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alrighty then

sam killed herself

She very carefully set it up so that it looked like Martha and Jack had killed her, but Morag cracked it. She (sam) stole a boat and bought a lethal dosage of heroin (i think it was heroin, might have been another drug) . She rowed out into the bay in the boat, put a hole in the bottom of the boat and then injected herself with the drugs. So she didn't drown, but she wasn't murdered either! that's why there was no water in her lungs, that's why the police thought she had been murdered cos she was dead before she hit the water.

I'm sorry that it wasn't it spoilers...hope I didn't ruin it for anyone!

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I live in Norway, and here in Norway, they send the episodes that was sent in 2006 in Australia, If you know what i meen ;p

And I've got some questions:

1. Who is this Charlie boy. I meen, he's acting so strange, he really looks up to Kim (?), and is using his nameplates and he is really enoying.

2. Is someone going to die in Jack and Marthas wedding? And is Zoe going to kill anyone? Is Tracey on her team, and just pretending to be on Peters side?

3. And whats going to happen to Tashas baby? Is 'Mama Rose' coming back on the date that is written on Tashas foot?

Hope someone will answer me as soon as possible :)

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You know, I hate spoilering things for people who haven't seen them so I'll just be the annoying tease that I am:

1.He's someone very strange.Stay tuned.

2.Oh boy, the articles you could right about this one.Let's just say, someone dies, someone else dies but doesn't, two other people die but no-one seems to notice and Tracey makes some very odd choices.

3.Wow, spot on!I didn't get that at all.But don't worry, as Lance once said, everything turns out all right in the end.

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