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Michael Ross - Dennis Coard

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It is 17 years ago, so it doesn't mean that shyongirl is a relatively new viewer to this show...

I started to watch the show a few seasons before that, but I missed it some periods now and then... And I hardly remember him... But I do consider myself as a longtime viewer of this show. 17 years is a very long time in tv-land.

I really can't stand that some of the posters on this site, just think about fans who watched it the first 3-4 years as longtime fans.... Even if you had watched it for 10 years I would have said that you are a longtime viewer.

It seem to me that this site has two groups of fans who constantly fight against each other. One group who only care about the first few years, and the characters who were popular at that time, and those who have started to watch the show during the past couple of years (Braxton era). But no group are more a more worthy viewer than the other.

And what about all the years in between that, we are talking about 15-18 years of storyines in between the first era (1988-1995) and the Braxton era from 2011... That is a very long time. A lot of fans came along at that time too, and we are still watching! Please don't forget about the late 90's or the 2000's. These years and their fans are just as important to the show as the very old ones and the new ones. Because we are long time viewers too... I have no plans to stop watching even if I started to watch in 1994-5 season.

Longtime viewers can be "created" in all eras of the show, if the writers are good enough to keep our interest in the show. And all kinds of fans are important for the show's survival. (sorry for my bad English).

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You make some good points. I can't say that some one who had watched the show for just 10 years in a long term fan though. People are talking a lot about the first three to four years because they are being repeated. When the late 90s are being repeated I'm sure people will talk about them more.

We all enjoy different eras of the bay and thats a good thing. But people who have watched the show from the beginning and all the way through do have more of an understanding of the show as a whole. And when you hear comments like "I miss the old days, its not as good now Belle, Lucas and Drew have left" just makes me laugh. Because they are the viewers who started watching it then and to them it is long ago and so think of those characters as the best as they were probably around they same age. Though I could be generalising.

Most long term fans do find it strange that someone can call themselves a long time viewer and never even watched it with Fisher or Ailsa in it, and thats just the way it is.

Maybe its more to do with the characters. If you had watched it for five years you would know everything there is ever to know about Gina. So in the way you are a long term fan. But you would also of only known Marilyn from her latest stint which means there is an awful lot to learn about her character and what she's done so that you don't know. Also, If you compare Irene's last 10 years to her first, all her then you will hardly know anything about her life even if you have watched the show for 10 years. Her children, her sister, her ex-husband, her insecurities and why. No, to call yourself a long term fan you need to know all the characters in the current show in their entirety.

But back to Michael. I never thought of him as such a tool first time around but he is rather annoying atm. He still has a lot of good points. I said in another post that I can't help comparing him to Tom and wondering how he would deal with the issues. But he is his own character in his own right and I'm glad the made them so different but not too different. And just to make another point. Just because you didn't watch it while he was in it, Michael was in it for a long six years so he is still one of the most longest serving characters and was at the heart of show and last mentioned in 2008. A big part of Sally's life too, so if you call your self a fan, you should really know who he his.

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I never saw Michael on NZ screens when I watched pieces and bits of Home and Away back in the 1990s. I just saw video clips of him that's all :) I didn't show any interest in the show back in the 1990s until mid-2005/early 2006. I just watch video clips of older episodes in the 90s or early 2000s. Had been a fan of the show for 8/7 years now...

Okay sorry for going off-topic, lol! Let's get back to the topic about Michael :)

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I very much like Michael, even when he's in the wrong. I think he is a good guy who's heart is always in the right place, even when he does go about things in a very questionable manner sometimes.

He's much more realistic than Tom in my opinion, who was like someone out of the Brady Bunch: "Now kids what lesson have we learned today?". Micheal's more real because he's flawed.

It's much more interesting to watch someone like Michael who tries to get it right and fails, than Tom who was just Mr Perfect Father Figure. But Tom very much suited the original premise of the show. Anyway I don't want to turn this into a Tom v Michael thread because as Blaxland 89 says, they are their own characters. It is about time Michael had his own thread!

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Michael has really grown on me in the last year. Its nice to see a character who isn't perfect (like Tom) and has flaws.

Spitting up Blake and Hayden was a bad idea but you could see his perceptive in the matter. Though personally I think Hayden has needed Blake to make him have more personalty

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No, to call yourself a long term fan you need to know all the characters in the current show in their entirety.

Seeing as how we have two characters that have been there since the first episodes and another that came in mid-1989, that's rather narrowing the field down.

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