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Hey :D

When Dani Sutherland went to jail she met someone called The Guv (I cant remember her real name), it turns out that she and Alf once dated and she had a child. But her parents took her away and I think put the boy, Owen, up for adoption. Dani helped set a meeting up with her and Alf. She told Alf this and passed away in his arms. (I think she was dying of cancer) Around the same time Owen died, he was beating Ric, (who was his son, therefore Alf's grandson) when he had a heart attack and died. Ric thought that pushing him back had killed him, so he went on a run. But was soon found and brought back. Alf and Ric found it hard to live with each other so he moved in with Flynn and Sally.

I dont think Ric's mum has ever been mentioned.

wow that's brill, thanks for the info xx

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I don't think they slept together, they only went out for a few weeks. And remember what Cassie went through emotionally after sleeping with Ric.

I wondering the same with Aden after what happened his grandad. Were we ever told when the abuse happened?

Also could anyone tell me the episode number when Aden came back as a recurring guest? Like after the Cassie stuff but before the carcrash :unsure:

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Well Cassie accused Ric of hurting Aden on purpose, and she wouldn't believe him that it wasn't true. Then when Sean beat Ric up, she also wouldn't believe him... because Aden said that Sean was innocent, and Cassie decided to trust the guy she'd been dating for a couple of weeks over the guy she'd lived with for months, and who also had been beaten to the point of being hospitalized... Kind of an elaborate lie :huh:

I think you could argue that they did sleep together if you wanted to, but I don't think it was ever said that they did. Plus Aden was hospitalized pretty soon after they started going out, so... that doesn't leave much of a window of opportunity. Unless they did it in the hospital... which, judging by a scene where Cassie was crawling all over his bed, may well have been the case...

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