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  1. Really? I think the opposite.. all 3 characters had run their course by the time they left. I liked Neville and Floss, but they had little to no purpose as regulars and only had one big storyline (the one with their grandson). They would have been better off remaining recurring characters like Bob Barnett, Celia's friend Betty etc. Celia didn't do much in her last year or so after the store burnt down and Nigel left. Again, I liked the character, but she didn't really bring much to the table towards the end.
  2. Very quick! She just walked out of the room and was never seen again, then an impostor appeared the following episode claiming to be her I struggled to take her seriously because her being identical to Angie seemed so ridiculous.. I agree it came out of nowhere, but she wasn't just forgotten completely. So many characters have an abrupt exit and never mentioned again like they never existed in the first place.
  3. Chloe and James split up on their honeymoon, didn't they? They remained legally married for much longer though
  4. I've been watching 1989 episodes again and Andrew Foley literally spent a few days in rehab and he seemed to be completely "cured" of his alcoholism. I know addiction isn't technically a disability, but it felt way too rushed. The writers did a good job with Carly's, even the build up, but Andrew's just came out of nowhere and gone even more quickly.
  5. If we are looking at couples who married onscreen, then Alf and Ailsa hold the record. Michael and Pippa are currently second (I think!), but John and Marilyn will surpass them by the end of the year I think anything over 18 months - two years onscreen is not bad for H&A. Travis and Rebecca left together, but we still had nearly 2 years of them married onscreen. Fisher and Marilyn were married for nearly 3 years onscreen, and Sally and Flynn and John and Gina were married for well over two years. Dan and Leah had 2+ years of being married too, but they were separated for some of that.
  6. Oh, I forgot about them! That would have been about the same length as Zac and Leah then. I know actors come and go, so marriages Harvey and Roo and Zac and Leah had to end, but why marry off Colby and Chelsea and Ricky and Nate? Or even split up Brody and Ziggy so soon and in the same way as Zac and Leah? That marriage could have easily ended without an affair (i.e. going down the "we got married too young" route).
  7. If we consider 2-3 years to be the average lifespan of a character, which characters, who stayed less than that, would you have liked to have stayed longer and where would you have taken them if they had stayed. I know there are many characters who were so bad you can understand why they had to be written out, but there are others who left, either by choice or not, who should have stayed longer. Most of the late 90s teen group - Stephanie, Liam, Casey, Aaron, Tiegan . There was nothing wrong with these characters individually, in fact I quite liked most of them. I think they just seemed underwhelming after replacing the iconic and popular the mid 90s teen group. They would have had the usual teen storylines, but I think the writers should have not given up on them so quickly. Joey and Justine were the only characters in this group to actually go some distance. Stacey Macklin - I'm a bit biased here, since she's one of my favourite characters, but there was more they could have done with her. She could have rejoined the Macklin group after Tom's death. I also would have liked to have seen her take a teen under her wing, perhaps the son or daughter of a Macklin family friend who had a similar upbringing to her. Edward and Peta - Edward is possibly the best teen character we've ever had (IMO anyway!) and I think a slowburn story of him succumbing to his Huntington's over a few years would have been an amazing story to run with. I think Peta is largely remembered because of her romance with Edward, but I'd imagine she'd have become more memorable as the girlfriend/partner of a dying Edward. The Nash family - I know Joel made it to nearly 3 years, but he should have been a stalwart of the show. As the local cop, he was firmly entrenched in the local community and could have easily become a mainstay. Joel and Natalie should have become the main couple at Summer Bay House and with their jobs as teacher and cop, would have opened up many avenues for them to take in waifs and strays. I've no idea if Antoinette Byron chose to leave or not (I suspect it wasn't!), but it she did, they could have either recast (again!) Paula Forest in the role or set up Shelley as the girls as a new Flatpack family for Joel. Joel also had a certain "reliability" and "realism" about him, for lack of a better word, which are definite characters of true veterans of the show. I imagine Tom wouldn't have stayed forever and Gypsy still would have left when she did, but Joel and Natalie could have become mainstays for the early, if not most of, the 2000s. Lynn Davenport - it seemed a little odd to break up the Fletcher family after just a few months, especially since they didn't even replace her at all. Wasn't she the same age as Steven? It's a shame they didn't build their friendship/bond a bit more. She could have been "rested" for a few months and remained a supporting character, before taking centre stage again with the Steven/Viv/Emma/Craig group. In fact, I'd happily have forgone Viv to have Lynn instead... obviously not the romance Viv had with Steven, but everything else Viv did. They could have also done a "off the rails" storyline as she bonds with new foster brother Dodge and perhaps even had a romance with Bob Barnett's son, Craig. Morag in 1989 - I think she could have stayed an extra 6 months or so. The Danny storyline could have been used to make Morage change her ways and as a slowburn redemption storyline for her, which sees her leave on a much happier note. Marilyn was back by late 1989, and I think she would have been good to facilitate the town forgiving Morag
  8. Is anyone else getting a bit over the short-lived marriages? Colby and Chelsea, Ricky and Nate, Brody and Ziggy, Liam and Bianca and even, to a lesser extent, Zac and Leah. Weddings used to big events and must-see viewings, but now they are mainly used as plot devices. I know we had the odd short-lived marriage in the early years too (i.e. Frank and Bobby, Chloe and James), but it just feels more frequent and the marriages feel more rushed now. Thinking back to "the early years", we've had so many non-weddings/broken engagements that probably would have happened had we had the same writers back then. For example, Lance and Mariyln would have married in 1990 only for him to run dump her and join the army a few weeks later, Ben Lucini probably would have left Carly behind in Summer Bay (I've heard she was written out because Julian McMahon quit), Andrew and Stacey and Travis and Kelly would have been married for a few weeks and Jesse McGregor's wife would have been arrested after they said "I do". Maybe even Sally and Brad would have had a few weeks of marriage before she realised she wasn't over Flynn,
  9. We can't even say that was to trick us, since he was also removed a few weeks prior to his death. As soon as I read the story in TV Week about him being crushed under a car, I knew he was a goner
  10. She did. I do find Shauna and Jude's exits a bit weird - Shauna returned as the villain determined to win Jude back and Charlotte, Jude's current partner, was randomly killed off a few weeks later. That whole story did none of the characters involved any favours.
