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  1. Hmm the top 10 is very interesting. 2 lovely (or lovable, at least) young men from the current cast - I forgot Ryder and I'm shocked that he and the other current young man are so high! I did not expect this, and thought that Ziggy would outrank these by far. 4 long-running legends from the current cast - I would have liked to see Leah and Maz higher. Although its going to be hard to knock off the longest serving members. 4 long-running legends from the past - Really pleased Don and Pippa still rank so highly. Also stoked that the bay's sweetheart and arguably the biggest
  2. Very surprised Kyle Braxton, Peter Baker and Nick Smith made it so high - all seems very safe characters who didn't have many big memorable stories. Chloe, Sophie and Selina are pretty standard as they were once the face of the show. Was Billie ever a regular? Would love to know who the highest guest cast is.
  3. I think this has become more noticable in recent years, as Leah and Irene nolonger work as a due - they mainly have scenes without the other in the diner, or with Maz who also lacks purpose in the bay.
  4. The lead singer is actually Sia
  5. Episode 7395? Stuck with U by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber
  6. Didn’t Steven mention he was with someone like May-Ling?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. It's interesting to see a young Joel Nash and Trevor Gunson act as uncle and nephew too. I also find it fascinating how much I dislike Louise Crawford in her role as Shelly, but I love almost every other character she's done since. I guess it does come down to the writing alot.
  9. They are both also available on TenPlay for those in Australia.
  10. The main aim of these anniversary or celebration episodes should be - celebrate the milestone with key current characters at the forefront - Showcase the shows rich history through nods to storylines or characters (frequently come through returning characters) and bring in lapsed viewers - make dramatic television and show the actor’s abilities - create compelling stories that push the show forward HAA’s last successful attempt at this was in 2008 and it worked well with the mystery of Sam’s death/Sally’s departure(and various character returns)/Milco story and th
  11. With Neighbour's 35th Anniversary occurring next week, and EastEnder's only last month it is providing a stark contrast to how Home and Away celebrated their 30th anniversary. Home and Away has shied away from celebrating these milestones (episode 7000, character anniversaries such as Leah and Marilyn and the 30th anniversary) due to a fear of being perceived as old. This article explains the contrast in more detail https://www.mediaweek.com.au/mercado-on-tv-neighbours-never-been-better-long-may-it-continue/ However with HAA filing 6 months in advance, and the show being plotted and scrip
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Students can leave school after they turn 16 years old if they have an apprenticeship, TAFE course or full time job to go to and have parental consent. Students also receive a Record Of School Achievement (ROSA) at the end of Year 10 which is a qualification that highlights marks and achievements to date. The ROSA replaced the School Certificate in 2012 which was a similar to the HSC in which students had to do a series of exams.
  14. Yeah I understand Judy's POV with the 'going out with the trash' quote, but i think that perceptions is just looking at Ailsa's death as a small arc or one episode of her character. Ailsa's death worked great as it showed she and her body weren't able to cope with all the pressure and stress she had undergone recently. I like to think of it as the stress of re-opening the diner and her arguing with Alf was the straw that broke the camels back, as Ailsa already had 2 major breakdowns in her last few years, lost the diner, her home in the last few months and was very different and cold compared
  15. I actually think if you look at the sequence of events that lead to Ailsa's demise, being the mudslide and losing her home, the diner fire (and there was something else i can't quite recall at this stage), a heart attack was quite realistic. She had had a horrible time in the end of the 90s/2000 and the whole Shauna saga was very traumatic for her. Could there have been a better build up on the day? Sure. Could they have made an effort about it being something more than just the cardboard boxes she told alf to move? Sure. At the end of the day she didn't have a Beth Hunter or
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