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  1. He wouldn't necessarily have to get back with Roo, just shake things up a bit. But yes, you are right. The majority of old faces who return to soaps either stick out like a store thumb or have their characters destroyed by the writers.
  2. Interesting thought. We shall never know. I wonder did the powers that be ever ask Alex to come back for a longer spell/permanently? He was the show's original hunk and never lost his good looks. He'd still be an interesting addition because of what happened between him and Roo back in the day.
  3. I have my doubts about Ross's sexuality coming against him for that Lord of the Rings part. Sean Astin was probably always going to get it. His acting career never really set the world on fire but he was still a bigger name. And for viewers of a certain age, they'll remember him from The Goonies and as a minor teen idol. And if you applied that logic, would Ian McKellen have got the role as Gandalf? As to why he's not getting steady work, I honestly don't know. The acting profession has plenty of openly gay actors, directors etc. It could be down to homophobia or maybe just sheer bad luck. I never saw Ross in anything other than Home and Away so I can't comment on what his other acting work is like. Greg isn't a character who will have done him any favours as an actor. Apart from that lack of chemistry with Nicolle, Greg was a forgettable character. He wasn't one of the show's hunks (though looking at those photos, Ross has aged rather nicely). And as quite a few of the show's former actors have discovered, being in H&A is no guarantee of anything in the future. Times have changed quite a bit though. One of the BBC's biggest hits last year was Fleabag, in which the openly gay actor Andrew Scott played a straight romantic lead.
  4. Yes, that's what I meant by "occasional appearances". The Harry Potter play is only on in Melbourne, in a theatre that has been especially converted for that purpose. The plan is that the play will run there for years to come. If you look at the website for the tickets, you'll see that the play runs twice a day, five days a week https://harrypotter.ticketmaster.com.au/both-consecutive/calendar/2020/01 We don't know how long Debra will stay with this production but for someone like her, it's ideal. It's a popular play, a steady job and is within driving distance of her home. I occasionally look at her Instagram account and it would appear that on her days off, she sometimes works at her "other job" which is doing voice coaching for women. So she no more needs Home and Away than a fish needs a bicycle. If she was to return to acting in soaps to any extent, my money is on more appearances in Neighbours.
  5. Bringing back old characters rarely works anyway. They're fine if they just show up for an event (wedding/party/funeral) but they rarely sit well within the wider show. It was obvious even at the time that bringing Alex Papps back for a handful of episodes was merely a gimmick and that he'd soon be gone again. So really, unless you cared whether Bobby married Greg or not, there wasn't much to raise the pulses here. It didn't help that in his absence, Pippa had had her head change and we were expected to believe that DebPip had been Frank's foster mum all along. Maybe the whole point of the storyline was for Bobby and Frank to draw a line permanently under their relationship. She was going to settle and marry Greg (I never liked them as a couple) and Frank proved that he was no knight in white armour.
  6. Where would she find the time? If you look at the schedule for that Harry Potter play she's appearing in, it's quite gruelling. I assume she's filming her occasional appearances on Neighbours on her days off.
  7. I wonder will we be lucky enough to get them on Amazon Prime in time?
  8. Agreed. Michael was clearly brought in as a replacement for Tom. Maybe in time the producers would have brought in the boat shed/boat shed owner anyway. It was a nice addition to Summer Bay. I wonder why did they stop using it as a location? I wonder did the actors who played Tom/Michael/Pippa ever meet in real life? The two Pippas have but I don't know about any of the others.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Has anybody ever done any research to work out what age most of H&A's viewers are? I could be wrong here but I have a strong suspicion they'll be mostly teenagers and people in their twenties. All people who'll have no recollection of the Belinda Giblins and the John Adams of this world when they were around in the early 90s. The powers that be have never paid any great attention to consistency or legacy either so I don't see why we should care either. Anybody who has watched H&A for any length of time will be able to tell you about characters who mysteriously age overnight, birthdays and anniversaries moving all over the place, only children who suddenly have siblings etc. Some of it is pure sloppiness.
  11. Perhaps that's where your "Closer each day" tagline comes in. Yabbie Creek is moving ever closer to Summer Bay as time goes on.
  12. The unusual thing here is that the character of Pippa was older than either of the actresses who played her. Pippa was supposedly born in 1950 but VanPip (1958) and DebPip (1957) are quite a bit younger.
  13. No, I can't see it happening. My guess is that Kate Ritchie would see it as a retrograde step now that she has her radio career established. She also has her own daughter now and is branching out into other things. It's unlikely she needs Home and Away any more. I doubt they need her either. It's hard to slot a long-gone character back into a show anyway, especially if things have changed greatly in the meantime. Sally would no more belong on the show now than Pippa Snr.
  14. It'd make things more interesting if Damien had fathered some children.
  15. I wonder did they bring in Kevin Baker just so they could say Home and Away wasn't just a soap with white people in it? No disrespect to the actor who played him but Kevin came across as something of a cardboard character. An artistic Aboriginal who was taken in by the Rosses, then left again almost as quickly as he'd arrived.
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