  11. You could add Natalie #2 to that list too really - she appeared in the 1999 opener and was gone before mid 2000, though the character debuted in early 1998. I personally loved the late 90s/2000 era, but I think it is widely considered to be a bit of a lull from when Pippa left through to late 2000/early 2001. There was some absolutely amazing storylines (Byron's illness and death, the Robert Perez stuff, Ailsa's accident, the Ailsa/Shauna stuff), but there were equally some pretty forgettable characters (i.e. James, Judith, Tom Nash, Mitch, Harry). I think this is why the show underwent a bit of a revamp - the cast overhaul, the new diner etc. so I'd imagine some of these characters would have been casualties of that. I am pretty sure Joel, Natalie, Tom and Judith were all axed (she was very much a spare part with Edward gone!). I'm sure Justin Melvey and Cameron Welsh left of their own accord, but I don't know about the others: Edward's story was very much based around his illness, so maybe he was ever going to be around short-term. He couldn't stay 20+ years for example, without making a mockery of his condition. It wouldn't surprise me if Peta was axed though, since it makes sense TPTB would want to clear out the caravan park for the Sutherlands Ken - didn't the actor leave for some big film role or something? Given how frequently he returned, I doubt he would "want out" of the role. Shauna - I'm pretty sure it was her choice, as I read somewhere she wasn't very happy working on H&A. Equally though, Shauna had become a spare part. When the secret daughter story was written, I imagine the writers thought Judy Nunn would be around forever and when she died, Shauna just became another 20something. I don't think she even shared that many scenes with Alf or Duncan after Ailsa died either (not that I recall, anyway!).
  12. I think Bobby's was the first death to do that. Her death lead to Morag's return and Sam's custody battle, Adam being ostracized from Summer Bay etc and I think her death was felt by every character in their own way. I guess Josh was a pretty forgettable character. During his regular stint, was he every anything more than Dani's boyfriend? Even still, from what I've read, his final stint could have just as easily been replaced with any evil two-dimensional guest villain. Chloe and Will are iconic characters, so deserved better with their endings. Talking about bringing ex-regulars back to die, I was convinced someone was going to die in the big reunion episodes in 2002, but it didn't happen. I understand Tim Campbell's exit was rather rushed, so it was probably unavoidable. It was probably either an off-screen death or off-screen break up. I don't know what happened with Beth. Maybe Clarissa House was initially meant to return after a break but changed her mind, maybe the producers thought they could talk Clarissa into signing a new contract and bought some time by giving her a "temporary exit" or maybe the writers wanted her death to coincide with Kit giving birth to make it more dramatic? Who knows?
  13. Isn't this a bit of a urban myth? I've not seen the episode, but I read somewhere his exit was mentioned in-passing onscreen. Does anyone know if there was a behind-the-scenes reason why Matt didn't get a proper exit?
