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If Home and Away released a DVD


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I have recently been watching the "Defining Moments" and "Iconic Episodes" DVDs of Neighbours and I was wondering what episodes you would like to see released on a similar DVD of Home and Away? I think it's fair to say that there are not too many episodes from the last 5 years or so that fans would like to see released, but what about the rest? Obviously not every episode can be released, so maybe pick 18-24 episodes (working on 6-8 episodes per disc on a 3 disc set!). I'd like to see:

Weddings: Frank and Roo (non-wedding), Frank and Bobby, Shane and Angel, Travis and Rebecca, Vinnie and Leah, Sally and Flynn

Deaths: Phillip, Tom Fletcher, Bobby, Michael, Shane, Ailsa, Flynn

Births: Christopher Fletcher, Duncan, Tamara, VJ & Gypsy's daughter, Pippa

Other key episodes: Episode 4000, the reunion episode in 2000, Sally's departure, the London episode in 1998(?), the cyclone, the mudslide.


I know everyone will probably pick different ones, but they would be at the top of my list :)

I also didn't watch much/at all between mid 2004 and early 2015 and only tuned in for a few select episodes (generally what I've listed above), so there were probably a few memorable moments in those years other people might pick.

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The Classic disaster disc set would be a hot seller

1995 Bushfire

1996 Flood

1996 Earthquake

1997 Cyclone

2000 Mudslide

2002 Mirgini Disaster

I would include the Summer Bay Stalker bit but that would take up a disc of its own called "Stalkers" Starting with Felix and continuing with Sarah and finishing with ZoeEve.

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Then you've got the cyclone, trey palmer's bomb, the diner riot, the great storm, the hospital bomb plus the millions of hostage situations and plane crashes that have occurred, not to mention every third OTT episode Lucy has been incharge of (such as josh gets shot, kat gets shot, kat falls off a cliff, nate falls off a cliff, vj gets kidnapped,  leah gets put in a 2nd car crash in 6 months)

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My obsessive compulsive tendencies did result in me coming up with decade box sets similar to the ones Network released of Coronation Street, with 40 episodes from each of the two 80s years and then 8 episodes from each of the 90s and 00s years...

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