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This Year's Love (by TachelHolden) - comments


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Rachel lay there in Tonys arms deep in thought , "what you thinking about Rach , Tony was trying his hardest to figure out" " Nothing , nothing Rachel said quietly just forget it , now are we getting up?" " well i would rather stay in bed all day with you but i wish it was that easy" laughs Tony who's climbing over Rachel to get his watch which he must have took off before going to bed. "Now are you wanting the shower first Rach or can i grab a quick one before i head off to work" , " no no you go ahead im just going to feed Harry and then get myself ready"

Whilst Tony is grabbing a shower Rach is busy making his lunch and feeding Harry his breakfast , she wasnt herself. Tony noticed something was up with her but could not put his finger on what it was. They were fine last night , one kiss lead to another and before they knew it they were in bed for 9oclock she was in a good mood and now shes acting strange so why the sudden change?

Tony is in the bedroom getting his work clothes on , going round and round in his head was have i done something to upset her? Did i do something wrong or say something wrong but he could not for the life of him figure out what. Everything last night was perfect between them , it has been a while since they slept together , with work and Harry and all the other crazy things going on in their life's. Tony on many ocassions tried to get Rachel in the mood but she was always tired or working or busy with Harry but last night something clicked , she actually wanted to go further.

" Hey Rach you ok?" " yes im fine honestly if im not ill let you know about it" laughs Rachel " now here is your lunch you better go or else you will be late" " Hey im the boss" i can run 5 minutes over for a good cause spending time with my wife and baby is a good excuse but just in case im going now.

Ill be home around 5 is that okay? " yes thats fine we will see you then" Ok great says Tony can't wait " I love you" " you too" Rach smiles. " Love you too Harry" who is trying to crawl after him.


Hey Rach whats wrong? says Leah " aww everything Leah , me and Tony had this perfect night together last night for the first time in ages and i went and gave him the brush off this morning" What? Why? " I really dont know , maybe its the fact Tony wants another baby" He does says Leah looking shocked? " Last night we slept together and we didnt have any protection" " Rach you are on the pill arent you?" " i was but then Harry came along and i realised i do want another baby" well then Leah says whats the problem? " Im so scared Leah what if i have post natal depression if we have another baby" Aww Rach come here , Leah wraps her arms around her and gives her a big hug you need to talk to Tony about this tell him how you are feeling hes a good man he'll understand. " Rach you are an excellent mother" , that little boy there adores you and i can see how much you love him and whos to say its going to be the same with another baby? " Youre right Leah i need to speak to Tony" he was so great when i had PND with Harry he was my rock and now what i can't even face to tell him im terrified ill get it back if we have another child.

Hes been so great and patient , i mean we weren't sleeping together for a while any other man would have been tearing the hair out his head but not Tony he wanted to wait unil i was ready to , even last night he asked if i was sure how sweet is that? Well Rach you landed yourself a great guy who totally adores you and worships the ground you walk on , be sure to hang onto him they don't come around often now get home and tell him the truth.

" Thank you Leah , you are a great friend" " No problem its what im here for".


"Hey Rach" i was wondering where you had got to , ive made dinner. "of course you have" " Hey Tony can i talk to you a minute" " sure whats wrong?"

Its about this morning , it had nothing to do with you im just really scared that if we have another baby i may have PND with that one too. Awww Rach i know its scary to think about , i thought about it too but you know we cant be scared if it happens we will deal with it together like we dealt with it before.Im always here for you Rachel i love you more than anything in the world , you are my world! Ive seen you with Harry now you are brilliant with him. I know im being insecure about all of this but i really just needed to hear that from you Tony. Come here says Tony and wraps his arms around her its all going to be fine Rach i promise you.

Tony being Tony tries to break the ice , "thank god for that really! I was thinking you had gone off me" " No way says Rach you are my Mr.Perfect theres no escaping me" Good laughs Tony and just one more thing " you are sexy as hell Mrs.Holden" now can we eat im starving " wow tony you sure know how to ruin a moment" Rachel laughs.

hahhahahahhahaha i :wub: this its so good they should put it on

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Awww Char, that was just too cute, i loved it :wub:

Did you get the fourth gear joke from Friends? :lol::lol: Very funny! Love how you had Rachel say it and the bit about him being an old man in a younger mans body.

Yes haha!!! I said it to my sister the other day when she was driving , and remembered it was from friends :P Love it haha

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