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The Beach House

Guest Perry

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The Beach House

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Irene Roberts, Bianca Scott, April Scott and Paul Roberts

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Angst

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC L DR V

Summary: An ongoing fic involving the lives, loves, heartbreaks and self discoveries of the two families living inside one of Summer Bay’s most iconic residences, the Beach House.



An expensive 2010 model car parked on the driveway of the Beach House. As the woman in her late thirties hopped out of the car she instantly smelt the salt in the air from the sea. She could feel the Summer Bay sun on her skin almost instantaneous. She stepped up towards the beach. Looking out to the bay she almost forgot all about. The wind was quite unordinary for that time of year, it wasn’t cold just a strong sea breeze she wasn’t familiar with… well she was but it had been almost 16 years. She walked back to the car and from the glove compartment she pulled out a burgundy hair tie that matched the colour of her brand named halter top. She tied her long blonde locks back into a ponytail before checking herself out in the vehicles side mirror. She looked at the woman she had become.

Although now all grown up, Finlay Roberts was still the same naïve young girl inside, she had sadness in her eyes that showed a vulnerability that hadn’t escaped in a long time. In fact as she looked at herself a small tear escaped and fell down her cheek. She wiped the tear with her fingertip and then went back into the glove compartment to grab a pair of huge expensive sunglasses to disguise her vulnerability.

She walked up to the opened kitchen door and with her soft fist gave a couple of taps on the door.


“Just a second.” A female voice called from upstairs.

Fin walked inside the home and looked around at the changes to the place. No longer was the interior a pink shack, this well presented four bedroom home looked completely different to the house she lived in a long time ago.

Bianca walked down the stairs wearing only a bathrobe, she tied a towel around the top of her head and smiled as she stepped towards Fin.

“Hi?” A slightly embarrassed Bianca greeted the woman.

“You must be Bianca.” Fin said with a smile giving the confident blonde her hand to shake. “I’m Fin.”

“Fin…?” Bianca shook her hand a little stronger then the woman was use to. “Irene’s Fin?”

Fin nodded.

“Wow…” Bianca chuckled. “How are you?” Bianca all of a sudden was embarrassed by her attire. “Your mum is due back any second, make yourself a coffee, I’ll be back down in a minute.” Bianca raced up the stairs.

Fin walked back into the kitchen and heard voices outside.

April walked inside and jumped when she saw the stranger in her home. “Hi?” She said in a soft friendly voice.

“Don’t tell me…” Fin said with a delighted smile. “…May?”


“April, of course wrong month.” Fin giggled.

“You left the groceries to me, again.” Irene said as she walked into the house. She walked passed her daughter and April and placed the groceries on the bench. She started unpacking the bag. “…Now I want to do some washing while the weather’s good so April if you have any dark’s…” She turned to Fin. “And you too Bianca...” She smiled as she realised her daughter wasn’t Bianca. “Fin, oh my godfather come here love.” She walked over to her daughter and gave her a hug. Her smile quickly faded and she looked at Fin a little frightened. “Is Paul ok?”

“He’s doing well mum.” Fin smiled. “He’s out of hospital now, he’s made a full recovery.”

“Oh April...” Irene excitedly pulled April towards her daughter. “…April this is my daughter, Fin.”

“Nice to meet you.” April smiled.

“You too, I’ve already met your sister.” Fin gave April a look to say to leave her and Irene be. “She’s upstairs.”

April picked up on the vibe and grabbed a packet of woman’s razors from the grocery bag. “I’ll just go up and give her these.” April said with a polite smile and disappeared upstairs.

“What’s going on?” Irene asked realising this wasn’t a social visit.

“Maybe we should sit down…” Fin said before she took her mother’s hand and lead her to the lounge.

“How’s Mark?” Irene asked with worry for her other grandson.

“He’s staying at his dad’s for the Christmas break.” Fin answered. “How have you been?” Fin asked.

“Fin love, you’re here for a reason…” Irene took a breath. “…Out with it.”

