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Im an idiot! And a very forgetful one!

I tape the show from Five Life, but yesterday, being a idiot I change to the wrong channel and only realize this when some Welsh show comes on. I changed the channel and missed the first few minutes, so I dont tape. It was no big deal, I just tape it when it goes on Five today.

Completely forgot! Both lunch and dinner time episodes. I know there is a omnibus, but is there any other time, todays Five episode is on?

If not what time and day is the omnibus on?

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Hey :D

When Dani Sutherland went to jail she met someone called The Guv (I cant remember her real name), it turns out that she and Alf once dated and she had a child. But her parents took her away and I think put the boy, Owen, up for adoption. Dani helped set a meeting up with her and Alf. She told Alf this and passed away in his arms. (I think she was dying of cancer) Around the same time Owen died, he was beating Ric, (who was his son, therefore Alf's grandson) when he had a heart attack and died. Ric thought that pushing him back had killed him, so he went on a run. But was soon found and brought back. Alf and Ric found it hard to live with each other so he moved in with Flynn and Sally.

I dont think Ric's mum has ever been mentioned.

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