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  3. Yep, tad worried. Also worried about Leah and Irene's convo about the diner the other day as well... wondering what it's all leading to.... if neither of them work at the diner anymore then what will they do??
  4. Why is this thread named Kyle Braxton?? Clearly he is not a Braxton but a Bennett. I mean you don't see Sasha Bezmel being Sasha Walker do you? Anyways, I don't mind Kyle so much, he's at least interesting.
  5. Good chapter, please continue. (So nice to see a story without Chax in it.....runs & hides from Chax fans...!)
  6. LMAO. That was heaps funny. Please continue.
  7. That was a perfect ending!! Loved it, thanks for sharing.
  8. LOL. Loved Roman & Sids woman contest. And Captain Morag.... And Casey thinking Charlie was hot... lol. Please continue.
  9. Loved the gathering, hopeing Ruby's baby is okay.... please continue.
  10. Bianca isn't acting all goody goody, she knows she did the wrong thing with Heath. Heath didn't tell her how he felt about her either, so how was she to know that he had more emotional feelings towards her. The only thing that she has done wrong is sleeping with Heath when she didn't have those types of feelings for him, she was only acting on physical attraction, not love. Once she realised her true feelings she broke it off with Heath. She was never with Liam either times that she slept with Heath (the first time was when Liam was in rehab and they had broken up and the 2nd time at the cott
  11. lol, loved that Roman showed up on a hawwian boat... continue please.
  12. aw nicole left with aden... loved those last few lines! Continue please.
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