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  1. I haven't posted on this forum for quite some time but as soon as I saw this thread I just had to come and say thank you for taking the time to make it. Can't wait too see what is in store for these two both on their personal journeys and on the relationship which I hope they take the time to embark on. I hope to hear from you guys that we've had some more scenes of them together.
  2. Just a quick message to say goodbye to everyone. You've been great to talk to and I've been lucky to be interacting with you all but I feel that this is the best time for me to leave Home and Away as I'm no longer a fan of the CONSTANT drama. Love you all. Hope that @ some point in the future I'll be able to come back and catch up with you all. xx
  3. Just a quick message to say goodbye to everyone. You've been great to talk to and I've been lucky to be interacting with you all but I feel that this is the best time for me to leave Home and Away as I'm no longer a fan of the CONSTANT drama. Love you all. Hope that @ some point in the future I'll be able to come back and catch up with you all. xx
  4. Got slight withdrawal symptoms with not having these two on the screen together. Not been watching this week as I knew that Heath and Darcy wouldn't be getting any scenes together. Its really weird how these two have made me enjoy H&A again. I reaally do hope its not too long before we get scenes again, I miss the father/daughter duo! x
  5. I can't believe that its been a few days since this little ones been on screen and I'm really missing seeing her pretty face, sure does light up the show.
  6. It's no problem, beautiful, glad that I could be of use. I take it that you watch on channel 5 rather then 5* as you've just seen the reveal episode. You are definitely going to like the next episode. I actually don't like Brax as a character @ the moment, loved him when he first came in but now I'm turned off by him unfortunately. Hoping that this will change though in the future. LOL, you wrote bong. If you are wanting to watch the Darcy scenes on the internet rather then waiting until we see her on screen here in the UK I can suggest to you that you go visit two wonderful people over on you-tube who puts on the H&A episodes every day without fail. Us non UK viewers who watch on the internet absolutely adore and look up to cickybab and trulte58. Tell me out of the scenes so far which one has been your favourite. In the UK we've had 4 scenes with her so far, can't wait for you to see more of them so we can have a discussion on them. WOOT WOOT! Really glad to see your enjoying H&A again I promise you won't be disappointed with the scenes you get with her its just a shame that we don't see as much of her as us fans would all like to. Speak soon, babe. xx
  7. As you haven't seen much of H&A recently I'll give you the episodes in which she has been in and then you can tell me which ones you've watched as I don't want to spoil anything for you, as there have been two major twists since her arrival in the bay. We saw her briefly quite a while ago in two scenes 1 where she was headed to the beach and spoke to Brax on the way and another when he was in hospital after his stabbing. She then did a massive disappearing act before popping up in the 2nd episode which I just spoke of. She was then in the following episodes:- 5364; 5365 These were the first twist in which we saw her character being part of. These episodes were the reveal of who her father is. 5378; 5381; 5387; 5396 So that's a total of 8 episodes. She's been brilliant with all the people in which she's had scenes with, she's had chemistry with everyone which has been great for us fans to see. We all can't wait to see her interacting with more. Could you let me know which episodes you have watched so I don't give too much away, feel free to pop me a PM sometime soon or you could simply just tell me on here. Glad to see that your interested in H&A, @ the moment im only really watching it for the Braxton family @ the moment. Not only do they bring in Drama but comedy aspects to the show also. They've been a great addition to the bay and we've had the chance to watch them grow in terms of their acting ability.
  8. It wasn't that inappropriate, surely...?! It was. At the moment I'm only invested in Heath's relationship with Darcy as he's missed 8 years of her life and yet he seems to spend one day a week with him. I want more scenes! I end up feeling like im about to have a breakdown when we only get her in the one episode. I'm surprised you guys haven't had enough of my annoying enthusiasm for these pair. It just seems that they don't get scenes solely for them.
  9. Hey you! It's great to see a friendly face. The bond between the pair is something which I don't think is ever going to be broken, the bond that they share along with Darcy's bond with Heath is the best thing about the show @ the moment and im loving every second of it. I just can't wait for it to be explored even further then it already has been. Bianca is attracted to Heath that was apparent from their first few scenes together but this new side of him is something which I'm glad the writers are looking @ whilst still keeping him as a River boy. I don't particularly think that B would even be thinking about dating him if she didn't have such a strong bond with little D. I think its gonna be a while before she gets to have a baby but I can definitely see that in her future with Liam if they ever get their acts together, I thought that might have been were the writers were going before Liam started using again. Miss Gormley has commented on how much she loves her job so were 100% that the character isn't going anywhere in a hurry. Can't wait for Darcy/Heath/Bianca to be worked on further as they take my breath away with each scene all 3 of them share together. It'll be nice thought to see little D share scenes with Heath and Bianca respectively.
  10. I know, omg, that was so adorable! My absolute favourite relationship on the show! I really hope we see a lot more of them! However, I don't think Heath's just over-the-moon about Darcy at the moment.... I'm going to completely ignore what you just said, young lady! Had to read that twice, couldn't believe that you'd wrote that. Agree with you entirely cassecar, we demand more scenes! Right now, please!
