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  1. Yes - I think that was my whole point. They were pointless and I didn't even realise they existed until my 2nd viewing of the early years. They added nothing to the show itself or the end-of-episode cliffhanger. The one I vividly remember was when Frank and Alf work out that Lynn must be hiding out the Pappas farm and run off to find her. The brief scene at the end sees Sally walking in and asking what's going in. Pippa says we think we've found Lynn and Sally's face lights up.
  2. If just over 2 years is considered "short term", than yes..
  3. Yeah, that was a weird one give she was made a regular. It was definitely not Marlo Kelly's choice to leave so soon. Dodge and Diesel (?) were short-lived too, but again, they were hired just for the one storyline. Emma too! She was Ailsa's niece, not technically a foster kid, but still shortlived nevertheless. Even later in the 1990s foster kids were written out after a year or so (i.e. Stephanie, Liam, Aaron, Casey, Tegan, Peta). They lasted a bit longer, but still...
  4. Their friendship developed over the years and progressed naturally, rather than forcing the friendship from the first episode. Alf and Sally barely had any screen time together in 1988. Is that interesting too?
  5. I'd say around the time the Nashes arrived. They arrived just a few weeks before Pippa left, so maybe Joel would have become her next husband/father figure at Summer Bay House. He could either have been introduced as a single father, but given that seems too close to Michael and Pippa's story, they could have perhaps introduced Natalie but killed her off soon after (like how Emily was killed off early on, paving the way for Brad and Sally). Just my guess, but who knows? My memory of 1997 is a bit vague, but was Ian only introduced once Debra Lawrence handed in her notice? I know he was a long-term recurring guest, but I don't know how much notice Debra gave the producers.. I just mean was introduced solely to facilitate her exit or were there perhaps plans to expand Ian's role in the show somewhat?
  6. You're joking, right? Morag should never be recast! There have times recently where I feel like Morag would have returned had Cornelia been alive and well, such as the recent courtroom scenes and more pointedly, Martha's reappearance, since she was heavily involved in covering up Morag's pregnancy. It does feel that Morag has now just been forgotten entirely, but that seems to be the current writers' way of dealing with the problem. If we are lucky enough to ever get a Executive Producer again that wants to acknowledge and is familiar with H&A's history (like Neighbours' current EP does), then maybe one day we might get to farewell Morag. But it's never going to happen while the current team are in charge! And how would the current team write it? If Morag dies, then no doubt will fans will want a big onscreen funeral with heaps of returnees (which won't happen, as the current producers don't acknowledge anything more than 10 years in the past!). The reality is that any reference to her death will be very low key and the funeral will be off-screen. An onscreen funeral would not be satisfying either, as everyone will moan that Celia, Fisher, Colleen, Barbara, Ric, Duncan etc. weren't in attendance. Neither of those options will please fans
  7. Chloe's 2005 return is the big one for me - bringing her back just to kill her off was the final straw for me giving up watching the show for many years. My interest had been waning for a few years by that point, but this was unforgivable. I initially thought that the purpose of her death would be to give Sally and Flynn another foster child (a younger one at that too!), but Olivia was just whisked away and Jesse went to prison and it was never mentioned again. I was never a Jesse fan, but even he deserved better than that. I also wonder if perhaps Kristy Wright may have been open to a more permanent return down the line too (she'd have made a great Sally replacement in 2008!). Others: Fisher's 2007 return - I tuned in especially to see him, since he is one of my all-time faves, and was disappointed by it. Sally in 2013. I know officially Kate Ritchie was back for the 25th anniversary, but the storyline was random and I don't know why the writers gave little Pippa that incurable disease? Hasn't Sally been through enough? Celia's most recent return was pretty awful too.
  8. Both Tom and Pippa were absent for extended periods of time in late 1989/early 1990. Tom was in hospital recovering from a stroke and Pippa just vanished for about 10 weeks, with us later being told she was caring for her sick parents. I don't know the behind-the-scenes reasons for Roger and Vanessa's breaks (though given they both left permanently soon after, I wonder if there was more to the story!), but neither's absence really left a big hole in the show or even Summer Bay House, which is very sad considering how pivotal they were to the show in 1988.
