Home and Away Spoilers – 2018 Season Finale

It’s something of a tradition for Home and Away’s season finales to put various characters into peril, and it seems that this year will be no different.

Home and Away cast and crew members moved away from the usual Summer Bay territory for several days earlier this month, travelling two hours south of Sydney to the Shoalhaven region to film a number of scenes surrounding the season finale/return episodes.

Details published in local press in advance revealed that the show were planning to film a car chase in the Seven Mile Beach National Park between Shoalhaven Heads and Gerroa. As with previous years, the paparazzi were sure to tag along to capture all the action.

Having confirmed with our own sources, we can reveal that the season finale will centre around Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), newcomer Chelsea Campbell (Ashleigh Brewer) and Colby’s half-sister Bella (Courtney Ally Miller).

Chelsea Campbell is played by ex-Neighbours actress Ashleigh Brewer

Chelsea, otherwise known as Senior Constable Chelsea Campbell, will soon arrive in the Bay as ex-girlfriend of fellow police officer Colby.

In an interview when her role was announced back in April, ex-Neighbours actress Ashleigh revealed that Chelsea “is an extremely nice person with a strong head on her shoulders, but she’ll be causing a little bit of trouble through circumstances out of her control.”

It looks like she’s set for a reconciliation with her ex, but will also become caught up in his problems as Colby continues to search for long-lost little sister Bella.

Colby arrived in Summer Bay in early 2018, and has struggled to cope with the disappearance of his sister Bella

As we know, Colby’s sister Bella and mother Janine were taken six years ago by his step-father Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak), and Colby’s determination to find his sister was the reason he joined the police force in the first place. After a few false leads, Colby finally tracks her down later this year and the pair are reunited.

However, in the finale, likely to air in early December, Colby’s world is turned upside down when Ross kidnaps both Bella and Chelsea, and drives them out into the bush.

Justin Rosniak will star as Ross Nixon. ©Aran Michael Management

Pictures taken by the press showed a dramatic showdown in the bush as Colby, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Willow (Sarah Harris) track down Ross, who has tied Chelsea to a tree and is holding her and Bella at gunpoint.

With initial reports stating that Ashleigh Brewer was only on a six-month guest contract, and little known about actress Courtney Ally Miller’s plans, could Colby’s newfound happiness be very short lived? We’ll find out in early 2018!

That isn’t all however, we can also exclusively reveal that further scenes were filmed at a picturesque wedding venue on the Shoalhaven River just outside Nowra.

The Shoalhaven River ©Google

Whilst it doesn’t guarantee that any scenes filmed at the location would be for a wedding, we do already know of a couple of contenders for possible nupitals, as detailed in our recent spoiler roundup.

Going by recent filming at Palm Beach, Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine (Sam Frost) appear to have become engaged, as well as Colby and Chelsea.

Furthermore, we’ve also spotted that Colby appears to be wearing a band on his ring finger during filming over the past couple of weeks…

Could one of these couples be looking to head down the aisle in finale week? Stay tuned!

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