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  1. I love Marcus Graham!!! But Harvey is a tool.
  2. Or cancer!! A Collette Dinnigan-esque pregnancy?! But then she'd have to leave. Quite seriously it'd be nice to see her become a mother of sorts but not to Lottie. It would need to be to a teenage girl who didn't have a mother for the storyline to have the potential to help Roo revisit the pain she feels about Martha.
  3. ^^Totally agree. I'd like to see him lose that 'boyish' edge the way April lost her innocence after Heath (and I don't just mean sexually, I mean she was hurt and betrayed and disappointed and all those things that made her face the reality of the adult world).
  4. ^^Lol, cute idea! But they keep the sexes apart in those facilities.
  5. I think Leah's just lonely. She liked having someone to look after esp with VJ growing up. But I don't think Brax is right for her. Her comments re dating show she's got some self-esteem issues around romance right now. And I think she's projecting that onto a crush on Brax.
  6. I hope everyone watched The Great Mint Swindle because it was EXCELLENT!!!
  7. I just watched Rhiannon Fish on You Tube and never realised her accent on the show isn't natural!
  8. Xavier's so straighty-180 yet goes for the quirky/different/alternative girls - I like it. I think it shows he has a quirky side inside him dying to be expressed.
  9. I liked the idea of these two back when April saw something special in Heath when Bianca was hurting him. But it all seems to be playing out a bit dirty now. I would've liked to have seen April bring out the best in Heath and for him to fall for her because of that. It doesn't seem like that's going to happen now.
  10. I agree Julez, it would have been nice. Thinking about it though, there are so many bad boys that have turned good, I guess they cannot do it with all of them. And it's a good real-life lesson too- that not all cute boys turn out to be good guys underneath.
  11. The character's been really well written - shame that he is who he is because the actor is so gorgeous! I'd love to have seen him as a good guy in the Bay.
  12. Please help me identify who this cast member is in this photo with my friend.
  13. She's been well cast, that's for sure. When I look at her, I actually believe I can see both Callahan and Braxton in her. And it's not just her looks but her facial expressions too, and her demeanour is very similar to her 'mum' - kind of shy but mature too. As for the actress herself, I'm very impressed by how natural she is. Most other actors her age are a lot more wooden and/or nervous. I'll definitely keep an eye out for her in future Aussie productions. Maybe the next Baz Lurhman movie!
  14. Did anyone else see Saskia on Rescue Special Ops this week?
  15. Yes, I love that she actually acts instead of just flirting! So many young, female actors think that flirting and being cute is acting. The same thing with a lot of presenters.
  16. I loved the little smile Bianca spontaneously flashed when Liam told her . It was a beautifully generous reaction given the pain she was in. Lisa Gormley is getting every little thing just right.
  17. My first read of fan fiction. I saw the title and couldn't resist. I like it!
  18. I agree with you. I've said before that Palmer reminds me of the old Alf (which I guess is the young Alf). I loved Alf when he used to act all high and mighty and seemed to think that running the only general store in town gave him the right to act as the King of his own tiny little empire and boss everyone around. Palmer reminds me of that guy. Even at his absolute worst, I never saw him as "OMG what a terrible guy" but more of a weasel who enjoyed throwing his weight around. Not to mention that Alf was a pretty terrible parent to Duncan in a very similar way to Palmer was with Trey and no one seems to hold that against him. I agree and agree with these points.
  19. Classic John in the last couple of episodes!
  20. Wish I was you! I did the same thing - saw the 'good' in a bad boy - and was divorced after a year! Lol.
  21. ^^Maybe if he's really changed, he should turn himself in? He'd get a light sentence if he did.
  22. While I love Brax in the show, I agree with this as it pertains to real life. Too many tough guys have "rules" re violence against women that they bend in all sorts of other ways incl. making an exception for women who "deserve it".
  23. Silver Logie please. It will be a travesty if she doesn't win it. She deserves it.
  24. I think Casey's really cute. I really love that age on a guy - just before they "pop" into looking like a grown man. I remember my mate coming home from a trip overseas and I couldn't wrap my arms around his chest like I used to - and he'd had that "pop" while he was away. I still tease him about it 12 years on. I love all the RBs in their own way. Would love to see Heath grow closer to the others.
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