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  1. On Jaclyn's Facebook page, she said in February that she hadn't been called back for a while and there was nothing for the future. It would have been nice to learn more about her than her first name, especially after all the time she was on the show and she did have her fans - someone on FB has even started up a Bring Back Watson page. It's just my luck though, that the characters I like most these days, are recurring or guest characters who just vanish. I do hope Watson will pop up some time in the future though and this wouldn't be the first time where she's disappeared for a le
  2. Brax's violence toward Heath is as inexcusable as Danny's was and I always found it quite ridiculous when they had Casey worrying about becoming like Heath when Brax was just as bad, if not worse - he was the big brother who was using violence and words to lay into Heath (often for no justifiable reason) and Casey started to copy Mr Wonder Big Brother. After hearing the way Danny used to treat Heath, it just made Brax's similiar treatment of Heath all the worse. For years, it seems like Brax has been happy to not only abuse Heath (as Danny did), but nurture and encourage his violence when it s
  3. Hey how are you doing?? I hope you did get my message I sent to you 3 days ago. :) Hope you are well *hugs* xx

    1. b2sb09


      Doing well and saw your message, though I've noticed that I'm not being notified about all of them and finding extra ones - must get into the habit of checking online since we no longer get the email notification.

    2. b2sb09


      Just found the page to turn on email notification - really must take the time one day to have a proper look at this new site and the set up. Hopefully now, I'll be more aware of waiting messages.

  4. He's hit Heath, he's headbutted Heath just because Heath has said or done something Brax doesn't approve of (but has actually done himself) and has been verbally abusive with his put downs over the years toward Heath, and on more than one occassion, slammed Casey against a wall, he's beaten up Kyle etc. If a guest character bullied and abused his family the way Brax has done, it would never be tolerated and it would be seen as abuse or at the very least, as assault, but it's Brax, the big brother who would do anything for them and so it always comes across as if they deserve his rough treatmen
  5. I'd like for her to have a purpose in the Bay other than being someone's girlfriend. We've seen with Liam that without Bianca, he has no family or real reason to stick around and becomes a rather pointless character and Tam seems to have been brought in to stir up drama for Casey and not much else and so far, I'm not too impresssed with her behaviour. Given time, that may change, but going on the way so much revolves these days on romantic drama and triangles, I'm not sure if my opinion of her will change, though I do hope that she and the other younger characters form some sort of friendship
  6. I disagree. Year 11s consist of 16-17 year olds, and year 12's consist of 17-18 year olds. ^I believe you're both right.Year 11 actually consists of 15-17-year-olds and Year 12 of 16-18-year-olds.But you're only there for a year.Different people start the year at different ages, depending on when their birthday falls in the year and how old they were when they started school. RR is right. My birthday fell in the early part of the year, so I started school at 4 and so was 15 when I moved into Y11 and turned 16 that year, just like Sasha but the majority of Y11s began the year at 16 th
  7. Highlight the spoiler, then go to Special BBCode - the icon to the left of the font box - and scroll down to spoiler. You should be able to see what text will appear under the spoiler tag.
  8. I was never much of a Xavier fan until he started seeing Kelly last year and by the end, I was sorry to see him leave. I think during his stay, he developed and matured into a rather nice young man, which seems like a rarity these days as a lot of characters take one step forward then two steps back and unlike those characters we’re told are nice guys, yet their actions continually say otherwise, Xavier actually was a nice guy and since Miles left, I enjoyed having another nice guy around the place. I liked most of his storylines this year, because they showed him maturing from the school
  9. Leah was once one of my favourites, but in the past couple of years, she's moved down the list and I actually didn't like Leah much this year, so I didn't really have a favourite storyline with her in it. My least favourites though, was having her falling for Brax, which I thought was one of the more ridiculous storylines. She never really trusted him or wanted him around the house because of the danger someone like him brings, so Charlie's death in her house at the hands of one of his enemies should have just reinforced her feelings, instead it made her forget everything and it became all
  10. I've uploaded some wallpapers of each couple in my artwork thread.
  11. ^^Current (as of when last saw them) police officers at the moment that I know the names of Snr. Sgt Mike Emerson, in charge of the station. Sgt Georgina/Georgie Watson Const. Patrick Avery Const. Neal Stevenson
  12. Hugo Johnstone-Burt - he's around 24/25, so about a 10 year age difference. Once again, I think Leah is heading for heartache. The guy just has that vibe, 'Run away quick before it's too late'.
  13. I didn't have any screen caps, so I hope these will do.
  14. If you're still after some Romeo Indi icons, I've uploaded some new ones in my artwork thread.
  15. Bianca is so far out of Heath's league in all ways and I will never be able to take Heath and Bianca seriously because of the way so much is overlooked, like him using and sleeping with April and then cheating on her; where's the anger at the man for treating her little sister like that or the man who sold drugs (which she supposedly hates) to her students? Can't stand Bianca since she hooked up with Heath, but that's for another thread. I find it weird the way April gives her sister advice on the man they both slept with as if it's not that big a deal and they all lived under the same roo
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