Oz Picture Preview – Workplace Antics

Next week on Home and Away in Australia, Ziggy and Dean have a bit too much fun at work, whilst Robbo completes his purchase of the gym…

Currently on bail and awaiting trial for his part in the break-in and credit card fraud at Salt, Dean Thompson’s (Patrick O’Connor) luck changed last week when Justin (James Stewart) finally agreed to give him another chance at working at Summer Bay Auto. When it was noticed that Dean seemed to know his stuff, there was even talk of Dean looking into a mechanic apprenticeship which could look favourable when it comes to his trial.

So it’s understandable that Dean is perhaps looking to keep his nose clean in the coming months, but he hadn’t banked on his co-worker Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) potentially putting things in jeopardy!

During what looks to be some quiet time at the garage, things seem to go awry when Ziggy challenges Dean, with a darts game and beer drinking ensuing. What happens next remains to be seen, but when a worse for wear Ziggy receives a call from husband Brody (Jackson Heywood), he’s soon on his way to pick her up, and we don’t imagine he’s too impressed with Dean.

Whilst Ziggy and Brody will have their own issues to deal with, Dean also faces some potential wrath over the escapade. His mate Colby (Tim Franklin) is seemingly quick to assume that Dean is the one causing trouble, much to Dean’s frustration, but Dean later opens up to Colby and wonders how he can clean up his image.

Elsewhere in the bay, after turning down the offer of rejoining the Federal Police earlier this year, it’s safe to say that Robbo (Jake Ryan) has been lacking some direction in his life.

After overhearing John (Shane Withington) and Alf (Ray Meagher) discussing the gym being put up for sale last week, and after some persuasion from Jasmine (Sam Frost), Robbo put in an offer which was verbally accepted by the (unknown to us) owner.

This week, John brings around the papers to sign and Robbo finally has a new business venture on his hands… now he just needs to work out where he stands with Jasmine after their surprise kiss…!

Episodes 69496952
Australian airdates: Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th September 2018 on Seven
UK airdates: Thursday 20th to Tuesday 25th September 2018 on Channel 5

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