  11. Me too, I'll be glad when I'm back @ school and my minds on something other then these pair. I'm driving myself insane with how fascinating the relationship is now between Heath and Darcy. I love the fact that Bianca's helping out but its a little upsetting as he only seems to have little D for one day a week, which I hope will be more as I miss little Alea's face when she's not on screen. An absolutely fantastic little actress, who keeps us in suspense for each scene she appears in. I'm hoping as I've probably said more then once now that she moves in with him and her Uncle Brax really soon but I think we'll have a few more sleepovers before then hopefully with Heath present in the others, it was such a shame as the writers missed out on some gr8 scenes. I felt that the episode was more based around Cheryl and Bianca rather then the daughter/father duo we've fallen into love with. When you gain a bond with someone the way in which Bianca and Darcy has its very hard to break so I can't wait to see more of this relationship. I'd really like for the writers to try and get her in twice a week so that the one episode she can have with her Daddy and the other with Bianca as were missing out on H and D bonding separately as Bianca is either there or not very far away. Cant wait for Darcy to interact with some other RB's as we just adore the bond in which she formed with Bianca, it'll be gr8 to see her perhaps having a few scenes with her Uncle Brax; Cheryl; Charlie etc.
  12. I'm glad to hear it, id probably have to fall out with you if that wasn't the case, only kidding, honey. I think its only a matter of time before she does, yet again we haven't yet seen his reaction to her calling him Dad, I just hope that they don't miss it out like the writers have been doing with quite a few scenes with these pair. That is exactly the same reasoning, its gr8 2 c that happening onscreen. I don't think I've ever been invested in a father/child relationship before, this is my first but im loving it. I get a little upset when people say that Heath has changed for Bianca as its so obvious that he's fallen in love with Darcy and wants to do best by her, I think the storm and Tegan's death has made him more determined to do right by his child which has been amazing 2 c. I really can't wait for her to interact with other SB's, it might actually be a little different if he introduces little D to the RB's. That would be a hilarious scene, I can just c it now. I'm sad when we've had no scenes as there's never much for us to talk about. Tell me what was the best bit about this episode? For me it was most certainly Darcy's cuteness of screen when she splashed water over Bianca and begged her to come back as she'd got soap in her eye. That line was just delivered beautifully.
  13. I frickin love you, girl. Your my favorite to talk to. Glad to see that I'm not the only cheerleader. As much as I love her calling him Dad I'd be absolutely besotted if @ some point she calls him Daddy as she gets to know him better and better I think she'll most definitely call him that. My Dad constantly melts when I remind him that I'm still Daddy's little girl. Us fans deserve and demand a scene, even if its just a simple him waking her up, or them cuddling on the couch. i was hoping for a scen of him doing either of those things during the sleepover and we got neither.
  14. Seriously I need to stop posting. hey newbie, its great seeing new people over here. Welcome bubblepop the relationship with her dad is the most sweetest and its gr8 seeing this on H&A as we don't have many young characters on the show. Are you from the UK or Oz, sweetheart?
  15. Ranting is one of the many things that I dislike doing largely but I definitely get what you mean. Its really great to see new people here on the forum so welcome and thank you. The scenes in which we got during today's episode were most definitely the best we've had of the 3 but I think that with each scene we get. Let's just say I'm completely smitten with these three and their uniqueness. The bond in which they have is so new and fresh to H&A which makes me all that more excited for each episode we get B/D/H in. It's great 2 see him with that smile on MO as he has it every time in which he's with Darcy but when Bianca's added in for good measure its mesmerising for me to watch as a fan of his character and the actor who plays him. With each episode I love how much Heath has grown into someone who has shown that he's a great father. He's took it so in his grasp, took him a while after Tegan going back to Jake... I honestly believe that we haven't seen the last of angry Heath but hopefully it'll be added in @ appropriate moments so that it doesn't get too repetitive which is what we witnessed before during his feud with Hammer. We presume that Heath and Bianca is going to be heavy and apparent in the next few weeks but we all know its not going to be a permanent thing. Personally I'd like to see his relationship with his little girl being the constant thing in his life which I feel the writers have started to give us already in terms of today and previous scenes. I'm certain that once the H&B is over tat they'll remain friends as they've got this magnificent bond which they both share with young Darcy. They've cast Darcy perfectly and I can't wait 2 see ten year old Alea grow as a actress and Darcy as a character character as we've all been blown away with how adorable she is. Surely you can agree, bb? Within every episode there's something she'll say or comment on which makes me fall even more in love with her and this episode was the "I'm sorry, come back, I've got soap in my eye." I hope that once poor Casey's trail is over we get more scenes between father and daughter. I would like to think that we can get her @ least 1 episode per week as she brings something to the table table with each one she appears in. I was hoping that Brax would be teaching her but @ the moment he has a habit of letting people down, Casey; Charlie and I hope that Darcy isn't next on the least. they were quite together and grew closer back when Brax thought he was her Dad. I'm hoping that we'll get some scenes before the x mas holidays but if not afterwards. I cross my fingers that we @ least a scene between them tomorrow as he missed their sleepover. I'm sure she'll forgive him as you can tell already that she's starting to become Daddy's little girl. Do you think that we'll get more sleepovers before she moves in permanently? A girl can hope, right?
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