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  1. Charlton Hill (Haydn Ross) now runs a multimedia company called Uncanny Valley. They won the Artificial Intelligence Eurovision song contest last year https://bit.ly/2PXJpB1
  2. Amazon is pretty bad for yanking stuff away I've noticed. I was hoping to watch all of Water Rats from the start and it vanished overnight. Some films I watched have gone too. Very frustrating. It's a real shame they aren't putting the whole lot up on a streaming platform so that viewers worldwide can enjoy those older episodes. So many other TV series out there get to enjoy a second life on streaming platforms - why not H&A. We're talking here about episodes which aired long before many of the current cast were even born.
  3. The last thing anybody wants to see on TV is Covid. And when (touch wood) the pandemic finally passes, nobody will want to recall it. It's better to keep these things as timeless as possible
  4. Isn't going abroad for a while a thing for young Aussies though?
  5. The writers at that time didn't seem all that interested in making the twentysomething characters interesting. Off the top of my head, I can think of Nick, Lou, Luke, Donna, Roxy and Rob. I'm sure there are others. Apart from Lou who was a bit of a hothead, they're all "everymen". The sort of people you'd love to have as a friend but don't set the world on fire when they're on a soap. Maybe after that tedious, never-ending Nick/Ryan/Lou love triangle, they decided to leave Nick on his own. It's a waste really - looking back at those episodes now that I'm older, I fancy the pants off Bruce Roberts
  6. On that Endless Summer documentary that was shown when H&A turned 30, Dannii Minogue hinted heavily that she'd like to come back. Of course, that doesn't mean anything. Looking for the next job is part and parcel of being an actor. She'd be a good one to bring back though. She's still relatively young (she turns 49 in October) and could come with an attractive teenager or two in tow.
  7. I liked him on H&A too and feel he was underused. He never had a killer storyline as such, did he? I found his romance with the cop a bit tiresome tbh. According to Wikipedia "The serial's producers tempted McLachlan with a contract that would allow him to also concentrate on his music career while filming". Wikipedia isn't always the most reliable source but it might explain some of why he never got any killer storylines really. I liked him and Bobby together and think it would've been nice to put those two together. She has more chemistry with him than with Greg and they were fun together. So who was H&A's next hunk who fell into that age bracket?
  8. Ah, now there's that eternal conundrum! Though to be fair, if the genders were to be switched around you'd still wonder was the age gap a bit too much? A teenage schoolkid going out with an older person who is in a different place in their life. Marilyn had done a lot of living by this point - what age was she then? 21, 22? It's a pity they never got to properly have a go at the Haydn/Marilyn thing when he came back a few years later. That would've been more interesting because the pair of them had already accumulated quite a bit of baggage in their lives. Looking at those old episodes now, some of the values/morality (or whatever you want to call it) are out of step with now things are today. There are so many teenagers in the show who realistically would've been having sex with their boyfriends/girlfriends by now if the show was made today. Even more curious is the Pippa and Michael thing which someone reminded me of recently - it's heavily implied that there was no nookie between the pair of them before they tied the knot. Michael and Haydn were still cooped up in that caravan until the day of the wedding which is rather strange too.
  9. Probably, though there are times when you'd wonder why some people don't get credited at all. Back in those days, was it difficult to write up TV credits? It seemed to be a bit of a big deal to change the actors in the opening titles
  10. Obviously he had developed a knack for avoiding becoming funeral fare himself.
  11. Ooh now that would've been a cracker of a storyline. Ailsa was originally the only person who smelled a rat when Morag tried to take Sam away after Bobby's death. I wasn't watching H&A so much by the late 1990s. Was it ever explained why Morag wanted these kids?
  12. He probably asked to be written out. If you look at what he was doing at the time, Home and Away was never going to hold him for long. He was still making music with his band and on the verge of moving to London to appear in West End musicals. Then he was in Bugs (had forgotten about that BBC TV series).
  13. Unless he and Pip got to test the suspension of his caravan before the wedding, it doesn't appear that he got to spend any time in her bedroom before they got back from their honeymoon.
  14. Yet when Dale died, he got a church funeral.
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