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  1. Both of them are teachers, but Chris' husband is a better PE teacher than Jeff Samuels could ever be?
  2. I don't know if I'd have the Stewarts and Marilyn moved out of Summer Bay House, and I'm not sure who I'd displace to have them in a familiar house. I feel like Christopher's husband would be the Aaron Brennan of the relationship (from the 2003 episodes, Christopher seems like the quieter kind) and would totally be the one to walk Christopher to work and kiss him in public (in front of their foster kids and other students, maybe?). I'm thinking about the episode where Tom has just shown Pippa the cradle for the first time and then there's a power cut, and then it sounds like he could be
  3. I've only seen this storyline through a few clips on YouTube because I hadn't quite started watching Home and Away full-time yet (although I do remember seeing Sally and Flynn's wedding which must have been around the same time), but there was a storyline in 2003 where Christopher Fletcher nearly kissed Seb Miller and then came out as gay. But he was only around as a guest character for Sally and Flynn's wedding and then he disappeared again with Pippa. On Neighbours, David Tanaka, the son of an original character (Paul Robinson, although this wasn't brought into Neighbours canon until 2
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  5. Favourites are a mix of Tori, Flynn and Rachel.
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  7. I never weighed in on this at the time, but it's been nearly 5 years and I'm still bitter(?) over the fact that I cried A LOT over Josh Willis' death on Neighbours (which was aired a month before both in Australia and in the UK, and was sort of the matching storyline where two members of the same family, including a twin, get killed off following an explosion) and I remember expecting to cry over Oscar's death because he's one of my favourite characters of all time, but then I had no tears WHATSOEVER about it (death's I've cried at include Flynn's and Robbo's). In comparison to the emotio
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I've started to watch Home and Away from the very beginning in the past fortnight and just got to Kerry Barlow's death, and there has been Steven knocking Sam Barlow to the ground when blocking Barlow from punching him and him describing it as "flattening Barlow" and then I think there are more incidents to come with Steven knocking people to the ground with his karate moves. And I'd also watched some 1995 scenes with the final showdown between Steven and Dodge, and he was definitely angry. I adore Steven so far (I wish he had found Sandra when they'd grown up because they were cute with
  10. I'm a bit late to this, but it was definitely on the first episode of the Secrets and the City DVD (which I happened to rewatch for the first time in years 2 weeks ago). I managed to find the episode number too - 3391 - https://www.backtothebay.net/episodes/2002/episode-3391/
  11. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what Kate Garven is up to these days? I'm asking because I know that Christie Hayes is still acting (she said in an interview a few months ago about a film called The Dress) and is pregnant with her second child, and Tammin Sursok is still acting (Pretty Little Liars) and has an adorable toddler called Phoenix (seen her Instagram), but other than what Wikipedia says, I haven't heard anything about Kate.
  12. So I was looking for a different thread in the characters/actors section and stumbled upon this. Why did they then have to ruin it for us in 2010-2011? Also, why did they have to make Will into a criminal who'd cheated on Gypsy?
  13. ​Haha, I didn't know about it either until I actually realised I'm asexual and started reading more about it. I asked my mum what she thought about the idea of Oscar being gay, and she said "He has other problems, but he's always been running after Maddy." People who are gay can be involved in heterosexual relationships before they question their sexuality and find they could be gay, can't they? Or he could be bisexual?
  14. For a long time, I disliked that Oscar followed Maddy everywhere, and in a way, I still do. Maddy was so selfish and didn't really seem to care about the consequences of her actions for so long. She stole from Roo. She used and slept with Oscar as a way to get back at Evie and Josh. She played some sort of part in Oscar's body image issues. She was so annoying and unapologetic about her actions. She also wouldn't get over Josh. Then somewhere between the beginning of the cancer storyline and her running away to the city, I started to warm to them being friends. To me, Oscar is still a w
  15. May I ask why you disliked Maddy when she thought she was pregnant? I know there are some people who lie that they're pregnant to manipulate people, but Maddy was actually told by Nate that she was pregnant, or at the very least, was displaying signs of being pregnant. I dislike her when she's being a brat, but I'm softening to her being friends with Oscar (my favourite character) as long as she doesn't hurt him.
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