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  3. I consider them "originals". There is a famous cast photo from 1988 that is used all the time at anniversaries etc. Celia and Roo are the only ones that did not appear in the pilot and Lance, Martin and Don were not added to the credits for several months, but they are all "originals" to me. Celia had a fairly lengthy absence in 1989 when she went to Europe. It was upon her return that Celia felt sidelined in my opinion.
  4. Oh that's good! And a bonus that he still has the connection to Roo
  5. I do. I pop onto that site every now when I want to find out what episode something happened. It is a far more useful H&A resource for episode numbers, dates and character info than Wikipedia.
  6. Absolutely love this show! Although she wasn't an early years cast member, Sonia Todd (Gina Austin) had an early-career role as a police officer in one episode. She returns Maggie's handbag to the house after Maggie is mugged. Robert Baxter (Bob Barnett) played a postman in one episode too. I can't remember the episode, but Maggie is already standing out in the street shouting at Arthur as he is driving away when the postman shows up.
  7. I assume Celia was a Doris replacement, since she neither appeared or was mentioned in the pilot and they were both busybody characters. I guess Doris could have always popped up in a guest role as one of Celia's cronies or as a rival though..
  8. Casey lived with Donald and Marilyn from memory
  9. Don Fisher has had a few mentions in recent years. When Marilyn had her amnesia and again, when he had a fall and Alf either visited or was planning to visit him? But then Morag were still making appearances at those point. But yeah, not since Martha arrived have any of them been mentioned. The show rarely does throwaway references to characters from the pre-Braxton era, so I doubt we will ever get updates on Rebecca or the Fletchers as long as the current producers are running things. Even any children of Rebecca's wouldn't have any reason to live with Rebecca's cousin and uncle though..
  10. From memory, he went back to practicing after Charlotte Adams died.
  11. Maybe Grace will, if Penny MacNamee stays long enough? She would be about 18 months now, so she'd be close to being our fifth longest-running baby (after VJ, Duncan, Chris and Pippa). I was really hoping Jett would become the new Sam/Sally. I know he was a bit older when he was introduced, but given John and Marilyn are still on the show, the producers were in a prime position to always have stories for him. It was a shame Will wanted to leave after his 3 years. You can't blame him, but it's still disappointing for the fans. At least we still get him back for guest stints
  12. Someone may know the exact episode, but it was first seen in the 1989 season, I think around the time Matt and Adam were vying for the life guard job. It was mostly just used as a "venue" in those days though rather than a meeting hub - they had a dance/disco there and Alf and Bobby both wanted to book it for their campaign launch for council. Otherwise I Alf was heavily involved from day one, but I don't know if he was president right at the start.
  13. We are used to it with Irene too, but it is still frightening when it happens. Lynne does those scenes brilliantly I started to disengage with H&A during the Sutherland/Hunter era, but funnily enough, those are some of "losing it" moments that stand out for me: Beth Hunter - the moment when she snapped on her wedding day to Rhys and told the Sutherland and Hunter children they needed to start acting like a family. Shelley Sutherland - when she found out about Rhys' one-night stand with Angie years earlier. It was around the time of, if not in, the 2002 finale.
  14. The Rian question was more a side question. If he could be found, it sounds like he probably doesn't want a life in the public eye, so the role would definitely need to be recast. Christoper is about a year older than Duncan in terms of the timeline of the show, so he would probably be SORASed a bit too. Though Olivia turned out to be younger or maybe the same age as VJ, despite being born over 3 years earlier I think Pippa was also pregnant in the late nineties too, so Christopher also has a half-sibling. From memory, this was never mentioned again and was probably just an excuse
  15. And then Marilyn, Alf and Irene would have known the later foster kids such as Shannon, Sophie, Jack, Sam, Liam, Tegan and Justine, so any number of them could be referenced. The latter three were during my viewing years, but I imagine to many viewers, were quite forgettable and wouldn't be worthy of an onscreen mention. Sam also lived with Marilyn and Don after Pippa left, so it's possible that Marilyn still keeps up with what he is doing. Reintroducing Chris Fletcher is a great idea, but unfortunately I can't see it happening. Firstly, because the show seems to run a mile from t
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