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  1. Ooooh, that's an interesting idea, but sadly I don't think the currently producers would be interested in any sort of prequel/sequel from that era. The story of Matt's brother's death would make an interesting story for a spin-off prequel though and I imagine would be much darker than it would have been had it been done in 1990. Supporting characters in your idea could include any of Alf, Martha, Celia, Lance, Martin, Colleen and Rebecca, and recurring characters like Alison, Walter Bertram, Barbara, Bob Barnett. They were all Summer Bay residents at the time. Keeping the early years theme, I would create "The Flecthers" - a character-driven series that follows Tom and Pippa in the years leading up to them moving to Summer Bay. I am sure they were not always the perfect foster parents - a young Frank and Carly would have been a steep learning curve for them and they would have made mistakes. We could see the Fletcher family grow throughout the series whilst exploring the backstories of the five original foster children in detail, either in flashbacks or in a linear fashion (the latter could only include the weeks/days leading up to them being placed in care though!). The series could also be "padded" out if needed, by including some short-term foster children who came and went before the series began, either under successful or unsuccessful (a la Dodge) circumstances.
  2. I would just like to share a podcast interview I recorded with Suzi Doughtery (Cheryl Braxton). She discusses many of her screen roles and was great to interview. Suzi has nothing but praise for H&A and discusses both her time as both Cheryl and her very early role as Matt and Adam's housemate. This is my first recording and interview, so any feedback, either here or in a message, would be greatly appreciated
  3. Adding a few more to your list: Ken, Charlotte, Jude, Shauna, Lachie, James, Flynn #1 and Kelly. I actually enjoyed the 1997 - 2000, perhaps because it was the era I initially started watching and grew up with, but in hindsight, it does feel like an awkward transition period between what many consider to be the "golden years" (1994 - 1996) and the Sutherland era. I imagine the show was struggling after the loss of big characters like Pippa, Michael, Shane, Angel, Jack, Selina, Shannon and Curtis and the revolving door of replacements (who are all listed above) probably didn't live up to expectations. Contracts must have been done for shorter periods back then, or at least had an "easier" clause which allowed actors to leave or be written out, since short lived regulars were much more common in the early years. Lynn, Floss, Neville, Morag, Viv, Emma, Ben, Karen, Haydn, Simon and Donna to name a few, all lasted a year or less as regulars. We even had odd situations with Greg Benson and Emily Symons were they were added to the opening credits for a few months, then left and were removed, then removed shortly after.
  4. The fostering element of the show was expanded as time went on - Fisher took in Viv, Alf and Ailsa took in Emma, Blake and Karen etc., so Craig could have even been fostered by Celia rather than the Fletchers. I liked Craig too and wouldn't have minded seeing more of him. It was good for Steven to have a male friend to bounce off of too - all his close relationships both with his foster siblings and his regular friendship group were all female. I liked Bob too. It was good to have a recurring policeman who wasn't a regular and he seemed believable for a small town cop. Did we ever find out what happened to him? I know he stopped appearing at some point in 1989 or so, but was he in theory policing the streets of Summer Bay for years later?
  5. You make a good point - we also had characters like Adam, Matt, Marilyn, Grant and Ben who rounded out the early twenty-something cast, taking up space in the cast that foster children could have been. I guess the fostering was more "shared out" rather than centralised at Summer Bay House - Fisher took in Viv and the Stewarts had Emma, Blake, Karen and Simon, presumably to allow relationships between the Fletcher kids and other foster teens to become more acceptable. Summer Bay House fostering picked up again in 1991ish when Pippa married Michael. It was around then that Sophie and Sally became more prominent character and were introduced to Finn, Damien, Sam. Eventually, we got the likes of Selina, Jack, Shannon, Curtis, Chloe etc. Some of us weren't complaining about that Stacey was an interesting one - she had no real purpose after she left the Macklins and Phillip died. She was given random filler storylines like making jewelry out of shells and shoehorned into scenes, and didn't really have any strong connections outside of Andrew Foley and to an extent, Ailsa and Steven. I guess it depends on how you look at it - Lynn left Summer Bay to live with her parents, but she remained in the opening credits for months and only returned for an episode or two. Personally, I view her as having "returned" after leaving. In terms of actors it has just been Frank Lloyd, Justine Clarke, Vanessa Downing and Helena Bozich (depending on how you view your exit), who never returned in some capacity from the original cast.
