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  1. I was watching the promo trailer earlier and thinking the same thing. In 2019, the end of the first week of October for Australia (ending in Tori having the baby and then having a seizure) was the last thing we saw in the UK in late-November before pausing until January, so the timing would fit.
  2. Why would you want to catch up with Aus pace on 5 Star when Australia have an even longer break over Christmas than we do, and unlike in 2013 when they had a 5 week break in UK summer and showed selected episodes from each of the first 25 years of Home and Away then showed episodes from 2000 for a couple of months, this no longer happens and instead we get Friends or something for that 6 weeks at Christmas. I can't be that bothered with Friends when I have it on boxset anyway, so I switch off after Neighbours in that break If I HAVE to have a 2 month break but can only watch episodes from after the switch to Channel 5, show me Fisher running into Marilyn in London, show me the reunion episodes from 2002 (and not just parts that are Kirsty and Kane-focussed - I want Blake and Sophie reuniting, Frank and Steven meeting Flynn, I want Sam and Seb in the same room).
  3. I'd LOVE to read those books, especially the one for Carly and Steven. And I've also heard that it's mentioned in the books that Tom was fostered as a child himself (which I don't remember being mentioned in the show). But these books aren't easy to find these days.
  4. I watched a few episodes from when Wendy's son Nelson was around last night, and I was wondering what happened to him after he left to go to the burns unit. Fin seems to be the only relative of Irene's to get a mention these days.
  5. When Sophie asked Sally stuff about being fostered in early 1990, Sally mentioned that there were two short-term foster children called Darren and Kelly. They could have been more like Lynn and able to go back to their families or found other relatives later on. If they'd been unsuccessful, Sally might have made negative comments about them.
  6. Since starting to watch the early years, I've wondered about a prequel mini-series from 1982 period when Alan, Bobby, Roo and Matt were in year 6 together. That was also the year that Matt's brother Shane was murdered by Al Simpson (but Fisher thought he'd done it). And Shane had been comforting Bobby after she'd been hit by Simpson.
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  9. I've been watching through 1991 and spotted Dieter playing a character called Alex who was involved in a fight with Blake and Haydn. The character was one of the students coming from the merger of Mangrove River High and Summer Bay High that year, so 20 years before the River Boys, there was Dieter Brummer playing someone from Mangrove River and then the introduction of Tug as the first regular character from Mangrove River from the following year.
  10. In the Summer Bay sesquicentary celebrations/Mirigini disaster episodes, Floss had given Charlotte a card reading, and partway through, there had been a bang due to something Don had done, and then when Charlotte was ready to continue, Floss was suddenly like "Sorry, I've lost the connection. It happens like that sometimes." Then after Charlotte went back to talk to Jude, Frank asked Floss what had got her rattled - it's detailed on this page: https://www.backtothebay.net/episodesarchive/scripts/2002/3282.shtml
  11. In late 1996 when Sally was missing, Steven was talking to Kelly about the rest of original kids that came to Summer Bay with Tom and Pippa, and he said "I don't know where she is" about Lynn. However, I'm sure I saw an episode from late 1994 where Pippa was telling either Jack or Damian about sending Christmas presents out and I think Lynn was someone she named in that list.
  12. Ari, short for Ariki according to the caption in this photo that Rob Kipa-Williams posted when Ari first appeared https://www.instagram.com/p/B5XfTBbJLJ-/?hl=en
  13. These articles seem a bit clickbait-y and claim that the UK is "months behind Australia". We're ONE MONTH behind Australia. That's just 4 weeks of episodes. 20 episodes (now 19). 19 weeks from now is early December. We should be back in line with Australia by early December. This has probably been carefully planned so if something big is planned over Christmas, the UK will be able to see it the same day. Also, Channel 5 has involvement with the creative decisions for Neighbours, and apparently can include it in its quota of "home-grown content", and there has also been the additional Neighbours late-night specials that have been in collaboration with Channel 5.
  14. This aired in Australia a month or two after Channel 5 started up again from mid-2000, but it didn't air in the UK for another whole year (summer holidays in 2002). I don't know if I saw the London episodes at the time, but the Fisher and Seb storyline happened just before that, and I distinctly remember seeing a flashback of Alan's death and of when Seb came off his surfboard and Nick had to rescue him, as well as something in the Guardian TV Guide about Nick meeting Atomic Kitten.
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