“It’s Paul…” Fin said before breaking out in tears. “…Since he’s left the hospital, he’s been…” Fin said before sobs. Irene gave her a hug and this helped her continue. “…He’s been real difficult. He’s fighting with his stepdad, his brother. He’s been real violent.”

“Oh love…” Irene rubbed Fin’s back and looked her daughter in her eyes. “Do you know why he’s acting out?”

Fin nodded. “I thought it would all be better if we were honest with him but it’s just made it worst.”


“When he was in the hospital we found out that…” Fin wiped the tears from her eyes. She took a deep breath and separated from the embrace with her mother. “You did a wonderful thing for me and it wasn’t your fault at all.” Fin took her mother’s hand. “…If I knew…”

“Fin, just tell me love.”

“There was a mistake when we went to America for the surrogacy, the Doctor made a mistake…”

“What kind of mistake?”

“...Paul isn’t my son…” Fin confessed gripping her mother’s hand tightly. “…Paul is your son.”

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“Get down.” April quietly yelled as she hid behind one if the vehicle’s in the car park of the Paint Factory.

Xavier quickly jumped down hiding from the security guards sight. He started chuckling slightly. He looked over at April who put her index finger over lips before smiling. Xavier began leopard crawling towards April.

The Security Guard turned his torch off and walked back to his post deciding to himself that it must have been some kind of animal making that noise.

“Here take this…” April said as she handed him the poster she made from an old bed sheet. “…I want you to stick it to the fence so people can see it from the road.”

“Well what are you doing?” Xavier questioned.

“Taking photos for my blog.” April gave her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. “I need you to get their, put the sign on and meet back here.”

“Why am I doing all the hard stuff?” Xavier asked in a flirty tone to disguise his annoyance to the situation.

“Because if I put you in charge of the camera all I will get is photos of your fingers.”

Xavier nodded in agreement. "You do realize you used their paint to make their sign?"

April ignored him, she looked around. “Go now.” She ordered.

Xavier grabbed the tie wire and the sheet and ran to the fence. As he was tying the sign, April took photos with her SLR. Through the view finder she could see Xavier tie one side of the sign, without realizing the flash was up she took one more photo before realizing she had lit up the whole area for a second. She slammed the flash down and looked over to the guards post, he wasn’t there. Xavier got to the other side of the sign and started tying, the words on the sign were now clearly visible. ‘Stop Polluting Our Beaches!’

“Xavier!” April whispered but not nearly loud enough.

“What are you doing?” The guard asked as he grabbed at April’s foot.

April looked at the guard. “I’m just doing a project for school.” She answered nonchalant.

The Guard pointed to the fence. “And I bet that’s not part of your curriculum.”

April looked at the sign, Xavier was nowhere to be seen. “I have no idea how that got there.” April said with a smile before taking another photograph of the sign.

The guard snatched the camera off her.

“Hey that’s mine!”

“Well you can ask the Police to give it back.”

* * *

“What was going through your flipping head?” Irene asked April in the Police interviewing room.

“Like I said to Charlie, I was just taking photos.” April answered.

April was sitting at the desk with Charlie Buckton. Bianca and Irene were standing at the door.

“So what happens now?” Bianca asked her friend.

“Well no charges are being pressed…” Charlie told them all while looking straight at April. “I’ll leave the punishment up to you.”

“Thank you Charlie.” Irene said.

April grabbed her camera and began to head out the door.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Bianca asked her sister.

April rolled her eyes before turning around to look at Charlie. “I’m sorry that the factory that keeps polluting our beach wasted Police resources by having you pick up a teenager taking photos.”

“April!” Bianca pulled her sister by her shoulder. “What is the matter with you?”

* * *

At school April placed her school books into her locker. She was tapped on the shoulder and she turned around to see Xavier looking at her with a smile. April rolled her eyes, she shut the locker and walked away from the teenage boy.


“You left me there Xavier!” April turned to him and said before giving him a look of disgust.

