Oz Preview – Stranded!

Episodes 67006703
Monday 24th to Thursday 27th July 2017 on Seven

Alf (Ray Meagher), Justin (James Stewart) and Scarlett (Tania Nolan) will find themselves in a tricky situation this week, when they become stranded on a remote beach. But who is lurking in the bushes watching their every move?

Having recently returned from a short trip away, designed to leave a false trail and trick her estranged husband’s private investigators into thinking she was moving overseas, Scarlett is mortified to find herself waking up in Justin’s bed after a heavy drinking session.

Making a hasty exit, Scarlett later bumps into Roo and confides in her. But when Alf later hears about Scarlett’s overnight stay and rips into Justin, Justin is quick to head over to Scarlett’s in an attempt to put her mind at ease.

Whilst a humiliated Scarlett is able to laugh about the mix-up, she later breaks down over the mess that her life has become. Seeing how upset she is, Justin arranges with Alf to take them all out on a fishing trip to take her mind off things.

Scarlett and Alf have grown close since her arrival in the bay

With the mood lightening on the boat trip, the idea seems to have worked. But as they moor up to a secluded spot, little do they know that they are being spied upon.

When the day later draws to a close, the trio find themselves stranded when Justin can’t start the boat. Realising that they’ve no option but to spend the night on the beach, Alf and Justin head into the bush to find some firewood.

But as time goes on with no sign of the men returning, an already unsettled Scarlett grows increasingly nervous. Suddenly, she hears a noise and spots a shadowy figure moving through the trees.

That’s enough to get Scarlett moving as she darts in the bush to try and find her friends—but all she finds is a trail of blood. Has something happened to Alf & Justin, and is the mysterious stranger responsible?

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