  6. I've also heard that both Sheila and Frank Lloyd read they were being axed in a TV magazine too I know they were axed so the writers could focus on the younger cast. I know after they left, the younger cast expanded with Marilyn, Adam, Matt, Viv, Emma. Two of them would have replaced Frank and Roo, but that's still an additional three younger characters who were used much more than Neville and Floss were. If you look at the months after Neville and Floss left, many of the older characters were starting to get sidelined. Morag was also axed by the end of 1989, and Ceila, Tom and Pippa all took a fairly lengthy break - Celia went to Europe, Tom recovered from a stroke and Pippa went to care for her sick parent. I don't know if this was the actors' decision to take some time off or the producers decision to "rest them", but even when Tom and Pippa were around, they didn't feel as central as they did in that first year. It became pretty apparent that the most popular characters were Frank, Bobby and Carly, and the writing reflected that pretty quickly. On the other hand, Don's role probably got bigger as the principal of the school, taking in Viv and building a relationship with Bobby.
  7. I don't like Martha. I think it is largely because I struggle to get past the re-writing of history. Martha is pretty much responsible for the Bobby situation and Alf knowing all these years has just tarnished his character and his relationship with Roo and Ailsa.
  8. Some characters are best in small doses and June was one of them. June would have been written out when Norman Coburn quit anyway, so she would have only been around for a few years. I can't see the producers having kept her on without Don.
  9. I was thinking more between the entire period between mid 2001, when Duncan left, through to the arrival of Ric and Martha in late 2004/early 2005. I'd completely forgotten that Seb lived with Alf for a few months after Fisher left. I guess it couldn't have been a memorable relationship.
  10. I forgot about the Austins being related to the Holdens. I guess they felt like a separate entity again though because they lasted so long after Tony and Gina was married to John, who is still around. Would John be the "survivor" of the Austin family then? Since he outstayed Gina, Xavier and Jett. Do we consider Alf a "family survivor"? He lost Ailsa, Duncan and foster son in Mitch in quick succession in the early 2000s. From what I remember, he was on his own after that for a long time after that, but then maybe 3-4 years later, Ric, Martha and Morag came along and he became part of the Summer Bay House family after Flynn died. During the years between his "old" and "new" families, Alf felt a bit like a spare part - I don't really remember him doing much in that time except for the brain tumour storyline. So I guess in that sense, he didn't immediately transition well, but eventually he transitioned seamlessly into a new family at the centre of the show.
  11. Out of those mentioned, I'd say Sally. She made the transition from foster child, to share house (first with Vinnie and Jesse, then with Leah, Shauna/Charlotte and Gypsy) and finally, starting a family with Flynn. From what I saw of the late 2000s, Tony seemed to stay relevant by transitioning from the large Hunter-Holden step family into a marriage with Rachel.
  12. A few I can think of: Donald Fisher would have actually done a stint in prison after being wrongly accused and charged for murdering Matt's brother. H&A has been known for its short marriages in recent years (i.e. Nate and Ricki, VJ and Billie, Colby and Chelsea), so many of the broken engagements would have actually been short-lived marriages: Lance and Marilyn would have married before he ran off to join the army a few weeks later. Frank would have found out about Roo's baby after he said 'I do'. Phillip and Stacey would have married days before he was killed. Gary Samuels death would have actually been a murder and several of the characters would have covered it up to avoid Carly going to prison. A few characters would have been trapped inside the burning General Store and in edge-of-your-seat drama, only escape at the last second. Villains like Danny Farnsworth and Dodge would have been even more creepier and evil - they were creepy enough, but I imagine if they targeting the 2021 cast, what we see on screen would be more explicit and dark.
