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  1. Yes, Dan Falzon missed out on Shane Parrish. I wonder how that would have worked out
  2. I can definitely see Justine as Carly, but she looked too old to play Lynn and it's hard to imagine anyone other than Nicole Dickson as Bobby. I'm sure Justine would have made the role her own though if she'd been cast. And probably affected Justine not returning over the years too Roo seemed like a spare part for her last few months so it's hard to see where the writers would have taken the character for another few years, but that could be because the writers knew Justine was leaving. After the cancelled wedding and giving up Martha, Roo didn't really have any major storylines until her exit story. She had romances with guest characters David and Simon, but not much else. Maybe it just feels like she didn't do much because her first year was so full-on.
  3. Thanks for sharing I guess that must be why Karen was relatively a short-lived character. I know we had quite a few short-lived regulars in the early days, but Karen's stay felt quite brief compared to her peers. Does anyone know what Belinda Jarrett is up to these days?
  4. A young Joel Nash? Echo Point was less than 3 years before David Woodley joined Home and Away She appears in an extended role in Out of the Blue too. She's the mother of Samara Weaving's character. Has anyone watched Out of the Blue? All of the discussion so far has been on Echo Point
  5. I guess many of them started around the same time (i.e. Noah and Alex, Dani and Brodie) whereas others started on the show were years apart, such as Tori Morgan and Hannah Wilson. I can't picture that - Ben Unwin looked too old to be playing a teenager, even though he was only about 19 or something when he started on the show.
  6. Wasn't there actually plans to make her permanent, but they didn't eventuate for some reason? She was more bearable as a guest in the 80s than she was as a regular for 12 years. Maybe because she was used sparingly instead of shoehorning into her scenes
  7. I've watched the entire series of Out of the Blue in two weeks and I loved it. It had a good combination of typical soap storylines intertwined with longer story arcs, such as the murder investigation which happens in the first few episodes. The cast had a good combination of Australian television veterans such as Diane Craig, Zoe Carides, Noel Hodda and Maggie Dence, alongside actors who went on to be known for other shows/movies, such as Katherine Hicks, Daniel Henshall and Ryan Johnson. The main cast also includes H&A stars Shane Withington (John Palmer) and Samara Weaving (Indigo Walker). The final episode is really shocking and unexpected though! I don't want to give it away for anyone who hasn't watched it, but it ends on a massive cliffhanger and I was incredibly frustrated that they left it like it that. Given those two have been uploaded to 10Play, I seriously have my fingers crossed for Breakers
  8. I was recently listening to the H&A Podcast and there were a few actors being interviewed that stated they had auditioned for other roles: Ray Meagher initially read for the part of Tom Fletcher Penny MacNamee auditioned for Bianca Scott, Hannah Wilson and Kat Chapman, before finally getting cast as Tori. Ada Nicodemou auditioned for the role of Sarah Thompson A few others I know of: Danny Raco - Noah Lawson Dannii Minogue - Marilyn Chambers Susie Rugg - Dani Sutherland Bonnie Sveen - Bianca Scott Reece Milne - Hunter King Patrick O'Connor - Hunter King Jessica Grace-Smith - Phoebe Nicholson Chris Hemsworth - Robbie Hunter Ben Unwin and Johnny Ruffo had unsuccessfully auditioned for other roles before Jesse and Chris respectively (I don't know if it's ever been said whom!) and Debra Lawrence auditioned for the role of Pippa in 1988 and missed out, before actually getting the role in 1990. Sorry meant to post this in General Discussion, can it be moved?
  9. I just found them too camp and two-dimensional. I've liked Sheila Kennely in other roles I've seen her in (Kingswood Country, a guest on All Saints), but Floss and Neville really annoyed me. I can see where you're coming from with Selina too. I know she was popular at the time (that whole teen group were!), but Selina she was actually quite whiny and downer at times. What did Matt Wilson even do during his 1989 - 1991 stint? The only big story I recall him having was learning his brother died, but even then, the focus was more on the feud between Don and Al Simpson, rather than Matt.
  10. Worst: Grant Mitchell - I couldn't stand the character. He seemed really arrogant and disrespectful challenging Don Fisher in those early days. Neville and Floss - I know they had their fans, but they got really repetitive after a while. In fact, I found them more annoying than anything else Karen Dean Matt Wilson Best: Steven Matheson (original stint) - he was by favourite of the original foster children and I think the most complex Ailsa Stewart - surprised no one has mentioned her yet, since she was a staple of the 1988-1996 era. Donald, Marilyn, Bobby, Morag - I know they've been mentioned above, but they deserve another shout out
  11. Ross actually auditioned for Alf Stewart. I think he had to turn it down because he was already committed to Richmond Hill. I've been re-watching A Country Practice on 7Plus and I think Syd Heylen and Penny Cook would have been great too. Syd passed away in 1996 and Penny Cook in December 2018. I also think Ruth Cracknell, Terry Gill and Mark Priestley would have been great too
  12. The problem with Home and Away's anniversary is that unlike many other soaps, it is very rarely on air in Australia on the actual date, which makes it hard to celebrate onscreen on the date itself. The show's 20th anniversary coincided roughly with Sally's exit which saw the returns of Floss, Steven, Carly, Pippa and Tom as a ghost. I don't think it was ever officially acknwedged as the 20th anniversary story though...
  13. I felt that way when Pippa returned in 2000 too, perhaps because Nancy Hayes was in the role during those episodes. They greeted each other as acquaintances rather than old close friends.
  14. I agree that the show does reluctant to acknowledge anniversaries and special occasions and as long as the current team are in charge, I can't see that changing. Is there any reason that Rohan Nichol and Kestie Morrisi couldn't have played a recast Nathan and Grace (other than the fact she as a nurse and not a teacher!), making Ziggy and Coco Irene's grandchildren, rather than introducing a new family. I understand introducing new characters helps move the show forward, but the show's long-termers are starting to feel isolated. Irene has a revolving door of waifs and strays who are quickly forgotten and replaced as soon as they leave and Leah has been "drifting" for many years. Marilyn has found her place as John's wife and the local foster parents and they've made an effort to build a family around Alf, but they too had many years where they felt like spare parts.
  15. Both characters did leave rather abruptly. In fact, Stacey didn't even get a farewell scene. Just a one-sided phone call to Ailsa and a letter to Steven. I preferred Andrew to Grant. Andrew had more personality and depth, but I can see why the writers opted for Grant. Craig McLachlan was one of the biggest soap stars of the time and he looked better in a swimsuit
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