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May is great, as is Dawn (I've come to love her since the incident with the kid's mum who was bullying Jay, when she dragged her out of the house by her ear!), so I'm loving this storyline. Am I right in assuming that

Mickey is going to die? It say's one person leaves the square in a body bag, and it's Mickey, Dawn and Summer that are in the house when it explodes.

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Todays episode was great. Loved it.

Loved the Bracey scenes. I want them to get back together.

And it was funny with Brenda and charlie. And in the vic with Shirley. LOL. And bits with Stacey.

Goo Dot when she was giving her bible stuff to Bradleys boss. Love Dot. Shes just great.

And The Dawn/Jase/Jay scenes. Awww. They are a nice happy family.

And Bam Mays back coming to cause trouble.

Loved the hour long episode.

Was great. And oh yeh they Singles night was great. And the Denise scenes with Lucas was good. Awww Lucas's Dad died. Awww. And Denise at the end felt awful about before.

Cant wait to see when Lucas moves in the square with Jordan. And to see what happens. I can see Lucas and Chelsea getting on really well and Jordan will do too. So Jordan, Lucas and Chelsea as a family.

Cant wait for Sundays episode.

And this week the big EXPLOSION.

Some ones going to die. Its going to be Mickey, Dawn, Summer or May.

Because on Thrusday a body bag is brought out of the Millers house. Dawn is

Also May knocks Mickey with a crowbar.

Sundays episode 1 Hour LOng:

Jase realises that in all the excitement of the engagement and Summer's birthday, Jay is feeling left out. He arranges to meet Jay to spend some quality time with him, but he's stunned to see 'Jenny' on the Square in her car. She tells him that she's there to pay her invoice.

Later, Jane is alarmed to see May in the Square and quizzes her about what she's doing there. As May explains that it's Summer's birthday, Jane takes her to the chippy for a coffee - but things don't go quite to plan.

Jase tells Dawn that he has to go and meet Jay in the park, but when he gets there, he's gone. Jase returns to The Vic and tells Dawn that he feels like he's been neglecting Jay recently and questions whether they should be getting engaged. Dawn runs home in tears. The doorbell goes - it's May: "Hello Dawn…"

Vinnie, Shirley and Heather are organising the 'Best of British' day at The Vic and Heather's ordered the food from a deli, much to Ian's annoyance. When the van arrives with the food, Heather realises she's messed up the order when the driver delivers bratwurst sausages and other German specialties. She needs to arrange new catering and realises that the only person she can turn to is Ian.

Elsewhere, Zainab's fed up with Keith being in the house; it's Abi's birthday and she's delighted that Max has sent her a card; Bianca enters Morgan into the 'Beautiful Baby' competition; Lucy tells Olly that she has Christian's flat keys so they can have some 'alone time' – until Christian returns; and Jack quizzes Tanya about Max.

Wednesdays episode:

Dawn is stunned to have opened the door to May – she tries calling the police, but May pleads with her not to. Over at The Vic, Mickey's looking after Summer but doesn't see his phone ringing – she's desperate to warn him that May's back. Dawn rushes over to The Vic just as the 'Beautiful Baby' competition is about to be drawn and frantically searches for Summer. May, meanwhile, stands in the corner, looking on. Summer comes second and Dawn immediately sweeps her away, while Mickey and Darren follow her when they learn that May's on the loose.

Later, Jase returns from the police station and tells Dawn that they can't do anything as May has done nothing wrong yet, but Dawn tells him to leave (Jase still not realising that May is, in fact, 'Jenny'). While Mickey and Darren are out looking for May, Keith learns of May's return and is annoyed at Jase not being with Dawn.

Mickey's relieved to see Dawn with Summer. Dawn's not only worried about May being back on the scene but is also concerned about a rash on Summer's skin. Dawn and Mickey return home and Dawn takes Summer upstairs. She hears a thud and rushes downstairs, only to find Mickey lying on the floor with blood dripping from his head and May with a crowbar…

Elsewhere, Bianca gets the family involved in her envelope stuffing job; Tanya tries to cheer up Abi – until Abi disappears; Lucy's desperate for her dad to find her and Olly together; Vinnie's 'entertainment' doesn't quite come off the way he'd expected; and Pat realises she must have lost her ring in one of the envelopes.

In the second part of tonight's visit to Albert Square...

Dawn and May stand over Mickey's unconscious body. May talks at Summer, while Dawn tries to get out of the house to take Summer to the hospital due to the rash. May suggests that she look at Summer, but Dawn rushes upstairs. Dawn finally lets May see Summer's rash as she's worried that it could be meningitis. She nearly hands Summer over to May but she sees the pent-up panic in her eyes. May turns nasty and accuses Dawn of being an unfit and undeserving mother.

May proceeds to tell Dawn how she isn't worthy of Summer but there's a knock at the door. It's Masood – he's come to pick up a video. Dawn tries to escape, but May locks her in the bedroom. The keys are in the front door and he's about to enter when Zainab catches him. He posts the keys through the letterbox and leaves. Upstairs, Dawn desperately watches as Masood walks away, while May confesses that she is 'Jenny'. Dawn tells May to go back to her cosy life with Rob, prompting May to slump on the floor, dropping the key.

