John & Marilyn to Face Medical Woes!

It seems that one of the bay’s most popular couples are in for further woes, with both John Palmer (Shane Withington) and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) set to face injury in the coming months.

Shane Withington & Emily Symons

Next week’s Australian episodes will see Marilyn arrange a romantic boat trip for husband John, only for him to take a tumble and end up with a life-threatening brain injury. TV Week reports that John is feeling down and missing a friend (who we presume to be a soon-to-be departing Chris), when Marilyn decides to cheer him up by arranging a surprise picnic lunch and boat trip.

“Marilyn takes him on a boat, thinking he’ll enjoy it because of his Navy background.” Shane explained to the magazine “He says to Marilyn ‘Let me show you how we do things in the navy.’ But as he leaps over the rail to get on the boat, he mistimes things and hits his head on the bottom of the boat.”

As sheer luck would have it, Dr Nate is passing by as Marilyn calls for help and when John regains consciousness Nate tells him he should go to hospital to be checked over. Despite insisting he’s fine, John follows Nate’s advice, but is shocked to be told that he has a bleed on the brain that could be potentially fatal!

Whilst we expect John to come out the other side unscathed (he’s been spotted filming numerous times recently), it seems that Marilyn may have some further issues to deal with in the coming months…

Paparazzi shots taken at Palm Beach in the past couple of weeks have shown Emily Symons filming scenes with what look to be significant burn injuries on the left side of her body.

With a visible dressing on her shoulder, and a skin coloured sleeve and glove covering the entirety of her arm/hand, fans are already posting their theories as to what could happen to poor Maz. The scenes will air in the new year.

Since their marriage in 2014, John & Marilyn have already faced a major medical crisis with Marilyn being electrocuted in the Diner last year, ending up in a coma.

When she awoke in hospital, she was found to be suffering from retrograde amnesia and had lost the last 20 years of her life.


Marilyn was electrocuted when Hunter King stole the Diner’s safe, damaging a power socket in the process

Not knowing John or most of her friends, a confused Marilyn walked out of hospital and wandered around Summer Bay, believing it was 1996 and that she was still married to ex-husband Donald Fisher.

A devastated John had to wait several weeks before Marilyn’s memories of their marriage started to return, and after renewing their vows Marilyn took some time out to travel the world (to cover for Emily Symons’ real-life maternity leave).

For more spoilers for the coming weeks, check out our Upcoming Australian Episodes page.


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