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  1. ^ Another person who doesn't like coats * Add's to list* lol, nah . I haven't weared a coat for a while ( Waiting for my coat to arrive as I had to order a new one) But I usually wear three t-shirts and three jumpers. I get very cold but at least I'm not the only one who walks. Ashirr-Leigh: Yep, must copyright my idea before anyone deicdes to steal my idea. ;)
  2. Ice cream in this weather?? Chicken and salad for dinner!
  3. ^ Lol, ! I walk to college four times a week through the cold for about 30 minutes! It nuts... It must be freezing in Scotland then! As I always say, they should design coats with heaters in. I been saying that for years *LOL*
  4. It already is! I'm just glad my house is warm...I would go nuts if it wasn't. I even *hate* Going out anywhere atm due it be so cold.
  5. Just finshed the rest of my Subway sandwich which I started for lunch. They are so yummy!
  6. Linkin Park- Pushing me Away. ( This song is my favouite at the moment)
  7. ^ I love that song! You a fan of The OC then? Switchfoot- Dare you to move
  8. Some of you know, that i'm moving house tomorrow morning and won't be back until the end of September. So see ya then. hope you remmber when I'm back!
  9. Anywhere! Due to me having a laptop
  10. Hehe, when does she start? Well college ( which is me) does have its good points! We get more holidays haha...
  11. Have agood day at school tomorrow! I'm glad I don't start back until September!
  12. Thats if they let me, But I do go back to college in September, so i'll pop on while I'm there! Zoey drank too much? Lol
  13. I live in Coventry at the moment and just moving to amuch better area in Coventry. Why I'm gonna be 4 weeks away from here, is the stupid internet company! There gonna take 4 weeks to put the internet back on, .
  14. Don't cry! * Tes hugs SDA* Its gonna be really hard on me as I speak to my best friend on MSN alot and I have to cope 4 weeks with out her. Its going to be really hard.
  15. No where, I'm moving house at the weekend. And when I leave friday night...I'm not back until the end of September...
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