Oz Preview – Moving On?

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Monday 24th to Thursday 27th April 2017 on Seven

It seems one Summer Bay resident could soon be heading for pastures new, as Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor) takes some time away this week to think about his future.

After effectively being forced to resign from the hospital when Tori (Penny McNamee) was put under pressure to fire him, the couple haven’t quite got back on track.

As the head of the emergency department, Tori was trying to be professional” Penny told TV Week. “But it backfired as Nate lost his job. She felt her hands were tied, but he felt she could have stepped in. It’s a big mess, they’re both upset with each other.

With losing his job at the only hospital in the area, Nate realises that he may have to move elsewhere in order to continue his career, and heads away for a while to try and work things out.

A couple of days later, Tori is surprised to see Nate kayaking in the bay, and he sheepishly admits that he arrived home the previous day. As Tori wonders why Nate is being so cagey as to where he’s been, he makes the shock announcement that he’s decided to give up medicine—he’s had enough of the shift work and bureaucracy.

But that isn’t the only thing, as he also announces to a gutted Tori that he’s trying to make a decision on whether to leave Summer Bay altogether!

Tori and Nate are so well-suited and she loves him” Penny continued. “She’d like to settle down with him, get married and have children. She may well go with him. That’s definitely on the cards.

Meanwhile, Roo (Georgie Parker) finally decides to come clean to new beau James (Tim Ross) about her pregnancy. Having previously discussed children when Roo believed she was going through the menopause, James took it in his stride and told her that a lack of children wouldn’t be an issue—he certainly had no plans for fatherhood.

However, if Roo was hoping he may change his mind on learning the latest development. she’s sadly mistaken. Taken aback, he tells her that they can’t have the baby—he meant what he said, he does not want to be a father.

As they continue to argue, Roo is shocked when James gives her an ultimatum—it’s him, or the baby…

Elsewhere this week, John makes an enemy of Deacon in jail and receives a brutal beating, Brody’s lies begin to unravel as he struggles to keep it together, and Zac makes a bold move to try and win Leah back…

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