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I haven't posted on this forum for quite some time but as soon as I saw this thread I just had to come and say thank you for taking the time to make it. Can't wait too see what is in store for these two both on their personal journeys and on the relationship which I hope they take the time to embark on. I hope to hear from you guys that we've had some more scenes of them together.

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Speaking as a longterm fan of Xavier, I am not surprised that Sasha and he are set to get together but I do not necessarily think it will be such a disaster. Xavier is a nice guy, he has feelings and I do believe that he genuinely cares about Sasha. I cannot see the point in demeaning their relationship before it has even began, you would not demean your own relationship in the early stages so I do think people should just give these two a chance. Sasha has become one of my favourite characters, she is genuinely kind and caring and after Stu, she needs someone who will take care of her and not make her feel like a 4 year child who doesnt deserve happiness, she deserves to have fun. Xavier on the other hand is kind of out there and different from the guys in the bay, yeah he has had his fair shares of crappy relationships but at the same time, he is human and I really want to see him happy, maybe being single would be better but if he is to be with Sasha then I would give them a chance before people start getting annoyed that Xavier is yet again in another relationship..

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We're still three weeks behind here in the UK so I haven't seen Xavier and Sasha as a couple yet.But I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that I ship Xavier with pretty much everyone(except Ruby):Mink, April, Miranda, Kelly, Sasha.Basically I just want him to be happy.I'm probably setting myself up for a fall, since most of Xavier's relationships seem to end with him being cheated on and/or dumped, but I'm looking forward to seeing them as a couple.

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I really wish these two would get together already! They are already so adorable together, and Xavier really likes her I think! I guess they could just be building the relationship up slowly... Hopefully if/when they do get together it will be something meaningful that the writers won't split up in a couple of months or so. It would be nice to finally have a nice, steady couple on the show with no real drama.

I could see Sasha still being in school and Xavier's Police Academy being a potential problem if they did get together.

He has to be there during the week it seems so they wouldn't have a chance to see eachother so much...

Really hoping the spoilers reveal some news soon ... I'm just dying to see these two get together!! :D

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I feel they rush into a lot of relationships between established characters and the latest new one who arrives without really giving us much of a chance to know the newbies as individual characters, so I like the way they've gone slow with this pair and that we've seen a fair bit of Sasha on her own and with someone other than Xavier. Have never been a big fan of Xavier, but really have found myself liking him more and more in the past six months and it helps that we're finally starting to see a more mature Xavier and one able to stand up for himself more; really liking his scenes with his mum and the loosening of the apron strings. He's still impulsive at times, but he's learning when to step back and to still be there for Sasha without pushing for more.

I do hope she has her birthday soon though, having a cop, even one in training, dating a 15 year old doesn't quite seem right and I do hope the writers remember the age of consent or our future cop could find himself in a rather awkward (and illegal) situation.

With every thing Sasha has been through since she's arrived, Xavier does seem like the right guy for her; he's maturing nicely, he's a nice guy and he's already shown how supportive he can be without expecting anything in return.

Xavier always seems to get the girl but only until they find someone they want more and he gets dumped, so I really hope the writers don't do the usual get together, break up misery-go-round with these two.

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Yay! So happy!

Watched the interview on the OS of Demi Harman and it showed a clip of Xavier and Sasha



So excited! I wonder when we're going to see this in the show! :D

Was amazed by Demi in the interview...

You could tell that she and her childhood friend don't speak anymore still really upsets her. Tears were like at the brim of her eyes, poor thing!

Bullying is just so horrible, but unfortunately it still seems to affect kids in school. :(

She's doing such an amazing job playing Sasha! I'm looking forward to these storylines that she's hinting at!

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