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  1. Angelo - 22 Charlie - 37 Colleen - 5 Hugo- 21 Irene -6 Kirsty- 7 Leah - 16 Martha - 12 Morag - 5 Nicole -5 Ruby - 5
  2. It's actually quite a nice day in cornwall! but yesterday was minging, and the forecast is rain for the next week so... i seriously can't imagine being too hot in january!
  3. It's disgusting here! i can hardly hear myself think the wind and the rain are doing my head in! i am not jealous AT ALL of all you aussie folks with your 44degrees
  4. I watched Air Force One last night.... its a classic!!
  5. pjs and its 13.19! aahhh the student life
  6. does she look like his mum? i love this story! it's how it shoudl have been...
  7. Amazing update.....please write again soooon!!!!!
  8. Oh please update soooooon!! :D :D can't wait to see reactions etc.
  9. :o that was AMAZING!!!!! I just.... that was.... no words.... brilliant...moving.....just sheer genius!! best thing i've read on here! (and i've read a lot!)
  10. That would be awesome, but just to let you know there is already a fic that has done that.....
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