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Who do you think is the most mature Braxton?.



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I think Kyle is the most mature Braxton overall. The reason for this is because of his background with being fostered during his teenage years and also obtaining an education in the process. Kyle's influence with reasonable people like his foster parents and obtaining an education has helped him mature faster than the other brothers in my opinion as he's knowledgeable, intelligent and very level-headed in most situations. At times Kyle has shown to have displayed moments of stupidity such as being involved with Ricky when she was working with Adam and torturing Casey in the desert a few years back but generally he's always been the calmer brother out of the other three brother.

Following Kyle I think Brax and Heath are neck and neck with one another. A few years ago, Brax would have been so far ahead of Heath that it was unimaginable that Heath would ever mature the way he has in the last few years. Brax has life experience and is the oldest of the Braxton brothers so naturally he would be more mature than Casey for instance. However in saying that, Brax has recently been quite evasive of several things such as discussing the possibility of a pregnancy with Ricky and avoiding work and relying on Kyle to do most of the work at Angelos. So at times, Brax has shown to be very immature in certain situations like this.

Heath's character development in the past few years has been tremendous. Three years ago, he had no direction, no structure in his life and was prone to being involved in sticky situations but since meeting Bianca and being a father to Darcy and Harley, Heath has been forced to mature and to act as a good role model to his children. He's become more responsible, much more level-headed than he has in previous times and now has a stable job and income in the process. Heath's maturity has been rapid and appears to be rapidly occurring. I think Heath may be even a little ahead of Brax now which is amazing considering the way he was in 2011.

Out of the four brothers, I still feel that Casey is the least mature but naturally this would be the case as he is the youngest brother, but for his age Casey has matured quite a lot from a few years ago with now a full-time job and obtaining the HSC even under different circumstances. So therefore my ranking in terms of the most mature to least mature is:

1). Kyle

2). Heath

3). Brax

4). Casey

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I voted for Kyle, I think on the whole he has his head screwed on and is less prone to go off half-cocked than the others.The other three are a curious mixture:Heath has a fairly childlike personality but is also possibly the most inclined to step up and be mature, Brax tends to look out for the others but also makes emotional decisions which can make a situation worse, Casey can be level-headed but also has a short fuse and tends to rely on Brax a bit too much at times.

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