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  1. awesome chapter I love Evie & Matt as a couple. I also love Hunter and Olivia as a couple. I don't blame Phoebe for being upset. But she can never stay mad at Ash, so hopefully its a matter of time
  2. I don't blame Phoebe. Kat and Ash shouldn't of deceived her. I think we all know she can keep a secret. Raffy and Eie's relationship is so cute. But I don't think I trust their friends. They seem like trouble.
  3. This is getting so intense. Can't wait for the next update.
  4. Loving the story so far. Nice ending to Brody and Evelyn's conversation.
  5. Hook Up, Shack Up, Blow Up?
  6. Thoughts on the kiss between Xavier and Sasha tonight???
  7. Please use this thread to discuss Sasha and Xavier relationship. I think it will be an interesting storyline
  8. Xavier is such a great character I read some stuff about the finale week and Xavier is a much better friend to Dexter, than Dexter ever was to him. Don't know if Dex deserves so much loyalty from Xav after Dex ultimate bratrayal of him. I found it weriod how they became friends again so quickly, quite unrealistically soo
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