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  1. What did everyone think of the mudslide storyline? I reading at the time it was the most expensive "stunt" Home and Away had ever done (no doubt surpassed in more recent times!), and as a 12 year old, I remember it being dramatic and having to wait 2 weeks to find out who died, as it was the pre-spoiler days. The build up was good, but I think it fell flat really quickly and was very anti-climatic. We had four regular characters trapped inside and a number of regulars among the rescue team, yet it was a forgettable guest character who died and was quickly forgotten. I remember at the time thinking that Ailsa was going to die, as we knew Judy Nunn was leaving and it made sense to go all out for her exit, being one of the original cast members. It was also Kirsty who knew where to find them through her telepathic twin link, despite her and Jade not really being twins
  2. That explains why the wedding and reunion was the week before the Sutherland family's arrival then. The scene where Pippa leaves Summer Bay House at the end of the Friday episode could easily have been used as the final scene for the series, if it ended at that point. I think it's a shame there were so many "casualties" of the revamp: Joel, Natalie, Tom, Peta and Edward all still had potential and were far more interesting than any of the Sutherlands and were all hastily written out. Judy Nunn obviously left by choice, but I do wonder how much the change of direction influenced her decision.
  3. Do you think there has ever been such a huge year of change before or since on H&A? I can't think of one...
  4. Does anyone know if Norman has refused offers to return to the show since, perhaps because his most recent stint was so mishandled? He may not have been invited and I'm jumping to conclusions, but I can't help but feel his absence was felt at Sally's farewell, nor has he been back since Marilyn's return, which is a missed opportunity.
  5. There were a great number of changes in 2000 (possibly one of the biggest years of change to date!) and I was wondering if anyone knew the reason for that? Were the ratings down following a number of high profile departures over the previous few years (Marilyn, Chloe, Travis, Rebecca, even possibly dating back to Pippa in early 98) and mediocre storylines? Did a new EP take over and want to make their mark? Was there a push from Channel 7 or Channel 5 to modernise the show for whatever reason? Was it an official revamp or was it just a coincidence it all happened at once? The revamped titles/theme tune - for the first time, the titles did not feature "action" shots and instead just the actors faces. The loss of familiar/long-standing sets - the Stewart house and the original Bayside diner were gone and were replaced with new sets, like the new diner and the Sally/Leah/Shauna share house, which debuted in 1999 and stayed for years. The cast changes - there was a huge turnover of cast in 2000. We lost Sam, James, Justine, Jesse, Edward, Peta, Judith, Joel, Natalie, Tom, Ken and then of course, Ailsa in the final episode, plus Harry and Mitch in the first few weeks of 2001. I don't know who quit and who left of their own accord, but given some of them were around a year or less, chances are at least some of them were axed. They were replaced with the Sutherlands, Brodie, Leah, Nick, Noah and Jude. Jude and Brodie were less-than-memorable, but Leah, Noah, Nick and the Sutherlands were obviously major players in the "revamped era" that followed. A new family in Summer Bay House and the move away from fostering - we had a brand new family in Summer Bay House. The first and only time this happened, as Pippa was replaced by Travis and Rebecca and then they were replaced by Joel and Natalie. It felt like strangers were living in the house, and took some time to get used to. They also seemed to stray away from fostering from this point - obviously Rhys and Shelley took in Brodie and Irene had the Smith children, but they were more like her almost-step-children rather than foster children. The darker storylines - I know we'd had some dark storylines in the previous few years (i.e. Chloe's rape, Justine accused of murdering a baby, the Robert Perez stuff), but they always seemed to be balanced out by lighter/comedy storylines. I can't recall many comedy storylines in that era, just the "doom and gloom" stuff like Dani's rape and all the Kirsty/Kane drama, Duncan's downward spiral, Miles' death, Gypsy's pregnancy, the school siege, Jade and Seb's car accident, Charlotte's death etc.
  6. Interesting. I noticed a number of changes around that time, notably the decision to return the show to its roots and have Flynn and Sally start their own foster family at the caravan park, so I guess Rhys and Max was lost was part of that. A number of cast were written out around late 2004/early 2005 too, no doubt casualties of the change in direction - Kirsty and Kane, Dani, Noah, Jesse and Josie. The 2004 finale felt like the closing on an era to me, as 2005 began with ramped up drama. I think Beth would have lost herself many fans during that storyline, depending on how it was written. I can see both sides of the argument, but I think many viewers would have turned against her, given how maternal she always was.
