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  1. I always had this feeling all of Jase's storylines were leading up to his exit. Shame as i prefer him to Dawn. Am i the only one who thinks Danielle and Callum are just clones of Ruby and Deano just not as interesting?
  2. Loved today's episode (well the May bits anyway!). It was great that this time we found out exactly what has happened to her since she's been away (sectioned, dumped by Rob, lost her job, Rob's girlfriend's now pregnant) it was brilliant writing as we could really understand why she thought Summer was her last chance for happiness. Dawn though today was absolutely useless, if Mickey hadn't been their to drag May away from Summer, she'd have been long gone. It's much better than Stella's big exit was as we never found out why she was crazy. Her sister died, the parents were cold towards her, nothing was explained to us so she just came across as a lunatic who liked torturing children. While one set of kids were really getting on my nerves the parent got on my nerves in a different situation. Bianca's kids, who i do usually like, were such little brats today i was so pleased when Bianca finally lost her temper with them. The other person who annoyed me today was the awful Tanya. Why would any young child want to spend their birthday with their uncle rather than their own Dad? Also when Tanya told her about the pact she and Max had made i just thought it was utterly selfish that she wouldn't get him to come home and put her daughter's happiness before her own, and then she had the nerve to say it was because Max has to sort some stuff out. I am officially not a Tanya fan anymore!
  3. Strangely, although i was never a big fan of Denise i've actually quite missed her, although no where near as much as i missed the fantastic May. Can't wait for her big revenge!
  4. My problem with Jack/Tanya is it's very similar to the cringeworthy Liam/Carla in Corrie. Tedious pairings seem to be doing the rounds in the British soaps at the moment. Why are all families in soap so incestuous at the moment? I'm half expecting Dot/Max or Sean/Stacey (there's just something weird about their brother/sister relationship). It's got beyond ridiculous. The problem with Clare is she's exactly the same as her Hollyoaks character (no matter how much producer's deny it) but she's just not as good a bitch as most of her schemes fail miserably and she just comes across as a hard faced slapper.
  5. What have the writers done to Jack and Ronnie's relationship? What could have been one of the shows best couples in years has been completely ruined just so yet another inbred Branning affair can happen, talk about scraoing the bottom of the barrell for storylines. Plus when did they break up? She said she still didn't trust him, he stomped off and after that Jack's been surgically attached to Tanya (who i'm rapidly going off) and they just keep saying it's over. It's just a very poor storyline/excuse to break up a couple with so much potential. Plus with Ronnie and Jack broken up the whole finding out Roxy slept with him is going to be soooooooo less dramatic than if Ronnie was still with him. Am i the only person who is warming to Claire/Bradley? I'm not a big fan of either character but it makes a change from Bradley pining (annoyingly i might add) for Stacey. And as for Claire, as long as she's finished with Ian i couldn't really care less.
  6. So glad to read the brilliant ) is coming back for a longer stint. Now she will be able to put those wannabe bitches Clare, Chelsea and Stacey in their place. On the other hand while it's great seeing all those old characters i'd love some new ones as well.
  7. I've lost all respect for Jack. I was slowly losing it when he suddenly started fancing Tanya of all people (can the Branning's please stop being such an inbred family), i mean a couple of weeks before he was suspicious she'd done something to Max and now all of a sudden he's following her around like a love sick puppy and treating Ronnie like dirt. Then the final straw was his little fling with Roxy. Roxy's always annoyed me a bit, but i thought Jack was better than that. Loved Ronnie punching Sean though. She is just brilliant. I wish they'd stop ruining Bianca. Yes she's bossy and brash but she has her nice side as well, they are trying too hard to make her into an awful chav. Bianca is a legendary character so to bring her back and change her almost completely is really annoying.
  8. Another one's going: 'EastEnders' chiefs axe Honey Mitchell Saturday, April 19 2008, 14:30 BST By Daniel Kilkelly, Entertainment Reporter EastEnders star Emma Barton has been axed by the soap's producers. The actress, who joined the BBC One show as Honey Mitchell in September 2005, will now depart later this year. Her on-screen husband Perry Fenwick (Billy) has been told that his job is safe. An insider told The Sun: "Emma's a lovely actress, but we've just come to the end of her storyline. Honey will go this summer." Emma said: "I'm looking forward to going back to musical theatre." Honey has been at the centre of a number of high-profile plots during her time on the soap, including giving birth to baby girl Janet, who has Down's Syndrome, in 2006 Can't say i'm surprised. I think we've only seen her about 5 times this year, and even then she hasn't really done much. I think she'll be killed off. With all these exits the only one i can say i'm really bothered about is Mickey, as he had so much potential but when Dawn came along all trhe other Millers were sidelined and kind of stayed there. Keith and Gus have been so underused that even if they did start getting storylines their characters have become stale; I've never liked Sean so him leaving i couldn't care less about. So glad May's coming back though. I never did find her exit plausable. I mean as if she'd be locked up in prison or an institution just on Dawn's word she kidnapped her, they'd need actual evidence. Dawn's pretty but she doesn't hold that much power.
  9. I think Phil and Shirley are similar in age but Peggy thinks Phil (being the gorgeous hunk he is! ) should find a younger woman who can give her more grand kids. I hate what they are doing to Jack and Ronnie (my favourite Eastenders couple at the moment). Not content with but now it seems . Both terrible ideas for storylines. Does no one have affairs/flings with people who they aren't related too or as near as?!
  10. I'm pretty sure i read that as well. Oh well never mind, i won't hear a bad word against Bianca, she is my all time fave. I wasn't entirely sure about her returning but with Ricky back as well i'm coming around to the idea of having them both back permanently. One thing i don't like though is that they've made Bianca into a chav, which she wasn't. Yes she was loud and brash but her dress sense was much more tart than chav like it seems to be now. Just because she's poor and has lots of kids doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with looking like there was an explosion in a tacky charity shop. It's just a bit of a cliche which i'm a bit disappointed with. Other than that i'm loving having Bianca (and to a lesser extent Rickaaaaay) back. I'm also pleased Jack and Ronnie seem to be getting closer again. I just hope they don't ruin them again by making him have an affair with , which it is rumoured he will. That would just be a terrible storyline and very lazy scriptwriting IMO.
  11. According to The Sun today, John Bardon is returning to Eastenders sometime in the Summer!.
  12. I think i actually prefer Minty and Heather to Minty and Hazel (she was ok but i never particularly warmed to her that much). Also where has Libby gone?
  13. Anyone else expecting Heather to fall in love with Minty sometime between now and the fake wedding?! I really can't see Clare lasting very long if they carry on the way they are with her character. The problem with making someone so heartless and one dimensional is that eventually everyone ends up hating them and they have to leave or turn nice as storyline possibilities just don't last when they are bad.
  14. I have a new found respect for Dawn after today's episode!(She'll probably do something to make me lose it again tommorrow like sell her baby to get her nails done or something) But my loathing for Yolande just gets deeper and deeper. I can not stand the woman. If the producers getting rid of dead wood then please take the axe to her.
  15. I'm surprised they haven't got rid of Darren as well, as it's been obvious for a while that Dawn seems to be the only Miller allowed any screentime. I hope Jane makes Ian squirm when she finds out what he's been up to. I'd also love to see her put Clare in her place (who thought turning her into a nasty little tramp was a good idea?).
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