  13. I think that pretty much sums it up and I guess it depends on the individual. 2000 was definitely the biggest change for me. The huge cast and set changes, the arrival of the Sutherlands and the revamped theme tune and opening titles. The 2004 finale didn't feel like the end of an era at the time, but it definitely was. At the time, I viewed it more as the start of a new one, since Sally was instilled at Summer Bay House and fostered Ric, so it felt like the show had come full circle and was ready to return to its roots. Pretty much as soon as 2005 opened though, we had the fire at The Palace, the Stalker etc. I kept ploughing on for a few months, but Chloe's needless death was the final straw for me. I dipped in and out of the show after that, only tuning in for the "event episodes", such as Flynn's death, Mariyln's return, Sally's departure etc., but I didn't really watch anything after Sally left, so I don't really know what the post-Sally years felt like. I didn't come back on board as a viewer until 2013ish, around the time the Maguires arrive.
  14. Yes, it depends when the individual views the ending of "classic H&A". For me, it ended in 2000 with the arrival of the Sutherlands, the loss of the original Diner and Stewart house and the departure of a heap of characters of the course of late 1999 - late 2000. I kept watching until mid 2005, but it had a different vibe. I've heard others say it ended with the arrival of the Braxtons and others, like you, say it ended with Sally leaving.
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  17. I consider them "originals". There is a famous cast photo from 1988 that is used all the time at anniversaries etc. Celia and Roo are the only ones that did not appear in the pilot and Lance, Martin and Don were not added to the credits for several months, but they are all "originals" to me. Celia had a fairly lengthy absence in 1989 when she went to Europe. It was upon her return that Celia felt sidelined in my opinion.
  18. Oh that's good! And a bonus that he still has the connection to Roo
  19. I do. I pop onto that site every now when I want to find out what episode something happened. It is a far more useful H&A resource for episode numbers, dates and character info than Wikipedia.
  20. Absolutely love this show! Although she wasn't an early years cast member, Sonia Todd (Gina Austin) had an early-career role as a police officer in one episode. She returns Maggie's handbag to the house after Maggie is mugged. Robert Baxter (Bob Barnett) played a postman in one episode too. I can't remember the episode, but Maggie is already standing out in the street shouting at Arthur as he is driving away when the postman shows up.
  21. I assume Celia was a Doris replacement, since she neither appeared or was mentioned in the pilot and they were both busybody characters. I guess Doris could have always popped up in a guest role as one of Celia's cronies or as a rival though..
  22. Casey lived with Donald and Marilyn from memory
  23. Don Fisher has had a few mentions in recent years. When Marilyn had her amnesia and again, when he had a fall and Alf either visited or was planning to visit him? But then Morag were still making appearances at those point. But yeah, not since Martha arrived have any of them been mentioned. The show rarely does throwaway references to characters from the pre-Braxton era, so I doubt we will ever get updates on Rebecca or the Fletchers as long as the current producers are running things. Even any children of Rebecca's wouldn't have any reason to live with Rebecca's cousin and uncle though... It was a mistake not giving Duncan older children in my opinion. I suggested in another thread that Duncan could have fathered some other children during his younger years, when he was "off the rails" in the city. Or maybe Jade Sutherland was pregnant with his child when she left in 2004. It would be a bit of a retcon, but a far less insulting one than the Martha one in my opinion
  24. From memory, he went back to practicing after Charlotte Adams died.
  25. Maybe Grace will, if Penny MacNamee stays long enough? She would be about 18 months now, so she'd be close to being our fifth longest-running baby (after VJ, Duncan, Chris and Pippa). I was really hoping Jett would become the new Sam/Sally. I know he was a bit older when he was introduced, but given John and Marilyn are still on the show, the producers were in a prime position to always have stories for him. It was a shame Will wanted to leave after his 3 years. You can't blame him, but it's still disappointing for the fans. At least we still get him back for guest stints every now and then
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