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So how old will Ronnie's daughter be now? She had her at 14 and she's what, mid 30s now? I'm thinking there'll be a stroppy teenager turning up on her doorstep in the not too distant future. It kind of reminds me of Amanda and Belle for some reason, and that turned out to be a great storyline, so fingers crossed!

Roxy's pregnancy has definitely made me warm to her more, and she was great in last night's ep. I just hope the baby isn't Jack's. I can't see anything appealing in that storyline at all. <_<

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About 14, I hope they do introduce Ronnie's daughter :D

I think she'd be older than that. If she was was 14 it would make Ronnie 28, but Ronnie is older than Roxy, so she must be 31 at the very least (seeing as Roxy just turned 30). I'd guess that she's about 33 or 34, so her daughter will be at least 18, possibly 20. That's quite a strange thought! :blink:

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