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  1. The problem with Home and Away's anniversary is that unlike many other soaps, it is very rarely on air in Australia on the actual date, which makes it hard to celebrate onscreen on the date itself. The show's 20th anniversary coincided roughly with Sally's exit which saw the returns of Floss, Steven, Carly, Pippa and Tom as a ghost. I don't think it was ever officially acknwedged as the 20th anniversary story though...
  2. I felt that way when Pippa returned in 2000 too, perhaps because Nancy Hayes was in the role during those episodes. They greeted each other as acquaintances rather than old close friends.
  3. I agree that the show does reluctant to acknowledge anniversaries and special occasions and as long as the current team are in charge, I can't see that changing. Is there any reason that Rohan Nichol and Kestie Morrisi couldn't have played a recast Nathan and Grace (other than the fact she as a nurse and not a teacher!), making Ziggy and Coco Irene's grandchildren, rather than introducing a new family. I understand introducing new characters helps move the show forward, but the show's long-termers are starting to feel isolated. Irene has a revolving door of waifs and strays who are quickly forgotten and replaced as soon as they leave and Leah has been "drifting" for many years. Marilyn has found her place as John's wife and the local foster parents and they've made an effort to build a family around Alf, but they too had many years where they felt like spare parts.
  4. Both characters did leave rather abruptly. In fact, Stacey didn't even get a farewell scene. Just a one-sided phone call to Ailsa and a letter to Steven. I preferred Andrew to Grant. Andrew had more personality and depth, but I can see why the writers opted for Grant. Craig McLachlan was one of the biggest soap stars of the time and he looked better in a swimsuit
  5. Yeah, she really got the misery piled on her final years, didn't she? She had a nervous breakdown after the diner hold-up, the car accident that left in her coma and paranoid that Alf was trying to kill her, was trapped in the house during the landslide, lost the diner (her last link to Bobby) in a fire and then we found out she was raped and forced to give up her baby in prison. Duncan gave her no end of problems too once they SOARSed him and made him permanent. Even after all these years, I still vividly remember the scene of Alf being electrocuted on the beach while Ailsa just stood there and watched.
  6. I've added a link of the credits history for anyone that doesn't remember them all https://www.backtothebay.net/credits/opening.shtml
  7. According to IMDB, he only appeared in 14 episodes as Gordon Macklin. I know IMDB doesn't have 100% accuracy, especially for Australian TV series, but it certainly felt like he appeared more than that. I guess that goes to show how great Ron was, that he could make his presence felt and make a character so memorable with so few appearances.
  8. Yes, he had a wife. I got the feeling Gordon treated her pretty poorly in terms of putting the business ahead of her.
  9. Unofficially, they were basically regulars. Their stints were longer than many regular characters at the time, they had their own stories, they were integrated into the community (as opposed to just primarily interacting with one or two characters) and they had their own publicity shots, like my avatar for example. I don't know about plans to give them "opening credits status" though. Their exits came at a time when there seem to be a bit of a clear out, as we lost Morag, Lance, Martin, Celia and Tom in quick succession, so I imagine they were written out as part of the "sexier" direction. Andrew could have perhaps chugged along for a few more years as a youth counsellor, but Stacey was starting to become a bit stagnant. She's still my favourite character, but I think just would have continued to float around the diner not doing much had she stayed. There were definitely plans for Phil Matheson to become a regular, but John Morris quit early on. Perhaps had he stayed, then maybe Stacey would have had a longer run too? Who knows?
  10. His early week on The Stranger was recently discovered and uploaded to ABC iView too.
  11. The great Ron Haddrick, who played the recurring character of Gordon Macklin in the show's early years, passed away yesterday at 90. I loved him as Gordon, but he had so many other iconic roles too RIP
  12. Do they still have the catch-up on the weekends? That might be a bit more "reliable" than trying to record episodes every night?
  13. Ah, I guess I just found Colleen so annoying. I know that was the point of her, but she just grated on me I did enjoy her friendship with Max though Her tenure wasn't that short - she did nearly 13 years as a regular: late 1999 to early/mid 2012 - which is only a few years short of Don Fisher. Colleen was someone who was always "just there", in that she seemed to be there for ages, but never really had that many major storylines, compared to the other long-termers anyway. That can be a good thing, but it does mean she often gets forgotten/underrated. I agree with your reasons for Alf and Sally though.
  14. I think it's pretty much a given that Alf is the most iconic character - not just because he's the sole remaining character from the original cast, but his voice, sayings, iconic hat etc, so who would be the most iconic character after him? If you don't think Alf is the most iconic character, I'd love to know who you think is and why I would say Marilyn - she's recognisable to old and new viewers alike as she's appeared in various eras of the show over the last 30 years. She just seems to fit right back in so easily every time. She has a unique personality and fashion sense and probably one of the most positive and resilient characters the show has ever had. I imagine the other key contenders would be Sally, Irene, Don and Pippa, but I'm curious to know which one character you think is the most iconic character.
  15. The problem is that is still so many episodes I don't know how else to do it though - watching the Most Shocking moments and births, deaths and marriages (I too, only watched 1988-2000), there were so many episodes/storylines that feel incomplete and I really wanted to continue watching. For example, several of the episodes ended with cliffhangers, such as Duncan's bomb, the Mudslide and the diner siege and the Robert Perez episode opened with Joel being stranded in the bush, so I would have liked to watch a few more episodes of that story prior to the one on 7Plus. They can't even do a "Best of the Early Years", because again, you run into the same problem of the storylines being incomplete (plus many episodes have already been uploaded in different categories!). A best of the early years would need to include: the Saul storyline, Chloe's attack, Bobby visiting Ailsa in the fridge, the 1996 earthquake (really surprised this one was missing from Most Shocking Moments actually), Ken's death (didn't like the character much, but the performances were amazing!), Sally's non-wedding, Dale's cot death, the 1998 UK episode and general store fire.
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