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  1. I loved the last few chapters but especially the last one. A little Mel and Geoff how cute. I may be in the minority but I loved Melody and Geoff together. I also loved Geoff's reaction to Mrs Jones that was really realistic and I could picture him doing that. Luke's a lovely name I love it. Brilliant work.
  2. Wow that was great they are like my fave couple. Loved it I loved how you had Mattie & Tony too love their relationship.
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  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Just read this story and it is brilliant you are an amazing writer. I loved how Nicole and Melanie are starting to work things through as I really like Melanie's character. I felt so sorry for poor Aden and poor Belle.
  6. Those are great I really love your cropping style.
  7. Hey Cal how are you? x

  8. I'm ok thanks I should be in bed too but I can't be bothered to much on my mind.
  9. I'm here. :s It seems very quiet around here these days. Mind you I haven't been back properly since 2007 hopefully back for good now. How is everyone.
  10. That was great poor Ric I can't wait to see what happens.
  11. This is good I like it. Can't wait to see what happens.
  12. That was an amazing story i loved it definatly my new ship.
  13. Awww sweet chapter Mattie and Lucas godparents bless and Martha and Jack Parents. Tut tut Martha having wine and loved Lucas reaction to the wine.
  14. Great chapter I loved it. Mattie and Lucas were so close then. Poor Martha glad Jack is there for her.
  15. Just read this and wow its amazing I love it, hope everything is ok with them all loving Mattie and Lucas especially so cute.
  16. That was great i loved it just caught up with it all so sad about mattie not being able to have children. Enjoy your holidays.
  17. Just read it and this is a really good story love it, glad that they are ok and dreading what is going to happen next. Great work
  18. Been catching up with this fic the last few weeks and have loved it, the wedding was beautiful and im glad that Matilda is ok. Well writen keep it up.
  19. Hopefully youll get it sorted soon, anyways off to sleep I got to be up early for festival and if i dont get to sleep ill be grumpy and I don't want that when I need an early start with the drinks. Good night or good day.
  20. just chatting and drunkingly txting an myspacing my bestmate colin. Oh fun. What phone you got?
  21. Hey i have a busy but good weekend of drinking an music ahead of me, just got home am pretty wasted but its all good, I needed a drink lol. How is everyone?
  22. Brilliant chapter Laura aww Ric found a house, sounds great as well hopefully they will both like it and move in together.
  23. That was a great chapter Laura, poor Matilda nice that Scott and then Ric was there for her. I hope that she can heal again and that all these old wounds don't stay with her.
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