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  1. I always thought it wasn't Sharyn's choice to leave? Either way, I assume the long-term plan was probably for them to start a family and perhaps even go down the foster parent route with them too, like they did with Bobby and Sally.
  2. That's still something that both H&A and Neighbours do today. Either the character is at the forefront of storylines because it ties in with their exit or they become a background character and get a relatively quiet exit. The show seemed to want to focus on less on comedy plots from late 1989 onward. Perhaps that's why characters like Celia, Martin and Lance seemed directionless, because in many ways, they were there for the lighter stories. Celia had some good dramatic stuff too (her tragic past, romance with Nigel), but ultimately she was there either for comedy or as a foil for other characters. The same goes for Floss and Neville, but they left a year or so earlier. In terms of Lance, I guess they could have paired him and Marilyn up long-term - had them marry, perhaps have a baby, but I guess they were probably already planning that for Ben and Carly, who were in the same age group.
  3. I was never a fan of Grant - I didn't like the way he undermined Don's authority all the time and he seemed quite arrogant at times. He also seemed like a pointless character - his relationship with Jane Holland (Josephine Mitchell) went nowhere and he seemed quite two-dimensional, which might tie in with the the bit about allowing him to focus on his musical career. I don't think it helped that we lost great characters like Lance, Martin and Andrew Foley to accommodate dull characters like Grant and Ben. Craig McLachlan was poached from Neighbours, wasn't he? Do we think he would have spent that extra year on Neighbours instead of H&A if that hadn't have happened? Nick Parrish? Does he count as a "hunk"? The next big iconic one was probably Shane
  4. These all make sense for me: I couldn't see Colleen suddenly randomly moving to another part of NSW where she has no family and it makes sense she'd want to be closer to her beloved Lancie where she can also be a doting grandma. The only other option would have been death in my opinion. The same for Celia - Summer Bay was her home, so she wouldn't just move to another part of the state or country where she had no family. Perhaps she could have gone on another extended holiday but this time never come back, but I doubt fans would have been satisfied with that. Judith also took a job overseas where she could be closer to her dying son, which seems reasonable to me. Having said that, Judith Ackyrod was not a significant character, so she could have easily moved to "The City" and not be expected to return for weddings, funerals etc. Ben and Maggie - I imagine the writers wanted them on the other side of the world so they had an excuse for them not to return every time Ziggy has a crisis. I'm not bothered where characters move to as long as the ending is fitting with their character, which in the above cases, they are. The exits that don't make sense or fit the character bother me more than where the characters move. But I guess
  5. It still is intermittently, especially for the younger characters who move to The City for uni. The entire Sutherland clan moved there too, as well as others like Morag and Ruby too
  6. Three very good years I am torn between 1988, 1989, 1996 and 1999. 1996 had the earthquake and the flood, Marilyn and Don's wedding, the start of Chloe/Brad, Angel's departure (couldn't stand her, so a good moment!) and two very iconic death scenes. I know I am in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed the Joey, Casey, Liam, Steph teen group, which this year too. 1999 was a bit transitional year between Pippa and the Sutherland family, but we had a number of characters at their peak, such as Vinnie, Jesse and the Nash family. I also enjoyed the Ailsa/Alf story, the Byron story and Robert Perez stuff, which all played out over 1999. We also a bunch of exciting new characters towards the end of the year too, such as Peta, Edward, Shauna and Ken.
  7. Funnily enough, the early 2000s was when H&A actually cared about its passed and was bringing back former characters on a regular basis. At that stage however, the last time she was seen was when she was stalking Don, wasn't it? She returned in 2005, with Barbara Stephens back in the role, but she had very few lines and she was just one of several returnees so the issue was not mentioned on onscreen. If she returned as part of the Seb storylines, long-terms would expect a resolution or at the very least closure and maybe the writers couldn't be bothered? But the big question is, what would they do with Barbara? Other than meeting her grandson onscreen to please long-term viewers? Barbara could try taking Seb away to live with her (I expect a story similar to the recent Paul/Gail/Harlow story we've seen on Neighbours), but would she really stand a chance after what happened in the 90s? I know Don and Alan had a volatile relationship, but we saw his fatherly side with Bobby, Rebecca, Lou, Viv, Angel, Casey and Sam, so he was probably in a better position than Barbara to be Seb's guardian at that point.
  8. There was no need to make a big deal of it. The relationship between Don and Seb was the significant one and Seb didn't really need two father/grandfather figures. The same could be said for Alf's relationship with Rebecca and Bobby too. It was there, but there was no need for it to be so prominent onscreen, but I'm sure had Don left before Bobby and Rebecca, Alf would assumed a more prominent father/uncle role to them too.
  9. I could definitely see Kevin in either role though, but I suspect they wanted younger actors to play the Sutherland parents. Kevin would have been in his early 50s at the time, and Michael Beckley would have been in his late 30s/early 40s I suspect. But then maybe they would have cast a different Shelley had Kevin played Rhys?
  10. Or maybe Ken Smith? Ken was a major character in the sense in he was a regular, even though he only lasted a year or so
  11. Oh, that's interesting, since she was quite a bit older than the other actors who auctioned for the role. She certainly would have played the "mum" role well, as she proved on Neighbours and Time of Our Lives, but it certainly would have changed the way Pippa was written I think.
  12. Yes, Dan Falzon missed out on Shane Parrish. I wonder how that would have worked out
  13. I can definitely see Justine as Carly, but she looked too old to play Lynn and it's hard to imagine anyone other than Nicole Dickson as Bobby. I'm sure Justine would have made the role her own though if she'd been cast. And probably affected Justine not returning over the years too Roo seemed like a spare part for her last few months so it's hard to see where the writers would have taken the character for another few years, but that could be because the writers knew Justine was leaving. After the cancelled wedding and giving up Martha, Roo didn't really have any major storylines until her exit story. She had romances with guest characters David and Simon, but not much else. Maybe it just feels like she didn't do much because her first year was so full-on.
  14. Thanks for sharing I guess that must be why Karen was relatively a short-lived character. I know we had quite a few short-lived regulars in the early days, but Karen's stay felt quite brief compared to her peers. Does anyone know what Belinda Jarrett is up to these days?
  15. A young Joel Nash? Echo Point was less than 3 years before David Woodley joined Home and Away She appears in an extended role in Out of the Blue too. She's the mother of Samara Weaving's character. Has anyone watched Out of the Blue? All of the discussion so far has been on Echo Point
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