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  1. I think it was a mistake to recast VJ so early. They should have held onto him for another few years I think, perhaps around the time that her "family" started to leave. Sure, we wouldn't have had the Billie story, but that could have been easily run with someone else (Hunter maybe? Sparing us the on/off Hunter and Olivia dross) And then 60 in 2005
  2. That seems to be part of Leah's curse. As well as Zac, she took ages to get together with Miles and Justin too. Miles and Leah had not been together long before he departed and Justin was around for about 3 years before he and Leah got together. Imagine if she's got together with Miles and Zac shortly after they both arrived! She'd have had a permanent love interest for nearly 4 or more years both times instead of the string of short-lived love interests she had. To add to the list we've also got John and Marilyn, Donald and Marilyn (considering she arrived in 1989 and they didn't get together until 95/96, it's ages!) and Scott and Hayley It depends on the definition of ages though. Do Ziggy and Dean count for example? Or Tori and Ash? Or Kat and Ash?
  3. If James Stewart is in it for the long haul, the long term plan is probably to build a family around Leah and Justin. They could introduce Ava as a regular and give them a stray or two. They tried building a family around Leah with Zac, Matt, Hunter, a recast VJ, Oscar and Evie, but it fell apart pretty quickly. It would give her more of a purpose, whereas she's pretty much been a spare part since mid 2017 onwards.
  4. John Adam (Luke Cunningham) returned as Decker back in 2016 too. I wasn't watching the show when Macca was on, but I understand he was around for nearly a year, perhaps longer than some regulars. The problem is that there are a limited number of working actors in Australia and H&A has been running for so long, so it's inevitable that eventually some of them will be "recycled". Honestly, I have no problem when the show does it with guest stars. For example, Rohan Nichol who plays Ben Astoni had a guest role back in 2004 and Belinda Giblin had two guest roles prior to Martha, but I find it sad and frustrating when a former regular returns a guest; it's like the show just ignores its history, such as with John Adam. Neighbours has been guilty of this for years. There have been a handful of former regulars, albeit short-lived ones, who have returned for guest role, such as Benjamin Mitchell, Darius Perkins, Alyce Platt and Alexandra Fowler (off the top of my head, there may have been more!). Again, it's the same issue with it running for 35 years.
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  6. With Christmas just around the around the corner, I was just wondering what everyone's favourite Christmas moments/episodes are? A few of mine: 1988 - everyone gathers for Christmas at the Fletchers. It was a sweet episode and really epitomised early H&A. Carly stayed in the city and was battling alcholism, but other than that, it was a fairly light episode. Lance and Martin also had their novelty Christmas song, "Santa Never Stops in Summer Bay" this year too 2006 - I wasn't watching during this era, but I recently saw this episode on 7Plus' Most Shocking Moments (the episode ends with Sally gets stabbed!). The Christmas play was hilarious, especially Irene, Alf, Lance, Dan and Brad. There was also a nice little montage of all the characters with Silent Night playing over it. Every single regular also featured in this episode There were a few Christmas episodes in the 1990s too, but too many details - I remember one in which Pippa and Michael were separated and one later in the 1990s (1996 or 1998, as I know Don and Mariyln were married at the time!), but my memory is a bit vague with these ones. I think Irene played Santa in one of these episodes too? From what I can remember, H&A hasn't really featured Christmas as much as other soaps, perhaps due to it going on hiatus for 6-8 weeks every year, but I'm sure there has been a few others over the years too.
  7. Don Fisher! No question I didn't even bother reading the other options
  8. I agree - but out of Zac and Justin, I voted for Zac. I've never warmed to Justin.
  9. I voted for "other" for Phillip Matheson. Professional, had a great bedside manner and a bit of a hunk. Such a shame he left the show so prematurely.
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  11. I'd never like to see a return from Colleen One of the most irritating and OTT characters the show has ever had. I didn't like Barbara much either - I guess she was the "normal" one compared to Alf, Celia and Morag. They were all so stubborn and had such strong personalities, whereas I feel Barbara was a bit boring in comparison. I'd love to see Celia back and I loved her relationship with Roo in the early years, but what would she do? Just catch up with Alf and Roo and disappear again? As for Debra, it's a mystery why we've never met her. Surely there is a completely blank canvas for Stewart relatives in future years.
  12. Yes - I think that was my whole point. They were pointless and I didn't even realise they existed until my 2nd viewing of the early years. They added nothing to the show itself or the end-of-episode cliffhanger. The one I vividly remember was when Frank and Alf work out that Lynn must be hiding out the Pappas farm and run off to find her. The brief scene at the end sees Sally walking in and asking what's going in. Pippa says we think we've found Lynn and Sally's face lights up.
  13. If just over 2 years is considered "short term", than yes..
  14. Yeah, that was a weird one give she was made a regular. It was definitely not Marlo Kelly's choice to leave so soon. Dodge and Diesel (?) were short-lived too, but again, they were hired just for the one storyline. Emma too! She was Ailsa's niece, not technically a foster kid, but still shortlived nevertheless. Even later in the 1990s foster kids were written out after a year or so (i.e. Stephanie, Liam, Aaron, Casey, Tegan, Peta). They lasted a bit longer, but still...
  15. Their friendship developed over the years and progressed naturally, rather than forcing the friendship from the first episode. Alf and Sally barely had any screen time together in 1988. Is that interesting too?
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