UK Home and Away Spoilers – Nikau and Bella steal Dean’s car to visit Uncle Tane

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After another bust-up with Uncle Ari, an exasperated Nikau teams up with an equally frustrated Bella to escape Summer Bay for an evening…

Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) remains firmly in the line of sight of John Palmer as the week begins, with John’s continued frustration of Ari’s friendship with wife Marilyn (Emily Symons).

Meeting Marilyn on the beach to try and talk things through, Ari happens to walk by at the wrong moment which sets John off again. He later turns down an invite to Ben Astoni’s birthday party by making an excuse that he needs to work, but when questioned by Dean (Patrick O’Connor) he admits that he’d feel awkward with Marilyn there.

In the meantime, Marilyn invites the whole of the Parata family along to the party so that they can meet some new people.

However when John changes his mind and heads over to the farmhouse to join the celebrations, the first thing he sees is Marilyn laughing with Ari, which displeases him immensely.

He confronts Marilyn who explains that she invited the whole family, but John points out that they’re grown adults and can surely find friends for themselves. Marilyn realises she isn’t going to get anywhere and removes herself from the discussion.

Meanwhile, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is avoiding Bella (Courtney Miller) after Ryder (Lukas Radovich) told him about Bella’s traumatic past, something which has not gone unnoticed by Bella. Heading over to the house, Bella finally asks Nik exactly what his problem is.

As he’s forced to confess that he didn’t want to put pressure on her, knowing what had happened to her, Bella realises exactly who must have told him.

Bella storms over to Salt and angrily tells Ryder to stay out of her life – it’s her decision as to whether she wants to tell people, not his!

Back at the Palmer house, a moody John arrives and Nik makes a swift exit, leaving some dirty pots on the living room table in his rush to leave. When Gemma (Bree Peters) and Ari later return, they’re mortified to see the mess that Nik left.

Finding Nik at the diner, Ari and Gemma berate him for disrespecting John and Marilyn’s house, as Nik tries to explain that he was merely trying to avoid John.

Ari and Nik nearly come to blows in the middle of the diner before Nik storms off.

Bella later finds a despondent Nik on the jetty, and seeing he’s had just as bad a day as her, she suggests that they both need a break from Summer Bay – and she knows where Dean keeps his car keys!

Both Bella and Nikau have an adventurous streak,” Courtney told New Idea magazine. “They’ve also both been having a tough time in the Bay, so they decide ‘Let’s get out of town and go on a trip!’. Nik has his licence, so he takes the wheel.

Nik knows exactly where he wants to go, and he drives Bella to the city to visit his Uncle Tane (Ethan Browne), who’s in the middle of throwing a party.

As the party draws to a close later that evening and with Bella having fallen asleep on the sofa, Nik and Tane have a heart to heart where Nik explains he cannot handle things at home anymore. He’s sick of Ari trying to be a father to him, and part of him wishes that it was Ari that had died instead of his father, Mikaere.

Although he has his own issues with Ari, Tane tells Nik that he should never think that about his family, as they both go on to talk about how they miss Mikaere. Nik tells Tane that he can’t return home.

The next morning however, Bella panics when she realises they’ve stayed out all night. She wakes up Nik and tells him they need to leave right away – she’s already got missed calls from Dean who’s noticed that she’s missing. 

As they hurry to leave, Tane is happy to see that Nik is doing the responsible thing by heading home to face the music, and reminds him that he’ll always be there for him if he needs him.

As they say an emotional goodbye, Tane palms some money to Nik.

Back in the bay, Dean is furious when he spots Bella and Nik pulling up in his car!

Dean flies at Nik but Bella stops him and explains it was her idea to take the car. Storming back to the apartment, Dean rips into Bella for letting a perfect stranger take his car, and the two are at loggerheads as a surprised Colby (Tim Franklin) walks in the door—Mackenzie (Emily Weir) having picked him up from the hospital.

Colby and Bella talk on the balcony and she apologises for staying out all night, she genuinely didn’t mean to but she fell aslep. Colby lays down the law and tells her that it’s not alright to stay out all night, nor to steal Dean’s car for a joyride, but he won’t stop her seeing her friends.

Now curious about her new friendship with Nik, a grinning Colby digs for details and whether he’s really just a mate, but a bashful Bella is keeping quiet on that one!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK.

Monday 11th May (Episode 7301)
Ben’s brother threatens to destroy the Astoni family celebration. Leah struggles to move forward. John begins to lose hope for his marriage.

Tuesday 12th May (Episode 7302)
John and Marilyn’s marriage is at breaking point. Marco’s intentions are still unclear. Bella and Nikau go on a joyride to his uncle Tane’s.

Wednesday 13th May (Episode 7303)
Dean explodes when he learns Bella and Nikau stole his car. Colby returns from hospital to find a troubling letter in the mail. Roo believes Marilyn is thinking irrationally.

Thursday 14th May (Episode 7304)
Colby’s divorce papers put a halt to a future with Mackenzie. Jasmine’s guilt prevents her from moving forward. Justin’s smothering pushes Leah to breaking point.

Friday 15th May (Episode 7305)
Maggie fears for her marriage when Marco blackmails her. Leah and Justin struggle to reconcile after her outburst. Jasmine is rocked by huge news.

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