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  1. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what Kate Garven is up to these days? I'm asking because I know that Christie Hayes is still acting (she said in an interview a few months ago about a film called The Dress) and is pregnant with her second child, and Tammin Sursok is still acting (Pretty Little Liars) and has an adorable toddler called Phoenix (seen her Instagram), but other than what Wikipedia says, I haven't heard anything about Kate.
  2. So I was looking for a different thread in the characters/actors section and stumbled upon this. Why did they then have to ruin it for us in 2010-2011? Also, why did they have to make Will into a criminal who'd cheated on Gypsy?
  3. ​Haha, I didn't know about it either until I actually realised I'm asexual and started reading more about it. I asked my mum what she thought about the idea of Oscar being gay, and she said "He has other problems, but he's always been running after Maddy." People who are gay can be involved in heterosexual relationships before they question their sexuality and find they could be gay, can't they? Or he could be bisexual?
  4. For a long time, I disliked that Oscar followed Maddy everywhere, and in a way, I still do. Maddy was so selfish and didn't really seem to care about the consequences of her actions for so long. She stole from Roo. She used and slept with Oscar as a way to get back at Evie and Josh. She played some sort of part in Oscar's body image issues. She was so annoying and unapologetic about her actions. She also wouldn't get over Josh. Then somewhere between the beginning of the cancer storyline and her running away to the city, I started to warm to them being friends. To me, Oscar is still a wonderful and loyal character (loyalty goes a long way with me), and he has been a loyal friend to support Maddy through her treatment, with and without being in a relationship with her. Can't we agree that Pink Ted was so cute (what's happened to Pink Ted anyway?) and Oscar is the most adorable character in a while (I can't watch a scene with him without squealing or going "awwwww")? I'd really hate for Maddy to go back to her old ways and I'm not entirely on board with them being together as a couple again, but I can bear for them to be friends now (I couldn't last year). ​Yeah, this is a shame. I'd say that Oscar is the character who would be most suitable were H&A to go down the route of a character coming out as gay, but I don't know if I want that (and also then introduce another strong male character to eventually be his partner) or the introduction of a girl like Tasha or April (or Peta, if we go back even further) who is plainer and would go quite nice with him. As an ace myself, I'd like asexuality to be explored on something like H&A, and Oscar would also be ideal for that. But how would they portray it in a sustained way? Even if Oscar was asexual, they could still explore if he was heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, panromantic, polyromantic or aromantic (or anything else on the romantic spectrum). But would they also need to introduce a new romantic interest who respects that sex isn't really on the table? Cos sex seems to be a big thing with these teens when it doesn't need to be. Just a question.
  5. May I ask why you disliked Maddy when she thought she was pregnant? I know there are some people who lie that they're pregnant to manipulate people, but Maddy was actually told by Nate that she was pregnant, or at the very least, was displaying signs of being pregnant. I dislike her when she's being a brat, but I'm softening to her being friends with Oscar (my favourite character) as long as she doesn't hurt him.
  6. I've not read all of what's going on here, but I just REALLY want the 2000-2003 credits back with The Robertson Brothers on vocals. That was my introduction to the show when I started watching, and I loved it like that. I could learn actor's names without needing to look online.
  7. I have spent my year mainly disliking Maddy for being a brat and then liking her friendship with Oscar (as long as she doesn't take advantage of him, I'll just roll with it), but this video kinda made me feel sorry for her. She has no relationship AT ALL with Spencer at the moment. They don't even seem to be friends. They've both been going through a lot recently, but I haven't even seen them talking. I haven't seen much of Spencer with Oscar, Josh and Evie recently either though, but this video kinda brought it home for Spencer and Maddy.
