UK Neighbours Spoilers – Dipi gives Shane and Amy her blessing

On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Dipi begins to reconsider getting back with Shane. How will she react when she realises he’s already started to move on with someone else?

These episodes air in the UK from Monday 25th January.

As Christmas arrives in Erinsborough, the season of goodwill looks set to make Dipi reconsider her feelings for Shane. She was drawn to Pierce after Shane’s secret drug problem meant he withdrew into himself. He was only focussed on his studies and, secretly, on scoring his next fix – Dipi felt pushed to the sidelines, and Pierce was a way to make her feel more loved.

Now that he’s recovering, the old Shane is coming out more and more. It’s starting to remind Dipi of all the good times they shared together. Unfortunately for her, part of his newfound chirpiness is down to Amy Greenwood, whose bubbly, million-miles-an-hour personality is rubbing off on him.

To bring some joy to their horrible year, Dipi has organised for Kirsha to return to Ramsay Street for Christmas. It marks the first time that the whole Rebecchi clan have been in Erinsborough at the same time. As Dipi and Shane head to the airport to pick Kirsha up, the two seem to be getting on really well. For the first time in months, any awkwardness has disappeared.

When Kirsha arrives back, she’s surprised to find her mum is staying across the road. She thinks they should be under the same roof if they’re to have any chance of repairing their relationship, and makes it clear to Jay and Yashvi that she’s determined to get her parents back together.

She’s bought them all matching jumpers, and ends up doing a great job of getting her parents to have fun in each other’s company. Is she reminding them of the good times they’ve spent together?

Later, when Dipi is taking Kersha back to the airport, she asks her mum outright whether she’s falling back in love with Shane. Dipi admits that spending time together at Christmas has made her feel more fondly towards him, and that she thinks Shane is open to the idea of getting back together.

Yes, she admits, she might be up for a romantic reconciliation. As she carries on driving, a flurry of beautiful memories from their time in Erinsborough flash through her mind.

Meanwhile, Amy is dealing with the fallout of her stolen uniform problem. Chloe ends up confessing the truth Terese, and she’s livid. Amy comes to the office to apologise in person, but it makes no difference – Terese tells her that she should report her to Hawke Airlines.

“Please don’t do that,” pleads Amy. “They’ll sue me for everything I’ve got. I’ll have to move into a cardboard box!”

Terese agrees to keep quiet, but the deal is off. Amy is devastated. Yet it seems Chloe sees something in Amy that Terese doesn’t. Perhaps she sees a glimpse of herself – someone who’s just desperate to be given a chance.

At the Christmas drinks at the Hive, Chloe and Amy bond further. As the drinks flow, Chloe pushes her to keep working on the new designs and use them to win Terese round. Perhaps they could lure Terese to a particular place at a particular time, and ambush her with the presentation to end all presentations…

Despite potential for disaster, Chloe’s plan works perfectly. Terese is later given a false excuse to head to Amy’s hotel room, where she finds Shane and Amy, slightly tipsy, putting on the presentation of a lifetime.

Amy showcases her new uniforms’ moisture wicking technology, stylish looks, and the utility belt full of useful environmentally friendly cleaning products which staff can call on whenever they’re needed. Most importantly, they have a completely original design.

Even a small wardrobe malfunction around Shane’s crotch isn’t enough to ruin things. Terese is impressed. Baffled, but impressed. After some thought, she agrees – the contract is Amy’s once again!

In their elated state and celebrating their win, Amy and Shane get a little too close. Staring into each other’s eyes, the pair almost kiss. Pulling away, they consider for a second, before going in again for a proper kiss.

What’s more, while the aftermath is slightly awkward, there’s seemingly no regret on either side.

As Shane leaves, the look on Amy’s face says it all – she’s delighted.

Is Shane finally ready to move on?

When he bumps into Yashvi, she asks him how he found Christmas and whether he was okay spending time with her mum. She clearly wants gossip on whether he’s interested in getting back together. He quickly dismisses it, his head clearly preoccupied by thoughts of Amy.

The pair later meet back up, and Shane tells her he’s been thinking about their kiss. It was nice, he tells her, and she’s nice. And great. “And we’ve become really good friends, and that means a lot to me. So I don’t want to ruin that”.

He wants to file it as a one time mistake. Although Amy understands, she’s clearly a little bit hurt – “Welcome back to the friend zone“, she jokes.

Wanting to be totally honest after their year of secrets, Shane opts to tell Dipi. He invites her to Number 32, where she’s fully expecting him to suggest they reconcile, or maybe try counselling. So she’s in for quite a shock when she finds out the truth.

As she begins to tell him what a great time she had at Christmas and how she wants to fix things, he spits out the truth about their one-off kiss before she can get a word in.

He seemingly hopes she’ll be more upset, but she pretends to be okay. While she’s clearly hurting, she tells him they agreed they’d have a break to allow each other to grow, and this is growing. He’s taken back at how okay she seemed by it.

Dipi takes from their conversation that the kiss was just a one-off, and that Shane has no plans to repeat it. But, seemingly thinking Dipi doesn’t have any strong feelings left, Shane takes it as permission to move on.

With his feelings for Amy clearly growing, he starts to think that maybe they should give it a go. Will Dipi tell Shane the truth about her own feelings before it’s too late?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 25th January (8523)

Terese is fuming when she learns the truth about Amy, leaving Chloe feeling guilty for pushing Terese to use the original uniform designs.

Kane sends Hendrix a frightening message, making it very clear he isn’t messing around and wants his money.

Kirsha is home for Christmas and she’s on a mission to get her parents back together.

Tuesday 26th January (8524)

Shane gives Dipi the impression that he’s keen for them to get back together, and with a final push from Kirsha, Dipi decides it’s time to start repairing their marriage.

Shane and Amy work together to convince Terese to accept Amy’s new designs, and get caught up in the excitement of her success.

Jay suggests that Hendrix steal the diamond necklace that Pierce bought Dipi to pay back his debt to Kane.

Wednesday 27th January (8525)

When David is caught in Sheila’s crossfire, he urges Jane and Clive not to let her unfairly dictate their lives.

Roxy encourages Sheila not to give up on Clive, twisting the talk she had with Jane the other day about her feelings for Des.

Shane tells Dipi about his impromptu kiss with Amy and Dipi’s hopes for a reconciliation are secretly dashed.

Thursday 28th January (8526)

Levi is struggling to assemble Bea’s billy cart and his embarrassment grows when she deems it an easy task, but he’s determined to do it on his own.

Shane takes Dipi’s reaction to his kiss with Amy as confirmation that she’s moved on and struggles with the idea that their marriage might really be over.

Friday 29th January (8527)

Paul returns from New York and informs Aaron and David that he’d like to have lunch with them and Nicolette.

Clive decides that he and Jane should slow things down for a while, leaving Jane to worry about their future.

Sheila is rushed to hospital and taken into surgery for a pacemaker.

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