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I got back into it last night! :P I have missed Kat and I love her new hair. I love everything about her.

Who thinks Alfie and Kat should get back together?

I hope they do because I dont like Alfie and Little Mo together, they dont suit. Its Billy and Little Mo/Alfie and Kat!


Its been down hill alot lately but it has good better this week with Kat coming back!

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I'm completely torn. Do I want Alfie with Kat or Little Mo? I've always been the biggest Kat/Alfie fan so I'm shocked at myself.

But with

Alfie set to leave later this year

, things don't seem to want to go my way at all. :(

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I used to love Alfie and Kat but I've gone off Kat for some reason. She just seems ungrateful and selfish. I actually quite like Alfie and Little Mo together, even though I didn't think I would. I'm glad Kat's come back cos she's a great character but I don't want her to ruin Alfie and Little Mo. If they could get back the chemistry that Kat and Alfie had in the beginning then I might change my mind, but I don't see it happening sadly.

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My favourite EE episode of all time is when Alfie gatecrashed Kat's wedding to Andy. I have the ep on tape and I watch it on average at least once a month. It makes me cry and it makes me happy. For me, Kat and Alfie are *the* ultimate soap couple. :heart:

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I think Alfie and Kat should be together and then Little Mo should go back to Billy. It just works like that.

Stacey is soo funny!! Her and Ruby made a good team because they were such opposites. I hope Ruby comes back because I enjoyed all the stuff between her and her dad (even though I didn't expect I that I would!)

It's so wrong what that spoiler said, I knew it already but it's just still so wrong!!

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