To thank Ned for his help, Toadie gifts him the mushroom pies from the Tram, unaware of the deadly ingredients.

Dipi decides to go to Sydney with Jay for a few days, hoping she’ll be more comfortable with Shane’s new relationship when she returns.

Jay is thrown by the news he’s leaving for Sydney, particularly given his feelings for Mackenzie.

Thursday 18th February (8541)

At their baby’s first ultrasound, Aaron and David decide to forgive Nicolette and give her another chance.

Chloe wants nothing to do with Nicolette, thinking that maybe Pierce was right about her being untrustworthy.

Bea has eaten the pie full of deadly mushrooms and is unaware of the danger that she’s now in.

Friday 19th February (8542)

Chloe reads Ricardo’s new string of harassing messages to Nicolette and finally begins to see things from her point of view.

Roxy and Kyle learn about what’s happened to Bea, rushing to the hospital with the intention of coming clean.

Bea clings to life as her organs start to shut down.

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