H&A UK Break Specials

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Channel 5 have announced the first Home and Away transmission break for the year, with the show taking a 4 week break in the UK.

The final episode will air on Friday 1st May (Episode 6165), with the show remaining off-air for the rest of the month before returning on Monday 1st June (Episode 6166).

A Channel 5 spokesperson said “There’s only 45 weeks’ worth of episodes produced of Home and Away in Australia every year, which sadly means Channel 5 has to take 2 annual breaks in order that we don’t catch up, but worry not! 5* will be celebrating some of the show’s most successful actors with classic episodes. More details on that very soon.”

When the show returns to the UK it will be 8 weeks behind the Australian airings. For a full rundown of upcoming UK episodes, check our Coming Soon to the UK page.

We now have more details on the episodes to be shown on 5★ during the break. Entitled “Home and Away: From the Bay to LA“, the episodes will showcase some of the bay’s most successful actors from all eras of the show.

We will update this post with further details on the specific episodes when they become available, and the episodes can be discussed with other fans in this dedicated thread on our forum.

Episodes will air on 5★ at 15:25 and 18:30 unless otherwise stated.


Week 1 – Chris Hemsworth (Kim Hyde)
Monday 4th May (18:30 only) – Episode 3677 (2004)

There’s outrage as Max and Henry fight it out in the boxing ring. The arrival of Kim Hyde sends shockwaves through the Bay. Seb discovers the key to becoming school captain.

Tuesday 5th May – Episode 3833 (2004)
Is Kim just playing a cruel joke on Kit? Leah shocks Jesse with her plans for Vinnie. Hayley finds out the truth about Kim.

Wednesday 6th May – Episode 4033 (2005)
Kim finally learns the earth shattering truth about his mother. Beth warns Scott about Amanda’s duplicitous ways. Amanda begins to suspect that Scott still has feelings for Hayley.

Thursday 7th May – Episode 4092 (2005)
Kim lashes out in anger when his drug taking is exposed. Leah learns the truth about Dan’s gambling deception.

Friday 8th May – Episode 4452 (2007)
Kim finally makes the painful choice between Rachel and Kit. Cassie is excited to be offered her first job. Alf seeks medical advice for his failing eyesight and isn’t pleased by the outcome.


Week 2 – Isla Fisher (Shannon Reed)
Monday 11th May – Episode 1555 (1994)

Rob has to admit that teaching isn’t quite as bad as he’d imagined. Curtis and Shannon arrive in the middle of a full-scale argument between Pippa and Michael.

Tuesday 12th May – Episode 1561 (1994)
Alf witnesses a moment of passion between Curtis and Shannon. Pippa realises Michael’s problems run far deeper than she suspected.

Wednesday 13th May – Episode 1714 (1995)
O’Reilly thinks Marilyn is interested in him. Angel is devastated when Shannon tells her that she slept with Shane.

Thursday 14th May – Episode 2085 (1997)
Shannon’s article backfires and Tiegan is mortified to realise she has revealed her own secret. Selina’s brother Wayne invites himself around for a visit.

Friday 15th May – Episode 2213 (1997)
Shannon says farewell to Summer Bay. Sally reveals to Shannon where all her extra money has been coming from. Steven’s presence in Summer Bay is taking its toll on Selina.


Week 3 – Ryan Kwanten (Vinnie Patterson)
Monday 18th May – Episode 2281 (1997)

Alf is up in arms about Marat/Sade coming to Summer Bay High. Jesse takes Rachel and Duncan to see “James and the Giant Peach”. Vinnie’s back in town and working at the Surf Club.

Tuesday 19th May – Episode 2718 (1999)
Robert threatens to hurt Duncan if he doesn’t hand over the money. Vinnie is booked for a stripping gig. Jesse needs money – and fast. The caravan park is sold.

Wednesday 20th May – Episode 2946 (2000)
Vinnie goes over the top with trying to nurse Leah back to recovery. Fisher makes a decision about his teaching future. Harry continues to lie to Gypsy about his feelings for Shauna.

Thursday 21st May – Episode 3149 (2001)
Vinnie’s birthday party brings opposing forces together – and sparks fly! Flynn leaves Summer Bay to begin his search. Will and Gypsy begin to mend their friendship.

Friday 22nd May – Episode 3225 (2002)
Leah bids a heart wrenching farewell to Vinnie. Dani and Josh finally kiss. Kick is skating on thin ice with Fisher after his ‘alternative’ method of teaching is discovered.


Week 4 – Various
Monday 25th May – Episode 2162 (1997)
Heath Ledger (Scott Irwin)
Sally becomes an innocent victim in Scott’s plot for revenge. Aaron tells Marilyn just why he had to leave his home. Casey realises she’s going to have to reassess the type of person she is.

Tuesday 26th May – Episode 2000 (1996)
Melissa George (Angel Parrish)
Angel, Dylan and baby Shane drive away from Summer Bay and head for England with Simon. Steven is in for a shock when he returns from the city.

Wednesday 27th May – Episode 3564 (2003)
Isabel Lucas (Tasha Andrews)
Jesse is arrested for car theft. Who is the mystery girl Max finds on the beach? Seb fears for Nick’s well-being, watching him lose the plot. Josh fires Jesse from the gym once and for all.

Thursday 28th May – Episode 1370 (1993)
Simon Baker (James Hudson)
Tug is scared of being embarrassed by his father. Roxy hits it off with Luke’s new rival.

Friday 29th May – Episode 759 (1991)
Naomi Watts (Julie Gibson)
Nick begins to realise the extent of Julie’s family problems. What disaster awaits Fisher at the headmasters’ conference?