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  1. adam436

    Returned from the dead

    Has H&A ever had any regulars die under ambiguous circumstances (a la Neighbours' Harold or Dee)? I can't think of any.. there are some who surely we never saw their dead body, such as being wheeled into surgery and then told they'd died, so you could argue such characters faked their own deaths. The only dead regulars I actually cared about were Ailsa, Tom, Bobby and Flynn, and it'd be stretch for any of them to still be alive.
  2. adam436

    Home and At Play

    Does anyone remember a made-for-VHS documentary directed by Nic Testoni (Travis) featuring himself, Belinda Emmett (Rebecca), Kristy Wright (Chloe) and Ben Unwin (Jesse) holidaying in the Whitsundays. I'd forgotten all about out until the weekend when I was helping my parents packing up their house ready to move and found my copy of it I'm not sure if it was ever commercially released in Australia, but I wrote to Nic, as I did to most of the cast in that era, and he sent me a signed copy of the video. Sadly, I don't have a VHS player to watch it on right now, but look forward to watching it again when I find one (who knows when that will be though ). For anyone that has seen it or does remember it, what are your thoughts? I can't remember too much about it, though I do remember the soundtrack being primarily, if not fully, performed by Belinda Emmett, and I do vaguely remember alot of cheesy talking to the camera as if they were speaking directly to the audience.
  3. But then would the fallout have happened? If Alex had stuck around, they would have kept Bobby and Frank as the "golden couple", wouldn't they? The writers only split them up because Alex Papps quit. Presumably it was just a coincidence/convenient that Justine Clarke left around the same time.
  4. Why did the producers wait so long to recast Roo? I think it was obvious way before 2010 that Justine Clarke was not interested in reprising the role, so it could have and should have happened much sooner. Were they just waiting for the right actress to come along? Were previous producers dead against the idea? Could they have found an actress who was interested in a long-term recurring role, a bit like Joy Chambers (Rosemary Daniels) in Neighbours? There were a number of female characters in the 90s and early 2000s who could have been replaced with a Roo recast, such as Kelly, Donna, Lucinda, Roxanne, Amanda or Josie. I'm not necessarily suggesting any of those actresses have been cast as Roo, but in terms of relationships, storylines not connected to their past etc. It also would have made sense to have Roo appear in 2005, when Brett Macklin returned or at any point during Martha's stint. In fact, I'd say it was rather odd the producers decide to cast Roo just months after Martha leaves
  5. adam436

    Fisher's brother?

    There are periods where I feel like Fisher could have done with some family members, notably late 1999/early 2000 when Rebecca and Travis, Sam, Marilyn and Bryon were all gone within about 6 months of each other. They didn't bother replacing the family in Fisher's life until we met Seb in the second half of 2001.
  6. I agree.. for 2019 anyway. I think this will be a "testing the waters" scenario and in 2020, it will permanently not be in the 7pm slot.
  7. I don't think H&A is at risk of being axed, as it's needed to make up Seven's drama quota and is popular overseas. Moving it to a late night timeslot or onto 7Two are more likely in the long term, which might ultimately mean the show can change direction as it won't have to "conform" to be a ratings winner. Neighbours is still plodding along after 8 years on 11/Peach, so I can't see its future in jeopardy, even if does move over to 7Two.
  8. What would that mean for 2019 episodes? Would we have a shorter season or would 7 have to squeeze an extra 4 weeks or so of episodes into the remainder of the year? I could see it moving to 7Two - I feel like, in many ways, H&A has become an inconvenience to Channel 7 in the schedules. I know they need it to meet their local content quota, but it's been removed completely from Friday nights and there are inconsistently double and triple episodes each week. Moving it 7Two would probably mean they'd go back to five single episodes per week. Channel 7 could take a gamble at pit it against Neighbours at 6:30pm (it rates higher than Neighbours in Australia and seems to have more support from TV Week and the like to "win"), but that would also mean either cutting the News Bulliten to 30 minutes or moving/axing Today Tonight, depending on which state you are in. Moving it to a later timeslot would be the beginning of the end - 7:30pm-9:30pm is when the "premium programming" airs, so it would be airing post 9:30pm at least if they did. It would also mean the adult content would be ramped up, and I could see a few actors, particularly the long-termers, becoming disenchanted with the show heading in that direction.
  9. adam436

    Fisher's brother?

    I just watched episode 7 again, and Celia asks Roo "How's my favourite niece?", to which Roo replied "I'm your only niece". So clearly, the writers had no plans to expand Don's character at that point, as Rebecca was also Celia's niece through Barbara.
  10. adam436

    Fisher's brother?

    I'd only starting watching H&A in 1996, when I was 7, so I don't remember much about Isobel/that storyline. That's strange though - even if Clive has been "written out of existence", the Crofts actually appeared onscreen. Maybe Clive, Mary and Lou all died before she showed up in 1997 and Fisher didn't mention any of it to anyone?
  11. Celia had well and truly run her course by 1990. I liked Celia and Fiona Spence is a good actress, but she did next to nothing for 500+ episodes. She had a short-lived romance with Morag's butler and went on one date with Bob Barnett. Other than that, her only other storyline was really her backstory. Morag, on the other hand, could have stayed for years IMO, as the show did not really have an antagonist/villain character. I wouldn't want her to become an evil Machiavellian-style villain, but more someone who meddles and manipulates people for the wrong reason (I guess a bit like Neighbours' Paul Robinson at present). She was a tough nut, but we also saw her softer, almost maternal side with characters like Roo and Marilyn. I think she would have softened a bit, gradually transitioning to the "later day Morag" by the mid 1990s (I'd say Bobby's death would have been a turning point for her).
  12. adam436

    Fisher's brother?

    Like Debra Stewart I'm still half expecting her to be brought up again at some point - since it's essentially a blank canvas for Stewart relatives. For that reason, I'm surprised Fisher's brother was never mentioned again, but I think it was more Clive was "invented" when Fisher was only ever intended to be a guest.
  13. adam436

    Fisher's brother?

    Fisher's niece was Lucinda Croft, played by Dee Smart.
  14. adam436

    Fisher's brother?

    In a very early episode, Fisher mentions having a brother who employed Lance and Martin. Did we ever see him or did Fisher ever mention him again? I'm guessing when he was first mentioned in that episode, Fisher wasn't intended to be a major character, but still... it would have given Fisher some more family and maybe fleshed him out a bit.
  15. adam436

    Keeping it in the family

    I find it funny, rewatching 1988 episodes that Bobby, Lance and Roo are all cousins, yet they and the audience didn't know it.

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