  9. I imagine the writers/producers deliberately want to keep details vague on the off-chance they want to introduce her grandchildren at some point. It seems very unlikely, as surely they'd have done it by now if they wanted to instead of filling up the house with characters like Olivia and randoms like Bella, Chris, Spencer, Jasmine etc. I find it odd the producers seem happy to reintroduce/invent family for Alf (Duncan and Bryce, Roo, Martha McKenzie, Ric, Quinn and Ryder), but the only member of Irene's family to be introduced in the last 15 years is a retconned son who was a villain.
  10. Could Finn have younger sons than just Paul and Mark? I know it was meant to be difficult for her to get pregnant, hence the whole surrogacy story in the first place, but who knows?
  11. I think the problem with Morag is that she was such a prominent character that acknowledging her death onscreen would need to be more than just a blink-and-miss-it reference, which it pretty much was Neville back in 2000. The writers would either need to have Alf announcing Morag died and then having him, Roo and maybe a handful of others disappearing to the city for a few episodes for the funeral with it never to be mentioned again, or have the funeral in Summer Bay, which would take time away from the current storylines and no doubt hardcore fans would complain because there would be many absentees at her funeral who in reality, would be there (i.e. Barbara, Celia, Donald, Duncan, Ric, Ruby etc.) I think, as it has already been said, after an appropriate amount of time has passed, references to Morag will probably change to past tense. The irony with Rebecca is that she is Don's only living child, yet the actress best remembered for the role has passed away (along with a temporary recast). I don't see the point in acknowledging the deaths of characters whose actors have passed away, unless an absence needs to be explained. Rebecca has an uncle and a former step-mum still living in Summer Bay, but the links are not strong enough for the writers to explain why she hasn't visited. Likewise, Jesse's onscreen absence will probably never really needed to be explained unless the producers decided to introduce a grown up Rachel at some point (we got a teenage Olivia, so who knows?) No one mentioned in the mid 1990s that Neville had passed away, as there was no reason to at that point. The writers only wrote in his off-screen passing because they needed to explain why Floss was attending Sally's wedding without him. Had Floss not returned, I doubt any of the returnees would even have referred to Neville has having died.
  12. That's been a problem from day one though - Lynn, Frank and even Floss and Neville didn't attend Tom's funeral in 1990. I always thought writers can get away with these things (or the most important attendees at least anyway!), by saying things like "It's a shame X had to rush off straight away" or "it was good to see X" etc, but not show the character onscreen. Do you think the Marilyn/Don pairing would have happened had Bobby still been around in 1996? And how would that have changed the dynamic between Bobby and Marilyn if it did?
  13. They were brothers-in-law for many years, but yeah, it certainly developed more and more the longer that the two of them were side by side. I've just re-watched 1988 and it's interesting to see how far Donald came as a character, and consequently how their relationship developed. Fisher and Alf were constantly disagreeing about one thing or another, particularly Nico Pappas. Ailsa and Donald is another one - Ailsa would always seem to be the one who would reach out to Donald when he'd shut out everyone else, but I think that got lost as time went on, especially once he got involved with Marilyn.
  14. The outside of the Bayside Diner looked awful to me and never seemed to match the inside, especially when it had the later revamp. I think the show itself was undergoing a bit of a revamp in 2000 with a cast overhaul and the decision to veer away from the fostering aspect, so probably an entire new Diner set fitted in with that.
  15. It's not hard to see why Floss and Neville were axed. They were basically underused from the start and it would have made so much more sense to have them as recurring characters, like Bob Barnett or Alison Patterson, who only popped up when the storyline required. They had one big storyline (with their son and grandson), but the rest of the time they were just used for filler scenes. It got really obvious towards the end of their stint that the writers had run out of ideas for them. I liked them both initially, but they got annoying towards the end of their stint, probably because many of their scenes/appearances felt forced. It made sense to ditch them in favour of characters like Mariyln and Morag, who brought a new lease of life into the show. Floss and Neville had a grandparent-like relationship with the Fletcher kids, which worked well, but even that was replaceable with Alf and Ailsa's uncle/aunt type relationship. I also found both Floss and Neville a bit too camp and OTT for my liking. Floss' guest stints in the 2000s were good though, as she'd been toned down by then
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