Oz Preview – What’s Wrong?

Episodes 66396643*
Monday 17th to Thursday 20th April 2017 on Seven
*Episodes may vary depending on region due to AFL

Life is about to take a shocking twist for Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) this week, as she faces a major hurdle in her blossoming relationship with new beau James (Tim Ross)

After collapsing in her apartment whilst preparing to move out, James finds Roo on the floor as she starts to come round. Whilst Roo tries to put the dizzy spell down to not having eaten properly in the day, James is keen to get her to a doctor.

The doctor says it may simply be a case of Roo having low blood sugar, but orders some tests just to be on the safe side. But when Roo tells her Aunt Morag (Cornelia Frances) of the funny turn, she helpfully points out that Roo could be going through the menopause!

Whilst Roo is offended at first, the symptoms seem to fit and as Roo struggles to come to terms with what could be the next big stage in her life, her thoughts come back to James.

The age gap has always been something of a concern for Roo, but she certainly wasn’t expecting it to become this much of an issue so soon. If James wants to have children then this development could well signal the end of their romance.

Roo decides to keep quiet until she knows for sure. “Roo is quite a rebel, but we really don’t see it” Georgie told TV Week. “It’s important we see that older people still have strong personalities and still screw up.

Eventually Roo feels she has to come clean to James, but is surprised when he takes the news in his stride—apparently he has no plans for children, so it wouldn’t be an issue.

Now at ease with their relationship, Roo then invites James to Olivia’s 18th birthday party so he can be properly introduced to all her friends. But things become tense when Marilyn realises that James was the press photographer whose photo of John being dragged away in handcuffs is splashed on the front of the local paper.

The revelation causes Roo and James to have their first big argument, but that’s the last thing Roo will have to worry about when she received a call from her doctor with her test results.

Having come to terms with the possibility of the menopause, what Dr Benson has to tell her shocks Roo to the core—it’s the last thing she was expecting and is potentially life-changing. How will she able to break the news to James, and what will it mean for them?

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