  8. Oops, I should have been a bit more clear. Harley Bonner wasn't in the Most Popular Male Talent list. He was in the Silver and Gold Logie lists. Whereas Jake was in NONE of the lists. Neither was Philippa Northeast (Evie). Kassandra Clementi (Maddy), Jackson Gallagher (Josh), Charlie Clausen (Zac) and Cassie Howarth (Hannah) were all in the Silver and Gold lists and Jessica Grace Smith (Denny) was in the Most Popular New Talent list (but she only came at the beginning of 2014 so she DEFINITELY counts). I think Oscar is the best recent addition (along with Josh, he's my favourite character) in a while. I get annoyed by his hanging around Maddy as well, but I'm increasingly being "Awwww" over his loyalty to her. He's a truly lovely character, and you can't say that often. And yeah, I agree that he needs to have more stuff with Zac and Denny. Most of his stuff with Zac lately was when he was having problems at community service and exercising loads and rebelling a little then.
  9. Why can't Jake Speer be eligible to be nominated for Most Popular New Talent? He only came in as Oscar in September 2013 and didn't really get much of a chance to shine until 2014. I'm just feeling really disappointed that he's not in any of the Logie nomination lists, while Neighbours' Harley Bonner (who I don't really like) is in the lists. I'm also annoyed that as a UK viewer, I can't vote > Can we give Jake Speer an honorary Logie please?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I was so glad to see Oscar seem happy in episodes 5999-6000, and his offering of advice based on his counselling sessions to Zac. It was adorable and he reminded me so much of Dex and Edward (Dunglass) in a way, not that I know why. But I'm now wondering where his storyline will go ... :/
  12. I think we're seeing a pattern here. Home and Away seem to always touch the subject of mental health issues (i.e. bulimia, anxiety, etc) and things like dyslexia, but then they seem to not exist a few months later. And these types of storylines are really few and far between anyway. On the other hand, alcohol storylines are featured most years. My first memory of an alcohol storyline was Kit Hunter's. Imagine the number of alcohol storylines since then. Jesse. Dan Baker(?) Lucas (kinda). Casey. Zac. I have 3 memories of eating disorder storylines (Jade in 2001 - I only know of this through YouTube clips, Matilda in 2006, and Melody in 2008). I have 2 memories of characters with dyslexia (Seb and Casey). But this storyline is the first I've seen in just over ten years of watching Home and Away full-time in which a character has had an anxiety disorder (although it seems that both Dex and Casey have had panic attacks before). When I was younger, Home and Away was my first time of learning about some things (when Kit was heavily dependent on alcohol, I was at an age young enough to not know about the dangers of alcohol), but it's not been that good for learning about other things. Maybe Lucy and Louise should stop with the Braxton/Barrett focus, drugs/alcohol focus, and bring some more focus on mental health. Teach to a new generation perhaps? End of rant.
  13. Actually, when Spencer came to visit Oscar in hospital and they spoke, that was a form of mentioning Spencer's bipolar. But I don't think it was explicitly mentioning bipolar.
  14. That's true, but I think people are saying that Josh's difficulties with studying are possibly linked to Casey's dyslexia. And Heath and Casey are the managers of the gym. I highly doubt that Heath would take the responsibility to manage the books. It would be good if we saw Oscar's counsellor or if Leah had regular meetings with him (as she's the school counsellor) to check on him. On Neighbours, we still have recurring references to Imogen Willis' bulimia storyline with mentions of seeing her counsellor or completing her food diary. And this is over 6 months later. If they can still do that more than 6 months later than the main storyline, so can Home and Away. And I loved Jake Speer's acting in this storyline. I'm also shocked by Evie and their friends being so uninvolved with this storyline. You had Evie and Spencer involved for that one episode where Oscar was taken to hospital after the courtcase, but otherwise, it's only been Zac, Hannah, Andy, Nate, Sophie and Leah involved. And John a bit as well.
  15. This is different though because for the past month, Oscar has been having recurring panic attacks, and this is the storyline that has made him grow as a character. It wouldn't have fit as a long-term thing for Casey, but it does really well for Oscar. I hope they mention it in the future.
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