“Well what’s the point of both of us getting in trouble?” Xavier asked.

“Well what’s the point of both of us, Period?”

“What are you saying?” Xavier looked confused. “Do you want to break up?”

April nodded before walking away. She stopped when she left Xavier’s sight and placed her forehead against the wall, sighing.

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Bianca grabbed the roll book from her desk and headed out into the school hallway. She walked past Ruby and Casey who had their lips interlocking with each others.

“Casey Braxton, Ruby Buckton you both know the rules…” Bianca lectured the two year 12 students. “…Six inches!”

“Come on Miss…” Casey separated himself from his girlfriend and looked at his teacher with a coy smile before looking down at his crotch. “…It’s bigger then that.”

“You are to stay six inches apart from one another at all times whilst on school premises and for that little remark you can both be on scab duty at recess.”

Casey laughed, Bianca watched as Casey grabbed Ruby’s hand and gently caressed the back of her hand with his thumb. Bianca let out a grunt to show her disappointment and Casey let go of his girlfriend’s hand.

“Get to class.” Bianca ordered before walking into her own classroom.

The Year 7 class was loud and rowdy, Bianca closed the door and threw her roll book onto the desk.

“Alright I’m back you can quiet down now.” She started writing on the blackboard. “I want you all to turn to chapter 4 on your red books…”

“I don’t have my red book Miss.” A student called out.

Bianca turned to look at the young boy in the front row. “Well you can look over Carina’s shoulder today and spend lunch time with me.”

The student smiled, slightly embarrassed.

* * *

“Xavier, don’t just walk past the rubbish, pick it up.” Bianca said to the boy as she walked by.

Xavier looked at April sitting by herself on the oval he then turned away and picked up the rubbish.

Bianca walked over to April. “I just spoke to Mr Copeland, did you know you failed your English exam?”

“Hi Bianca…” April smiled. “…How was your day?”

“What is going on with you? You’re failing exams? Getting picked up by the Police? Breaking up with Xavier?”

“Bianca relax.”

“How am I suppose to relax when…?” She started to sniff a familiar stench. “Is someone smoking?” She looked around the school oval. “Jayden Lions….” She yelled. “…You put that cigarette out right now!” She looked at April. “This isn’t over.”

* * *

Bianca turned the light off in the hallway and noticed the light still on in one of the classrooms. She walked inside the classroom and saw Liam Murphy at the desk working through some notes.

“Still here Mr Murphy?” She looked at her colleague and smiled.

Liam looked up as Bianca stepped closer and closer.

“Yeah the year 7 class is doing my head in.” Liam threw his pen down and swang his chair around to face Bianca who seductively sat down at the desk beside him.

“Want to do dinner tonight Mr Murphy?”

Liam nodded, he stood up and wrapped his arms around her. “You know you smell delicious Miss Scott?”

“Do I Mr Murphy?” She wrapped her legs around him and used them to push him in closer to her. She gently bit his bottom lip tantalising him. “You know school started back two weeks ago and we haven’t really had any time to ourselves? Well between your school work and my school work.”

“I know…” Liam admitted before kissing her passionately. “…It’s just…” He placed his lips on her neck gently pecking her collar bone. “…I’ve got a lesson.” He separated himself from her and walked towards the door, opening it.

“Not that I am counting Liam but it has been exactly two weeks and 3 days since we last had sex and I’m growing hugely impatient and even more horny…” Her voice was slightly threatening. “…Now if I were you I would **** the brains out of me before you get to your lesson or you will have one majorly pissed off girlfriend.”

Liam opened the door up wider and a female year 12 student walked into the classroom. “Actually I’ve got the lesson here, now…” A slightly embarrassed Liam admitted to his girlfriend. “…And I will have to agree with you Miss Scott that sounds too risqué for a year 12 play, but better run it by Gina first.”

“Well thanks for your help Mr Murphy…” She began heading out. “…I’ll leave you to your lesson.” She walked into the hallway and head butted the wall.

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