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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. I thought it may have been fitting to have Billie die in the fire at Leah's house. Her death was very rushed otherwise.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Do you mean Ryan Baker? I wonder what lead to characters such as Brodie and the 90s teens to be written out after only being on for such a short period. When characters appear to be copies of another after several years, it would make sense to create a longer haul plan for character arcs to keep the stories fresh and unique.
  5. There have been a few short lived foster children over the course of the show, with many having returned to family members or moving on very early. Know some of these fell under when the Ross family were Emergency Foster carers, but there seems to be a emerging trend of short lived kids at John & Maz's. Tracey Turner Maya Krakajcek Jordan Walsh Skye Peters Ty Anderson Is there a reason why they didnt stay on the show longer? Feel free to add if i've missed any.
  6. Students can leave school after they turn 16 years old if they have an apprenticeship, TAFE course or full time job to go to and have parental consent. Students also receive a Record Of School Achievement (ROSA) at the end of Year 10 which is a qualification that highlights marks and achievements to date. The ROSA replaced the School Certificate in 2012 which was a similar to the HSC in which students had to do a series of exams.
  7. Yeah I understand Judy's POV with the 'going out with the trash' quote, but i think that perceptions is just looking at Ailsa's death as a small arc or one episode of her character. Ailsa's death worked great as it showed she and her body weren't able to cope with all the pressure and stress she had undergone recently. I like to think of it as the stress of re-opening the diner and her arguing with Alf was the straw that broke the camels back, as Ailsa already had 2 major breakdowns in her last few years, lost the diner, her home in the last few months and was very different and cold compared to the 1988 Ailsa we knew for the last 13 years.
  8. I actually think if you look at the sequence of events that lead to Ailsa's demise, being the mudslide and losing her home, the diner fire (and there was something else i can't quite recall at this stage), a heart attack was quite realistic. She had had a horrible time in the end of the 90s/2000 and the whole Shauna saga was very traumatic for her. Could there have been a better build up on the day? Sure. Could they have made an effort about it being something more than just the cardboard boxes she told alf to move? Sure. At the end of the day she didn't have a Beth Hunter or Dan Baker death. There was a climax, and it served it's purpose. Judy wanted to leave, and it propelled storylines for Alf, Duncan and Shauna.
  9. How many sieges have there been at Summer Bay High? I recall one in 2001 with Dani, Brodie and Sally and one in the mid 90s. Have there been any more?
  10. I know approximately half of the season already being developed or shot, but with the 2019 season due to start about a month's time, without giving spoilers, what would you like to see happen? - I'd like to see Leah given some purpose, she's now more pivotal to the show than Sally was as she has been an adult and had plenty of storylines over her 20 years on screen. Perhaps bringing her parents back, and have her take care of them with their old age, or possibly have one of her brothers and their move in with her for a sea change? I think it would be nice for her to also have a mention of what she did with the money she got from selling the land after her house got burnt down. - A re-introduction of a 1990s or 2000s past character. Duncan or Shauna would be perfect, or someone similar could be used to link the show's past and present, as I feel there is a big gap in the cast, with the longest serving characters before Tori is John then Leah. We have seen the standard 3 year contract turnover, and if the morgans leave, I feel HAA is just churning over characters. - Only a few big cliffhangers or heightened episodes. I think the show has lost the magic of having a dramatic cliffhanger as there seems to be a kidnapping or shooting every week. The 2018 cliffhanger has received a real backlash on these forums for not drawing us back in for the new year. If they could replicate something with the same build up as the sink hole episode i think it would allow for higher viewership and impactful story development. - A strong golden couple. I think this needs to develop from the young teens or 20 somethings. Brody and Ziggy were a good contender before Simone came in. What would you like to see?
  11. I think this issue is also down to the fact that the ages are extremely ambiguous, and as a result all the characters are clumped together. Justin is supposed to be 34, yet hangs around with Willow who is 27 (with Dean and Colby the same age). Ben and Maggie are also in their late 30s , and Leah is the same age awell, but, they seem to be aged up in a group with Roo and Maz, unlike Justin. Willow and Justin didn't even raise an eyebrow at the fact he's ten years older with a kid, as opposed to your Cassie and Henk or Don and Maz storylines. Similarly, storylines about friendships with age gaps, like Colleen and Max, or what Leah and Irene previously were worked well as they were based on the mature one receiving advice and the younger one teaching the other new things. But because ages or groups aren't as clear as they have previously been mean that we don't understand who characters are and where they fit in.
  12. Far out the 4th one (and longer male version) is crazy slow. The show should stay with the female vocalist and go with one of the 4 variations of her recording that they have used for the promos over the summer.
  13. I think the writers would have eventually had the characters separate for a period of time. Whether they rekindled their marriage (I'd assume they would) would be up to the logistics of the storyline.
  14. The preview of Tuesday's episode shows another variation of this theme, with the same audio and 3 shots of girls running towards the surf.
  15. I thought the same. Fingers crossed it was just a title card to make time for an extended recap. Also correct me if i'm wrong, but is it Ash and Justin in the title card running into the surf? If so, will this change once they leave?
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