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  1. Does anyone know why Greg Benson was added to the credits in 1988 and then left a few weeks later? Just seems a little odd to me, especially when you consider he wasn't as prominent as the other additions to the credits (Donald, Celia, Roo, Lance, Martin) In fact, I think in his 1988 credits appearance, he was off-screen for longer than he was on
  2. On Ryan, do you think the producers would ever consider recasting him as family for Leah? It's a bit of a stretch but he was Leah's stepson
  3. When did Alf and Roo move into their house in beginning of the series? I was under the impression Alf and Roo moved out of the caravan park after Martha "died", but I just watched the episodes in which Alf and Ailsa got married and Roo was saying Ailsa would be living in the same house he shared with Martha. Alf still owned the caravan park in the pilot, so I guess he could have still owned it but it remained unoccupied for a few years, but I always assumed he and Roo had not long moved out? Is that just a continuity error in Alf and Ailsa's wedding episodes? Quite poor form for something like that so early in the series in the series
  4. I stopped watching not long after she arrived, not because of her, but because I was fed up with the direction of the show in general. I did however, get the feeling she initially was meant to be H&A's answer to Izzy Hoyland, an incredibly popular Neigbours' character at the time. From your comments, it sounds like she came into her own though
  5. What happened to Floss and Neville's caravan? It can still be seen in the background long after they've gone, but was there ever an onscreen explanation when it did eventually disappear?
  6. The Sutherland twin mix up was absurd too. Not only were there continuity errors (i.e. the telepathic link), but Jade and Kirsty looked similar enough to be twins. If it were done with say, Oscar and Evie, it'd have more believable as they don't look as much alike.
  7. Good calls I can't really speak for late 2005 - early 2014, which is probably where the height of the OTT storylines was, but I can't think of much from the early years that were that farfetched. The Sutherland family welcoming Dani's rapist into the family - I know it took years, but I think it's something that no rape victim or parent would ever forgive.
  8. I wonder Anthony Phelan wanted out so soon - he's done alright for himself since, but surely the producers had a long-term plan for him and the Smiths and therefore would have had him on a longer contract? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I could see Joel Nash easily having become a stalwart of Summer Bay had he not been written out. Joel was a dependable father figure and the approachable, honest and "firm but fair" local cop, both of which made him potential stalwart material. His role as a cop also would have the potential for him to take in the odd waif/stray when he becomes emotionally invested in teen/child tearaways etc. Presumably if he'd stayed we'd never have had some of the subsequent father figures (i.e. Rhys Sutherland, Tony Holden and possibly even Sid Walker if Joel made it to 2010), but axing him in 2000 was a huge long-term loss in my opinion. Maybe Roo could have even married him instead of Harvey, which would have given her something long-term to work with too.. Joel is probably the most believable cop we've had in the last 20 years too and would have kept the current local constabulary in check too if he were still around
  9. It was in her wedding to Dan, wasn't it? They ended up running away to elope because of their parents interference
  10. Lucky she never married Jesse, Roman, Miles and Elijah - she'd have really racked up the surnames
  11. You can't really say that? That's like saying Joel McIlroy would have played Flynn the same way as Martin Dingle-Wall had he been cast in 2001? They are completely different actors and have their own style, just like Debra and Vanessa, and bring their own take to the role based on what's on paper.
  12. I didn't even know they were there until my third viewing, so personally, I don't think it was effective. The cliffhanger before the closing credits started rolling was enough to make me want to watch the next one.
  13. Donald Fisher is one of my favourite characters as he is incredibly complex and often struggled to show emotion. Norman played the part beautifully and made the character his own over the years. He did very little in his last 2-3 years though, that sadly his departure didn't really the huge hole in the show that it should have Was Donald always intended to remain a villain? It was only after a while, presumably when the series was extended beyond its initial run, that he started to become more three-dimensional. Or did he just start off "nasty" so he'd be a prime suspect for the Nutter storyline? He's also the most tragic character, as 3 of his 4 children passed away: Alan in 1988, Bobby in 1993 and baby Byron in 1999. Ironically, Belinda Emmett, the actress most-remembered for playing his surviving child, passed away in real life. I'm not surprised. I gave up watching regularly for a long time after episode 4000 (Chloe's pointless death was the final straw for me!), but I tuned in specifically to see his 2007 return, since he was one of my favourite characters. The way his character was treated in that stint was just awful.
  14. Stacey Macklin - I'm a little biased as she's my favourite character, but she didn't even get a farewell scene. She told Andrew she had booked a flight to LA for that night and then we see Ailsa on the phone to her saying she'd left. She wasn't particularly close to anyone, but she seemed to be involved with everyone at one point or another, even if it was just briefly.
  15. Leah has had a number of love interests over the years, ranging from a few months to a few years. I think most of us agree that Vinnie is the love of Leah's life (if you don't agree, I'd love to hear who you think is!), but since Vinnie, who have you most enjoyed Leah being paired with? I was only a sporadic/casual viewer from late 2005 - early 2014, so I may have missed a few, but these are the ones I am aware of: Jesse McGregor Peter Baker Dan Baker Roman Harris Miles Copeland Detective Robertson Elijah Johnson Brax - she had a brief crush on him for a while from what I've heard Zac Maguire Justin Morgan I'd say Dan is her second-greatest love, but after that, I don't think she's ever had that spark or chemistry with any of her love interests. I never liked Jesse, so I didn't enjoy that pairing at all, but I've not seen of anyone between Dan and Zac to make an informed judgement, but from what I've seen, they've not been great. I think one of the big problems with Leah's love life is that the writers waste so much time getting her together with characters, that it's inevitable the relationships won't last. For example, Zac, Miles and now Justin were around for several years before they got together with Leah. If they'd paired Leah with these guys from day one or at least started establishing the relationship, she would have had 3 stable relationships which lasted 3+ years.
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