  14. So I just watched a video on YouTube, which ranks the Neighbours deaths and had a little bit of a discussion about each one, so I thought I'd generate a similar discussion here. I've not watched much of H&A after 2005, so I've only included everything before Flynn, but I'd love to know what everyone else thinks. I've also ranked the deaths based on the actual episodes/moments themselves, rather than how much I liked the character. 1. Flynn Saunders - I actually stopped watching the show a few months earlier, but tuned in for this one. This had me in tears, especially his final goodbye to little Pippa and Alf. I had zero interest in Ric and Cassie, but I loved the performances by Kate, Joel and Ray. A very emotional episode and it had me in tears, despite having not seen most of the cancer storyline leading up to this episodes. 2. Ken Smith - Never really a fan of the character, but the death was very well done. Anthony Phelan and Zac Drayson knocked those scenes out of the park and the moment when Irene is told has stayed with me forever. 3. Bobby Simpson - a classic character and a classic death scene. So much drama came out of her death though, such as Morag's return, Greg's departure and Adam's guilt/the town turning on him. Her death was felt by nearly every character, which is why I ranked it so high, but I do think, in the long-term, it's a shame she had to die when her onscreen husband departed a few weeks later. The three Marshalls could have left as a family, which meant Nicole Dickson could have popped up every now again like her foster siblings did. 4. Tom Fletcher - the most major character to die. I have very little to say here and I think it is marred by the behind-the-scenes rumours that it wasn't Roger's choice to go. A great death scene, but it felt a bit too OTT for me. He could have had the heart attack without the big car accident. I felt like Pippa moved on too quickly, which probably didn't help with the change of actress. 5. Michael Ross - another classic scene and I actually think his death had a bigger long-term impact on Pippa than what Tom's did. This is the first time a major "disaster" storyline actually resulted in a regular's death. Never liked the character, but the scenes immediately after his death were really said and Steven and the foster kids played those scenes well. 6. Stephanie Mboto - a short-term regular, but her death had a profound effect on me. I started watching the show when I was about 7, and this was the first major death for me. The scene where Stephanie falls and Liam screams has stayed with me forever, as has the moment where Travis is informed. Her death had very little long-term impact though and like most teens, could easily have been written out another way. 7. Shane Parrish - the montage where everyone is told is sad, but I can't stand Melissa George, and this was all about Angel. Angel had also moved on within a few weeks and left the show, so there was no long-term impact there. 8. Phil Matheson - an unofficial regular so I've included him, Phil's death provided so much drama. Despite not having an actual on-screen death scene (or even a "this is the last time we'll see him" scene), the episodes were really well done. The Fletchers and Bobby were amazing when they believed it was Frank's body and then the shock realisation that it was Phil really hit Steven had. There was a great knock-on affect too, including the Dodge stuff and Roo's boyfriend being framed. 9. Noah Lawson - I never understood why Noah had to die, as he and Hayley only got back together a few months before. The siege episodes were really well done, but his actual death was over and done with really quickly. It was the storyline that initially brought Kit back to the show as a semi-regular too, which was always a good thing 10. Ailsa Stewart - enough has been said on this one in other threads, but it felt too quick for one of the show's longest serving (and one of my all-time favourite!) characters. Her death felt like the end of an era, when you take into account the other changes of the show, so maybe TPTB wanted to just move on as quickly as possible. The actual death scene didn't bother me so much, since it was more realistic than most we've had, it was more the way the aftermath was dealt with that let this one down. 11. Charlotte Adams - another character who had zero reason to die. She was already planning to leave to work in Vietnam, Jude left a few months earlier, she had few close relationships to really grieve for her and she was hardly a popular character that her death was going to have fans in tears. I had nothing against the character, she was just very forgettable and it was a really odd decision to kill her off. 12. Chloe Richards - This one makes me really angry and, having wavering loyalty for a few years at this point, was the moment where I finally gave up watching for good. The producers brought back a classic character just to die and then send another regular character to prison for killing her (I couldn't stand Jesse in his second stint, but it was unnecessary). Other than Jesse's exit, there was no immediate long-term impact. At the time, I thought the long-term plan might have been to set up Olivia as another foster child for Sally and Flynn or Irene, but she too quickly left within a few weeks of her death. As Kristy Wright had returned for this stint, who's to say she didn't want to return again over the years, so it's a shame that opportunity was lost. Even during Olivia's 2015-2018 stint there were missed opportunities, such as bringing back Jesse, Diana or James to cause some drama. I couldn't include Josh West, Beth, Dan, Jack Holden, Belle, Charlotte, Gina, Romeo, Casey, Denny, Oscar, Hannah, Billie and Kat, as I've not seen those episodes, but someone who has seen everything might want to give their rankings
  15. The show definitely changed for the worse in 2000 (I started a whole thread about that being a revamp year), but I think mid 2003ish would have been it for me. Despite H&A's heyday being well and truly over, there were some good moments between 2001 and mid 2003 I'd love to rewatch such as Charlotte's death, Shauna's kidnapping and Dani's rape, Ailsa returning as a hallucination, Vinnie and Leah as a married couple, Fisher's exit, the 2001 London episodes, Seb Miller's early stuff (i.e. the eating disorder, the dyslexia, connecting with Don), Will and Gypsy's "wedding", Miles and Alex's car crash, Sally and Flynn's courtship, Summer Bay's bicentenary(?) with all the returnees and Jude Lawson's stint (he's very unrated as a character!). There are moments I would equally not want to rewatch (pretty much any scene featuring Brodie Hanson and most of the Sutherland-centric storylines, which unfortunately, felt like quite a bit), but I think the good still outweighed the bad during 2001-2003. I think around the time Kane returns as a regular, Beth and Rhys get together (they were just awful as a couple and really didn't work!), the bizarre Sutherland twin switch and a lack of Donald Fisher would stop me from watching any more.
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