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  1. I love Bobby, but the time when Bobby made fun of Carly eating, then took Carly's skirt and asked Ailsa to take it in a few inches, claiming that Carly had discarded it, before putting it back with Carly's clothes really annoys me because that feels like a really 1988 Bobby move to make. There were times in 1988 when Bobby and Steven had their little running club thing when they implied that Carly could do with coming with them, and I feel like Bobby doing that to the skirt in 1988 would have made more sense and it could have led to an eating disorder storyline for Carly. But I feel like
  2. I haven't got that far yet so I don't know about the pace of Bobby and Greg's relationship, but there was about 80 episodes between Frank finally seeing Bobby in a romantic way (episode 163-164) and their wedding (episode 243), and they got engaged about midway between.
  3. "I mean, I remember there was this one man, I think his name was Bob something and he had all these amazing concerts and with the money he raised, he bought hundreds and hundreds of Band-Aids and sent them over to Africa."
  4. Yes, I was basing that on Donald mentioning in 2002 to Sam and Seb that Rebecca had had a baby boy, so the age would be around the same.
  5. I've only got as far as March 1990, so I don't know about Frank's return in 1991 and I can't really tell about Frank's behaviour towards women and relationships in his 2000 and 2002 returns, but in 1988-1989, he does come across as sexist and I finally decided that Bobby was "mature" enough for him after Alan died and then literally goes after her at that party Alan wanted for after he died, i.e. when she would have been feeling vulnerable. Then he proposed just to try to get Bobby to remember him after she was attacked by Gary's men. Then he wasn't keen on her going to university and wanted
  6. Story Title: The Wave Crests of Fishers Past Type of story: Short/long fic (undecided) Main Characters: Alan Nash, Ryder Jackson, Dean Thompson, Alf Stewart, Martha Stewart, Roo Stewart, Marilyn Chambers, others BTTB rating: G Genre: General. Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: No Summary: Over 20 years after Rebecca and Travis Nash sailed away from Summer Bay, their 18 year old son comes to stay with the Stewarts and experience the beaches of where his family grew up. Chapter One The Surf Club Dean Thompson was checking his To-Do list for the day.
  7. Viv had been abused for years at home, couldn't really do things with friends like normal teenage girls did, and having a boyfriend would have been out of the question. With Donald, Viv felt safe and secure for the first time. She had begun to settle in, make friends, have a steady boyfriend, and just generally have fun. Donald being charged with murder threatened that sense of security, and Steven had also brought the experience to the table of his ex Sandra having to go into fostercare after her dad was charged with murder, her having to move to the city, and then losing contact with
  8. I'm definitely not a fan of early days Frank, and I don't know if there's enough of him in 2000-2002 to make any judgement on him maturing as a person, but I think he could be mature enough now for Roo to give him some consideration. Where is this interview with Alex Papps? After Sally's non-wedding, Carly says that she was "such a cow to Bobby" (which may have been true in 1988, but they seem to get friendlier towards each other as they get older), but Pippa disagrees with her.
  9. I suppose we have to assume that Steve is still with Selina seeing as Irene hasn't mentioned her in years, even though they seemed fairly close (but maybe not as close as with Will, Hayley and Nick, who don't get mentioned either) and she took Irene's surname. I don't think Roo has mentioned the early 1990s split from Frank at any point in the 10+ years since she returned. I don't think Frank mentioned Roo or any other partner during his 2000 and 2002 returns, so I was assuming he has remained single. And I don't think Martha, Alf, etc. mentioned Roo being in any relationship while Mart
  10. I haven't properly got that far yet, but I skipped ahead to Steven's 1991 departure episodes a while ago and Marilyn had passed the HSC too (unlike Roo, Carly and Matt two years earlier) and Bobby had commented that Marilyn could get into Law with those marks, but like Bobby, she didn't know what she would have done at university and Adam didn't seem keen on her going either. I don't know if that counts as her getting "serious", but she seemed keen on educating herself.
  11. In his return in 2007, did Donald make any reference to Rebecca? His return then would have been filmed after Belinda Emmett's death.
  12. I'm not sure about later on, but there's a clip I've seen from 1996 (before the wedding) where Rebecca called Marilyn "thick as two short planks" and Donald was definitely not very pleased about that. He told Rebecca that "can't see past her own snobbery", she doesn't think about anyone but herself and after she got upset about that, he tells her about how he feels about Marilyn, quoting She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron.
  13. So it's now been a couple of months since I watched that storyline, but I think the men in the cast who mattered were very supportive of Carly. Frank and Steven were urging her to tell the police or Tom and Pippa (while Bobby and Lynn voted against it because that's what Carly wanted). Tom got into a fight with Sam Barlow over his comments about Carly, and Lance and Martin were definitely on Carly's side too. Admittedly, Fisher made it very clear that he thought that Carly hitchhiking was a terrible idea. And then when Gary was around and Carly thought that he was her attacker, Steven
  14. Was Viv supposed to be some kind of "stand-in" for Rebecca? In early 1989, Rebecca (when she was being played by Jane Hall) came to stay for a few weeks, got to know Bobby, mourned Alan's death, and spent too much time with Steven for Fisher's liking. Viv was then taken in by Fisher and then also got into a relationship with Steven, but with the freedom of not being Fisher's piano genius daughter. Would he have tried "the birds and the bees" talk with Rebecca if she had stuck around? Would Fisher have tried to stop Steven from getting more serious with Rebecca? What would Bobby ha
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