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  1. Yes, that was a very odd exit, especially as she'd been a character who probably should've made it to the opening credits. It was as if they didn't know what to do with her any more and gave her that very odd 5 minute engagement to Andrew storyline. He was another character who just became a spare but I think he got a marginally better send-off.
  2. I'm sure they're well paid to be passionate about it. I couldn't see Lynne getting other acting work if H&A was axed. She knows what side her bread is buttered on.
  3. I think they would have left Pippa on her own for longer if Vanessa had stayed. But she would have remarried within a year or two. The Michael question is an interesting one. I think there was a fun character in there but they went down the misery route with him. I can't see VanPip with Michael but equally, I can't visualise DebPip with Tom.
  4. Meh. This is what I hate about modern day news. Someone somewhere - be it a blog post or an obscure local newspaper in the back end of nowhere - floats a theory and suddenly it's all over the internet like a rash. With added hysteria because we live in the era of clickbait. I can't see H&A being cancelled in the medium term. All soaps have haemorrhaged viewers over the past decade so it's no different to its rivals. It also still sells to TV stations abroad which makes it worth their while to keep making it. In the longer term, there are big questions to be asked about the future of broadcast TV. Many youngsters don't watch TV but prefer to use streaming services like YouTube, Netflix and On Demand TV. Perhaps that's where H&A will end up ultimately. As long as the show makes money, I think it'll stay on the air. I only occasionally watch H&A these days but I would be sorry to see it go. The same with any of the other soaps. They might not be high art but they entertain people - that's no bad thing. They help keep people employed in a precarious industry. And they provide invaluable work experience to people starting out in their careers, be it acting, writing, directing or whatever. While I don't mind some reality TV being on the air, I'd rather not see TV dramas/soaps being sacrificed so that we can have more Love Island.
  5. Perhaps the powers that be noticed the increased attention that the younger, better looking cast members got? Certainly, Alex Papps was no stranger to teenage magazines at the time. I don't know what the show's intended demographic was when it was starting out but I've always been under the impression that most of its audience are teenagers/younger twentysomethings. They may have found that the audience didn't really care about the older characters and that casting younger, prettier actors in their place made the show more marketable.
  6. Maybe that's what was in their minds when they axed Michael? That having Pippa on her own again would make things interesting. They had given that a bit of a trial run when Pippa and Michael temporarily split up towards the end of 1994. Which leads onto a question of my own. I've read (possibly somewhere on this forum - can't remember) that Dennis Coard asked for Michael to be killed off once he was told he was going to be written out. Is that true?
  7. I think when you get older and you start losing loved ones, your perspective on grief changes. 6 months would be very quick in real life (especially from a sudden death) but we all know soap time works differently. On the show, having Pippa remarry made sense and felt right. The obvious chemistry between Debra and Dennis didn't hinder things either. Going back to Tom, it is a shame they didn't use him better. You're right about those Macklin scenes being lacklustre. I don't remember Michael ever going through a phase like that. Admittedly, running a boat shed was more exciting than being a pen pusher. My guess for an exit storyline would involve Michael wanting to get back into the boating marina business. Either he'd have an opportunity to buy his old business back again or to buy one elsewhere as a once in a lifetime deal.
  8. I've a feeling that they brought Michael in because of the Pippa actresses changing. Debra taking over from Vanessa was quite a big thing and required a suspension of belief. I can still remember my mum asking "Who's she?" when Debra first appeared in the opening credits and me trying to process what on earth had just happened. I'm not from Australia so this imposter just showing up one evening was a genuine WTF?? moment in our house. Even though I like both Vanessa and Debra in the role, I've never quite been able to believe they're the same person. I wonder did the powers that be think along the same lines? That they needed to restore some equilibrium to the show after losing both leads and that having Mr and Mrs Ross was the best way to sort it. And then later on, they decided to go with that single mother idea again? As to why they axed Michael, I don't suppose we'll ever know. I've read somewhere that it was a budgeting decision and that axing Michael meant they could get in more teens. Or (getting into the realms of pure guesswork here) they didn't like having a married couple on the set, or Dennis put someone's nose out of joint.. I still think it was a mistake to kill Michael off but the producers got their way and Pippa became a single parent. I wonder how long would they have left Pippa as a single character if Debra hadn't decided to leave? It's a pity all of this (Roger leaving etc.) happened in the era before the internet because all people can go on are things they read years ago. Those lengthy hiatuses certainly point to him getting fed up/burnt out rather than being axed. I'd love to read an interview with him and hear his thoughts on the show. He seems to keep a low profile though
  9. I think I'd have stopped watching too, though I can't pinpoint where. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed those early years episodes. A lot of old TV I enjoyed when I was a teenager turned to ashes when I saw it again as an adult. There was something endearing about classic H&A and I don't think it was all down to my nostalgia for them. I stopped watching it regularly in 1996/1997 but that largely coincided with my moving away/working/travelling. I never really went back to it again. Somewhere in the meantime, the show lost whatever it was that I'd loved. Like most long-running TV shows, H&A has had to evolve and move with the times - it might not be still on the air if it hadn't. But for me, it lost its magic. I tried to start watching again when the Nashs were in Summer Bay House but that was the end of it for me.
  10. It's hard to know if she would've become a regular but the potential was there for a longer story arc. The storyline wrapped so quickly, it came across as if the writers didn't know what to do with her next and sent her away.
  11. A minor character but one that I think had potential was Laura Brennan a.k.a. "Loony Laura". She was a former elite runner who Damien "discovered" living out in the bush and who trained him for a short while. She had a somewhat mysterious past that the writers only ever scratched the surface of. How exactly she went from being on the cusp of going to the Olympics to living as a people-hating recluse. Instead of exploring that, her mentoring of Damian and reconnecting with people, they wrote her out. It was as if she woke up one morning and said "Right, I'm off to find my family today. Bye bye". And off she went.
  12. Auntie Jean was great but a quick google tells me Maggie Kirkpatrick is now 78. Would you like Maggie to play her again or for the role to be re-cast?
  13. A documentary on the BBC about James Joyce, presented by Angelica Huston. It hasn't changed my opinion of him or his writing (i.e. that he was a pretentious, unpleasant sort and that there's an elitism attached to reading his work) but it was nice to see her again.
  14. Bennington by Information Society. This combo recorded one of my favourite 80s's songs "What's on your mind? (Pure energy)" and they're back.
  15. Clothes-line prop Fence paint Hamburger
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