  7. Mark has actually been around for 5 years as a regular now, he returned in 2014, a few months before Kate's death. Gary only became a regular in 2016, so I don't count him as a "mainstay" at the moment. If she didn't die in 2007, she'd probably have gone either in 2008, around the time Matilda left, or in 2010 with Tony, to make way for Marilyn and Georgie Parker. They may have kept her on, but as you say, she'd have come much like Irene and take in waifs and strays and have few storylines of her own. No doubt they'd have recast Henry (arguably the least memorable Hunter, and therefore first option for recast) and SORASed Archie, Noah and Ella to keep her relevant.
  8. I've read a rumour that he and Sheila weren't even told they were being written out of the show - they read it in a magazine
  9. I think you're right to be honest. In hindsight, I'd rather have lost Rhys at that point too. There was however, no way the producers would have axed Jade and Kirsty, as they were way too popular at the time, and all the residences were either too small (i.e. Alf's flat) or too full (Irene's house) for them to really move elsewhere. I guess Leah or Sally and Flynn could have taken them on, but neither were really in their "earth mother" phase back in 2002/2003. Rhys and Beth had no chemistry and was clearly just an attempt to prolong his time on the show. I'd rather they have done something similar to keep Joel on post-Natalie than Rhys post-Shelley. I also wonder when the decision came to write out Rhys, as it seemed odd to marry him and Beth and then have him leave within a few months. They could have just kept it as a defacto relationship, like they did with her and Tony later on I still think one of the most bizarre moves the writers have ever made was making Jade not biological a Sutherland. It went against what we already knew about them (the "twin link") and there were plenty of other ways to write them out.
  10. It is a shame both characters weren't used more frequently as guest characters during the 1990s. We never saw Celia and the only time we saw Morag was when she was a guest stint where she tried to take Sam away. Celia could have popped in and out for family occasions, in the same with Pippa did in the 2000s, and Morag could have appeared whenever a lawyer/judge etc was required. Part of me would have loved to have seen Morag's reaction to Don and Mariyln's wedding/engagement
  11. Has H&A ever had any regulars die under ambiguous circumstances (a la Neighbours' Harold or Dee)? I can't think of any.. there are some who surely we never saw their dead body, such as being wheeled into surgery and then told they'd died, so you could argue such characters faked their own deaths. The only dead regulars I actually cared about were Ailsa, Tom, Bobby and Flynn, and it'd be stretch for any of them to still be alive.
  12. Does anyone remember a made-for-VHS documentary directed by Nic Testoni (Travis) featuring himself, Belinda Emmett (Rebecca), Kristy Wright (Chloe) and Ben Unwin (Jesse) holidaying in the Whitsundays. I'd forgotten all about out until the weekend when I was helping my parents packing up their house ready to move and found my copy of it I'm not sure if it was ever commercially released in Australia, but I wrote to Nic, as I did to most of the cast in that era, and he sent me a signed copy of the video. Sadly, I don't have a VHS player to watch it on right now, but look forward to watching it again when I find one (who knows when that will be though ). For anyone that has seen it or does remember it, what are your thoughts? I can't remember too much about it, though I do remember the soundtrack being primarily, if not fully, performed by Belinda Emmett, and I do vaguely remember alot of cheesy talking to the camera as if they were speaking directly to the audience.
  13. But then would the fallout have happened? If Alex had stuck around, they would have kept Bobby and Frank as the "golden couple", wouldn't they? The writers only split them up because Alex Papps quit. Presumably it was just a coincidence/convenient that Justine Clarke left around the same time.
  14. Why did the producers wait so long to recast Roo? I think it was obvious way before 2010 that Justine Clarke was not interested in reprising the role, so it could have and should have happened much sooner. Were they just waiting for the right actress to come along? Were previous producers dead against the idea? Could they have found an actress who was interested in a long-term recurring role, a bit like Joy Chambers (Rosemary Daniels) in Neighbours? There were a number of female characters in the 90s and early 2000s who could have been replaced with a Roo recast, such as Kelly, Donna, Lucinda, Roxanne, Amanda or Josie. I'm not necessarily suggesting any of those actresses have been cast as Roo, but in terms of relationships, storylines not connected to their past etc. It also would have made sense to have Roo appear in 2005, when Brett Macklin returned or at any point during Martha's stint. In fact, I'd say it was rather odd the producers decide to cast Roo just months after Martha leaves
  15. There are periods where I feel like Fisher could have done with some family members, notably late 1999/early 2000 when Rebecca and Travis, Sam, Marilyn and Bryon were all gone within about 6 months of each other. They didn't bother replacing the family in Fisher's life until we met Seb in the second half of 2001.
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