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  1. We are used to it with Irene too, but it is still frightening when it happens. Lynne does those scenes brilliantly I started to disengage with H&A during the Sutherland/Hunter era, but funnily enough, those are some of "losing it" moments that stand out for me: Beth Hunter - the moment when she snapped on her wedding day to Rhys and told the Sutherland and Hunter children they needed to start acting like a family. Shelley Sutherland - when she found out about Rhys' one-night stand with Angie years earlier. It was around the time of, if not in, the 2002 finale.
  2. The Rian question was more a side question. If he could be found, it sounds like he probably doesn't want a life in the public eye, so the role would definitely need to be recast. Christoper is about a year older than Duncan in terms of the timeline of the show, so he would probably be SORASed a bit too. Though Olivia turned out to be younger or maybe the same age as VJ, despite being born over 3 years earlier I think Pippa was also pregnant in the late nineties too, so Christopher also has a half-sibling. From memory, this was never mentioned again and was probably just an excuse
  3. And then Marilyn, Alf and Irene would have known the later foster kids such as Shannon, Sophie, Jack, Sam, Liam, Tegan and Justine, so any number of them could be referenced. The latter three were during my viewing years, but I imagine to many viewers, were quite forgettable and wouldn't be worthy of an onscreen mention. Sam also lived with Marilyn and Don after Pippa left, so it's possible that Marilyn still keeps up with what he is doing. Reintroducing Chris Fletcher is a great idea, but unfortunately I can't see it happening. Firstly, because the show seems to run a mile from t
  4. True - there are very few memorable or long-running characters in the 18-30 bracket from the 90s era. Travis, Rebecca, Jesse and Vinnie spring to mind. Travis and Rebecca were pushed into Summer Bay House after Pippa's exit though. Equally though, there were many as short-lived characters in the late 90s/early 2000s that didn't go the distance: Harry, Shauna, Jude, Charlotte, Kelly, James. I think it changed around the early 2000s though, with Leah staying forever, the introduction of "The Palace" (the home of the Noah/Hayley/Scott/Dani foursome) and Hayley and Dani making the successfu
  5. That's true - given they rewrote history with Alf and Martha, sent Will to prison and didn't exactly do a great job with Sally, Gypsy and Ceila. I guess we could even go back with Don Fisher and Pippa's post-Sally return, but they are well over 10 years ago now
  6. Could call - the 35th anniversary also ties in with Lynne McGranger's 30th anniversary on the show The show would have to completely change its attitude toward the past in those few years though, which I can't see happening.
  7. I agree. It's so hard to invest in younger couples when it seems every couple of months there is a round of break-ups and partner swapping. I know the show's heyday was guilty of this too, but it feels more common now. I'm not sure if the producers just "chemistry test", for lack of a better term, or think the show is more interesting that way, but it would be nice to have some stable younger couples who we follow on a journey (i.e. Shane and Angel, Vinnie and Leah etc.). On the subject of couples not breaking up, I really hope John and Marilyn get back together. They were on the only fu
  8. Please no! I couldn't stand Colleen. She was way too over the top and annoying and stayed way too long. She was great for continuity though - like she was there for over a decade and had a mostly supporting role - but she's had her day. Her granddaughter would be 20 now though, so she'd probably have made an appearance by now if Colleen was still around.
  9. I think Martha being alive was meant to be the big anniversary story to be honest. I know there were no returnees, but it was the biggest storyline Alf and Roo, the two original characters from the current cast, have had in years and there were many nods to the past. I hated the story, but yeah. I think that was it. I've said it before, but the producers are only interested in returnees from the recent past, such as Angelo, Heath and Bianca, Jett etc. I'd imagine if there is some sort of celebration, the returning cast would all be from the the early 2010s onwards, with t
  10. I literally just watched those episodes on the "Most Shocking Moments" on 7Plus last night and wondered what it was for, since it was a random event. It didn't line up with a major anniversary nor a X000 episode. Frustratingly there are only two episodes on 7Plus, but the events lasted a few weeks. Greg Benson's return felt a bit random, but all the others were well chosen since they all had connections to the current cast (Alf, Colleen, Sally, Don) and all were iconic characters from the early days. The late nineties era was not really covered - maybe the "big names" from that era (i.e.
  11. I was thinking of Charlie Buckton. She was hugely popular in her time, and I can't believe she picked up zero points when you look at who is at the lower ends of the poll. I thought Dean had already been included, so I missed him in my deductions
  12. I didn't read any of the voting as it happened, but I think I've worked out who the top 10 are. Eight of them aren't really a surprise, since they are iconic characters who usually dominate the top 10 or so (not a criticism, since I voted for three of them!) One of them is a current character, since we know there was only regular who didn't score any votes (it's obvious by now that's Ari), but I didn't think this regular would be a top 10 character. The last one I'm only 95% about - she was hugely popular back in her time, so I doubt she would get zero votes when you look at w
  13. Matt Wilson never really appeared regularly from the beginning. His appearances were quite sporadic for the first 100ish episodes, then he was added to the opening credits and then left a few weeks later. That is the big mystery that makes no sense to me In the early days, Tom and Pippa were the central characters so they probably wanted to separate them from the rest of the cast. That makes sense. All except Matt Wilson appeared in the official original cast photo too and Lance, Martin, Roo and and Don were probably more prominent than Neville and Floss in th
  14. I've been re-watching some of the classic H&A episodes on 7Plus lately, which got me thinking: Joel Nash is a character that could have kept chugging in the "dependable cop" role for years (for those who have seen A Country Practice, think Frank Gilroy!). He also grew up in Summer Bay, which means Alf could have shared his role as the Alf to be an authority on local history, and as head of Summer Bay House and with his role as the local police officer, he was the perfect candidate to take in waifs and strays. He also seemed to have great interactions and rapport with many of the other loca
  15. I would have said Colby, Jasmine, Mackenzie or Ari. I imagine Colby gas lost most of his fans in the last few months when voting was taking place
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