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  1. I liked him on H&A too and feel he was underused. He never had a killer storyline as such, did he? I found his romance with the cop a bit tiresome tbh. According to Wikipedia "The serial's producers tempted McLachlan with a contract that would allow him to also concentrate on his music career while filming". Wikipedia isn't always the most reliable source but it might explain some of why he never got any killer storylines really. I liked him and Bobby together and think it would've been nice to put those two together. She has more chemistry with him than with Greg and they were fun together. So who was H&A's next hunk who fell into that age bracket?
  2. Ah, now there's that eternal conundrum! Though to be fair, if the genders were to be switched around you'd still wonder was the age gap a bit too much? A teenage schoolkid going out with an older person who is in a different place in their life. Marilyn had done a lot of living by this point - what age was she then? 21, 22? It's a pity they never got to properly have a go at the Haydn/Marilyn thing when he came back a few years later. That would've been more interesting because the pair of them had already accumulated quite a bit of baggage in their lives. Looking at those old episodes now, some of the values/morality (or whatever you want to call it) are out of step with now things are today. There are so many teenagers in the show who realistically would've been having sex with their boyfriends/girlfriends by now if the show was made today. Even more curious is the Pippa and Michael thing which someone reminded me of recently - it's heavily implied that there was no nookie between the pair of them before they tied the knot. Michael and Haydn were still cooped up in that caravan until the day of the wedding which is rather strange too.
  3. Probably, though there are times when you'd wonder why some people don't get credited at all. Back in those days, was it difficult to write up TV credits? It seemed to be a bit of a big deal to change the actors in the opening titles
  4. Obviously he had developed a knack for avoiding becoming funeral fare himself.
  5. Ooh now that would've been a cracker of a storyline. Ailsa was originally the only person who smelled a rat when Morag tried to take Sam away after Bobby's death. I wasn't watching H&A so much by the late 1990s. Was it ever explained why Morag wanted these kids?
  6. Interesting takes, those. I was originally thinking in terms of them casting a brand new couple to move into the house. Maybe a long-lost sibling or first cousin of Tom/Pippa who'd swoop in to save the day. As it turns out, they did well out of the Debra 'n Dennis combo.
  7. He probably asked to be written out. If you look at what he was doing at the time, Home and Away was never going to hold him for long. He was still making music with his band and on the verge of moving to London to appear in West End musicals. Then he was in Bugs (had forgotten about that BBC TV series).
  8. Unless he and Pip got to test the suspension of his caravan before the wedding, it doesn't appear that he got to spend any time in her bedroom before they got back from their honeymoon.
  9. It's not ideal but it's something of a necessary evil, isn't it? I wonder what would the powers that be have done if they knew Pippa #1 would be gone so soon after Tom. Would they have killed the two of them off at the same time and had a new couple move into Summer Bay House to continue fostering the kids and keep the family together?
  10. The term "Fake Pippa" made me chuckle because that's what we used to call the Debra Lawrance version. I've never been able to merge the two characters in my mind. The only one of the early foster kids I can picture DebPip being mum to is Sally. That's probably because of Kate Ritchie's age at the time and that she stuck around for so long. To my mind, VanPip just vanished one day and another lady moved into her old house and kept things running. The Irene one is a curiouser recast. The original Irene was quite rough around the edges and the sort of woman you could easily picture being a horrible drunk and an awful parent. No disrespect to Lynne McGranger but she never exuded the same menace that Jacqy Phillips did. Would Irene 1 ever have become more cuddly?
  11. Yet when Dale died, he got a church funeral.
  12. Her last episode is no surprise really. Once you hand in your notice on these shows, you're a dead man/woman walking. To paraphrase Judy Nunn, out with the trash you go. The writers are already working on the next storyline with your replacement. At least Pip didn't leave in a wooden box.
  13. Five Bedrooms is on the BBC iPlayer too and is well worth a watch. I also spotted him in Rachel Griffiths's film Ride Like A Girl. playing the co-owner of a racehorse.
  14. If I could find it, I'd happily share the source. I remember reading it somewhere and being a bit taken aback. I was surprised to check her IMDB and to see that her acting career seems to have ended after Muriel's Wedding. I don't suppose we'll ever know whether she chose to quit acting or if she just couldn't find work after this. That's how I read it. The Haydn episode was pretty humiliating for her, culminating in her finding him and Sophie kissing passionately after Romeo & Juliet in the Surf Club. Long after she had supposedly forgiven Sophie for stealing Haydn from her, she brought it up again. I can't remember exactly when but she definitely mentioned it. Obviously the bit about Haydn never really fancying her in the first place hadn't registered with her. Personally I don't buy that 180° character transplant either. it just looks like the powers that be wanted to ruin the character and get her out the door. It seems to be a premature exit too. Most of the fostered teens left Summer Bay for reasonably normal reasons (uni/family/job) and got a good stretch on the show. Karen left in a prison van, leaving a trail of destruction behind her. I don't think Fin was much of an improvement on her but she got a better run,
  15. Revhead wasn't all bad, though he could be pretty obnoxious. He didn't start well, did he? Later on he showed that he could be a nice(ish) human being by looking after his sister Julie (who had been paralysed in that same accident, of course) and was working in the boat shed. The Karen exit seemed to be the culmination of a long build up. Way before she ever hooked up with Revhead, she was insecure about her looks and attractiveness to boys. Perhaps removing the sour puss from her face would've been a good start. She first broke bad when she went off with a couple of hoons she met in the Surf Club and demonstrated her questionable driving skills when trying to get away from them. She didn't seem to have improved much as a driver by the time she met David on the road. Has anyone ever read why she left? I have a feeling they probably felt they'd had enough of whiny Karen and wanted to replace her with Fringley Finlay instead. I've also read that Belinda Jarrett didn't always get on with Les Hill and had trouble with Gavin Harrison as well. So maybe the powers that be decided that it was time for a change.
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