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  1. The unusual thing here is that the character of Pippa was older than either of the actresses who played her. Pippa was supposedly born in 1950 but VanPip (1958) and DebPip (1957) are quite a bit younger.
  2. No, I can't see it happening. My guess is that Kate Ritchie would see it as a retrograde step now that she has her radio career established. She also has her own daughter now and is branching out into other things. It's unlikely she needs Home and Away any more. I doubt they need her either. It's hard to slot a long-gone character back into a show anyway, especially if things have changed greatly in the meantime. Sally would no more belong on the show now than Pippa Snr.
  3. It'd make things more interesting if Damien had fathered some children.
  4. I wonder did they bring in Kevin Baker just so they could say Home and Away wasn't just a soap with white people in it? No disrespect to the actor who played him but Kevin came across as something of a cardboard character. An artistic Aboriginal who was taken in by the Rosses, then left again almost as quickly as he'd arrived.
  5. ...and the majority of the viewers had long since stopped caring
  6. Oh don't get me started on that Nick/Ryan/Lucinda love triangle. That seemed to go round and round in circles. Without looking it up, I can't remember how it finally ended. The writers should have sent the three of them off to form a ménage à trois in Western Australia
  7. My recollections are similarly vague but I wouldn't be surprised if they got a long notice period from Debra and they then introduced Ian as the next man brave enough to get involved with Pippa her next love interest. If you look at Patrick Dickson's acting career, he doesn't come across as somebody who'd settle down for a long run on a soap. Debra has a lot of nice things to say about the show so perhaps she gave them plenty of notice. My memory of that time is that Pippa and Ian's attraction to each other didn't take that long to manifest. God, I wish they'd continued with the re-runs
  8. I'd forgotten about this but it might be one reason why they decided that Michael wasn't all that important to the show. Then they could have another go at having Pippa being a single foster parent. They left her single for quite a while after they killed off Michael. I wonder how long that would've continued for if Debra hadn't decided to leave? Yes, it is rather curious why both left so soon. The Pippa/Michael era was much longer and only brought to an end by the producers. After the show got established, they had so many strong characters/big storylines, the adults tended to fade into the background. Maybe both actors felt they were going nowhere on the show and that it was time to move on. It was only afterwards that we started to see former H&A actors making their mark in the USA.
  9. They wasted Tom as a character once the show became established. I guess the younger characters were the ones which were capturing more of the headlines. If Roger quit, I don't blame him for doing so. On the other hand, if he was axed it makes for an interesting parallel with what happened to Michael. I wish they hadn't killed Michael off but can also accept that they'd started running out of ideas for what to do with him. Everymen aren't all that interesting after a while.
  10. True. When you think of the funerals of major characters, the list of people you think should've been there but weren't is quite long. Acknowledging them in some way would've added a bit of depth to it. I'm one of those people who wish they hadn't paired up. It always seemed wrong to me. I wish Donald had gone to Timboon in search of Patricia and brought her back to Summer Bay. I'm not sure why they paired Marilyn and Donald up. Was it because Bobby was gone and Don needed another woman to bounce off? If Bobby hadn't died and was around for Donald/Marilyn getting together, I think that would have made for great TV. It would've affected their friendship and also changed Bobby's relationship with her father. I think sparks would've flown.
  11. OK. I wonder did Ben's family ask for it not to be done? Or that they couldn't be bothered
  12. Bobby and Marilyn was another good one, despite their very different personalities.
  13. Do they usually acknowledge former regulars who've died? Cornelia Frances might've been an exception because she was so well known anyway? Morag was also a character that would've been known to H&A fans who watched at any time because of all those repeat appearances. It's only old(er) fogies who remember Ben. Not that that should take away from the tragedy of what happened to him.
  14. I always assumed he was younger (Roger Oakley is 6/7 years older that Dennis Coard) but this is Summer Bay we're talking about. Tom and Pippa married in 1969. Neither Vanessa nor Debra would've even been teenagers at that stage.
  15. Now that would've been some storyline if they broadcast H&A late at night
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