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  1. My old school now has girls and boys wearing the same uniform - shirt/jumper/trousers. Probably its way of dealing with the girls pushing the envelope regarding skirt lengths. Pale northern hemisphere skin and navy skirts/socks is not a good look
  2. Would it be OK to upload them to somewhere like imgur and post links? I'd love to see them.
  3. Another one from the early years is Dale Ross's cot death. I remember that making a big impression on me at the time. It won the 1993 Australian Film Institute award for Best Episode in a Television Drama Serial.
  4. Agreed. Especially as it is a show that has changed dramatically over its lifetime. The writers/powers that be have always played fast and loose with the facts anyway. It's a show that lives in the now and you wouldn't want to get too hung up over the details. And having seen other TV shows unsuccessfully try to bring back older, well-loved characters, I think it's better to leave most of them in the past. Does anyone know if there is an archive or person on the production staff who keeps tabs on what's going on? Or do they just wing it?
  5. It was mentioned early on - perhaps even in the pilot. Either Tom or Pippa said he no longer woke up in the middle of the night screaming. Perhaps there were further references to it but I could have missed them.
  6. Matt Wilson was another one. There used to be a joke that he went into the store-room to get some sugar and never came back. My memory's a bit hazy but Andrew Foley and Stacey Macklin left very quickly too. Neither made it to the opening credits but they were there for quite a while.
  7. That's right. It wasn't the only time Sally had a connection to Silent Night. Way back in 1990, she sang Silent Night when they turned on the Christmas lights in the caravan park. I never mind when TV shows celebrate Christmas and it's shown at random times of the year in other parts of the world. It "grounds" these sorts of TV shows. Christmas in Australia is very different to where I live so it's fun to see people talking about summer holidays while we're living through grey days when the sun barely bothers to rise.
  8. That would've been amusing There's a school in England that used to have its school uniform identical to Summer Bay High. I think the kids voted for it at some stage. You can still see a small photo of it on their homepage https://www.bramdeanschool.co.uk/ They seem to have made changes to it since, though.
  9. The cut off dress with trousers is definitely pushing the envelope. My old school was relatively liberal when it came to us making adjustments to our uniforms. The socks over the knee would've been OK (I quite like the stripy socks one) but they'd have drawn the line at the cutoff dress/top. It's surprising that they've kept that uniform for 30 years now. It, and Alf, seem to be the two constants on the show.
  10. Haha, and who'd blame her? In the decade she lived in Summer Bay she buried 2 husbands, her infant son and a foster daughter. If she continued on in that vein, she'd have been wise to buy some shares in the local undertaker's.
  11. Yep... Yep, believe it or not the uniform was blue in the early days. I don't know when exactly it changed over but it was within the first few hundred episodes.
  12. The impression I get is that there were numerous reasons that led to the decision, rather than one big one. She suffered a couple of miscarriages while she was still on H&A (wonder how they'd have written a real-life pregnancy into H&A if Pippa was a widow at the time?) and might've decided she needed to live a quieter life for a while. It might well have been the right decision to make too, seeing as she had her son afterwards. And perhaps decided she wanted to lay down roots in the countryside nearer to where she grew up and raise her family there. There probably wasn't a lot to hold her and Dennis in Sydney apart from her job. With him being already gone from the show, it probably made it that bit easier to quit. And yes, that coma storyline seemed to go on forever!
  13. I haven't seen it for a while (so my memory may be fooling me) but I thought the bush fire started by Jack was well done. Not just the fire itself but the aftermath. Donald losing his precious photos of Bobby, Jack realising what he'd done..
  14. Long term actors quit TV shows all the time. It's part and parcel of the business. If you bring "anger" in to it, you'll have a list as long as your arm of actors who left, despite them wanting them to stay. You don't think Judy writing at every spare moment and being more enthusiastic about about being an author might have irked them? Have you ever worked with someone who was emotionally absent from their job? Someone going through the motions but has their mind elsewhere. I have and it's a pain in the ass. I think that is why they gave her such an "out with the trash" demise. Bye bye Judy. You can write your books all day now without having it spoiled by being required to act.
  15. If you go by that logic, they must spend a lot of their time being angry at actors who quit.
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