May confesses that Rob's now with someone else and describes her time in the psychiatric unit. Dawn looks like she feels sorry for May, but instead of letting her hold Summer, she makes a dash for the door. May trips her up, however, and she goes sprawling.

May's busy packing Summer's things, while Dawn's struggling to move as she's hurt her ankle. Dawn finally gives up trying to move and tells May to take Summer - until Mickey comes storming into the room and pushes her out. Mickey's covered in blood and May can be heard trying to force her way in with a crowbar.

May goes up and down the stairs and finds Summer's present – it's a musical box. She unwraps it and starts to sing along. As Mickey goes to call the police, he collapses from excessive blood loss. Downstairs, May continues to sing as she gets out a cigarette. The oven's open. Her thumb's over the lighter. There's a beat - and the Millers' house explodes…

Elsewhere, Bianca's looking for Pat's ring; Ian throws Olly out onto the street; Ian and Lucy come to blows; Bianca gets her hand stuck in the post box; Ian punches Christian; Tanya tells Abi that she made a pact with Mac before he left – all she has to do is text him with the words 'come home' and he'll be back; and Lucy reveals she's moving in with Christian.

Thursdays episode:

The Millers' house explodes with debris scattering everywhere. Keith and Darren run across the Square, while Jase yells out for Dawn. Bianca, meanwhile, rushes out from Pat's looking for the kids, but no one has seen them and she panics when she finds Tiffany's home-made crown in the rubble. Jay walks back onto the Square, quelling Jase's fears that he was inside.

Upstairs in the house, Dawn's clutching Summer, trying to wake Mickey up. He suddenly wakes, shocked and disorientated. Mickey tries to flee the house but Dawn can't move because of her ankle. He considers taking Summer first, but Dawn begs him not to leave her.

Outside, a crowd has gathered and while the fire brigade are called, Mickey and Dawn are spotted in the window. Jase gets his ladder from the van, while Jay runs for some bolt cutters. Mickey worries when he realises that help isn't imminent, but tries to reassure Dawn otherwise. As Ricky finds the kids, Mickey's at the window with Summer and suddenly passes out as he's holding Summer out of it. Jase rushes to catch her as she falls.

Vinnie opens out a Union Jack flag to catch Mickey and Dawn. After pushing an unconscious Mickey out of the window, Dawn stops responding… Jase tells everyone that he's going into the house to get Dawn, but when Vinnie stops him in his tracks, Keith runs in wrapped in the flag…

Later, a body bag is carried out of the Millers' – but who perished in the explosion?

Elsewhere, Zainab's concerned with Genghis's poo in the living room, but she's shaken when see sees fire across the Square; Jack upsets Abi; and Shabnam realises that her mother is reliving what happened in Pakistan

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I think May has to die really, because there needs to be a proper resolution to the storyline this time round. It's a bit like Zoe in H&A - if she didnt die everyone would always be wondering if she was going to turn up again at some point. But Mickey is leaving, so maybe he dies too?


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I think May has to die really, because there needs to be a proper resolution to the storyline this time round. It's a bit like Zoe in H&A - if she didnt die everyone would always be wondering if she was going to turn up again at some point. But Mickey is leaving, so maybe he dies too?


Yeah i heard that too.

Keith and Mickey are leaving. I know Keith aint going to die and leave ebcuase he was on Loose women and he goes he only leave about half an hour away. So maybe he just moves somewhere because of Mickeys death.

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LOL. Dawns face at the end. Was funny. Her eyes. LOL.

Lovely episode. Great build up.

Cant wait for Wednesdays episode.

I wonder what happened to Jane?

Because Jane went to get sugar for May and then we just see May shutting off the chippy lights. What did May do?

And Jase and Dawn. Nice decision Jase. Because i feel sorry for Jay, his father is spending time with his fiance and her daughter and all he wants is too just spend some time with his Dad. But i do wish Jase and Dawn get married because i like them as a couple.

Tanya and Jack. Loved the bits when Tanya is like i dont trust you, when i trust you ill tell you. LOL.

And Abi faking being ill so her dad will come back. Awwwww.

LOL. Lucy. She is a funny and crazy girl. LOL.

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Loved today's episode (well the May bits anyway!). It was great that this time we found out exactly what has happened to her since she's been away (sectioned, dumped by Rob, lost her job, Rob's girlfriend's now pregnant) it was brilliant writing as we could really understand why she thought Summer was her last chance for happiness. Dawn though today was absolutely useless, if Mickey hadn't been their to drag May away from Summer, she'd have been long gone. It's much better than Stella's big exit was as we never found out why she was crazy. Her sister died, the parents were cold towards her, nothing was explained to us so she just came across as a lunatic who liked torturing children.

While one set of kids were really getting on my nerves the parent got on my nerves in a different situation. Bianca's kids, who i do usually like, were such little brats today i was so pleased when Bianca finally lost her temper with them. The other person who annoyed me today was the awful Tanya. Why would any young child want to spend their birthday with their uncle rather than their own Dad? Also when Tanya told her about the pact she and Max had made i just thought it was utterly selfish that she wouldn't get him to come home and put her daughter's happiness before her own, and then she had the nerve to say it was because Max has to sort some stuff out. I am officially not a Tanya fan anymore!

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