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  1. Hello! I hope you are well! And yes thank you. I am enjoying university so much. Everyone is so lovely. I'm mostly on the Mansion Site for my learning but everyone is so nice and helpful. As for my journey, I was on time luckily because the other bus drops me right off outside the university. Hope you're okay. Xx

  2. Ahhhhhhh they are just absolutely perfect thank you so much and such a huge choice as well. I'm so lucky I can't choose! Haha! I think I'll alternate, thank you so much I adore the one of Rachel and Harry as well, the lighting is just beautiful! And the ones by Jack's grave to; I love the different contrasts. Thank you so much Zetti
  3. Can any of you beautiful people do me an avatar? I'd love to update my one to include Harry in it so wondered if any of you would be able to do me one from Tachel's last episode when Tony agrees to go to America and they kiss and Harry's looking at them? I'd be most grateful Ariana-tithe - those avs are just stunning! The colouring is beautiful and if I could bear to part from Tachel I would definetely have loved to steal one
  4. I agree with you Red; I find them really uncomfortable to watch. I just can't get used to them both together.
  5. I, of course, will be very interested in reading I love your fics x
  6. Hey Laura! Ive been meaning to clear up some space in my PM inbox for a while lol, I've made some space so you can now message me about whatever it is you wanted to ask me about :) xx

  7. Hi Kevin!

    Couldn't email you because your PM box is full, there was something I wanted to ask you. Could you contact me pretty please? Hehe x

  8. Aww Carina, you're so lovely thank you so much. And callyha that's really sweet. Trust me you're a brilliant writer though, it's easier to criticise your own work and you usually find faults where no-one else reading it does. Sabrina and Red Ranger to thank you so much for your comments, I wasn't sure whether to post it but I'm glad I did now just to know a few people enjoyed it. I did wonder if people might not read it because they thought it was the same as the contest RR1, perhaps I should have made a note in the title but I'm glad you all read and enjoyed so thank you so much
  9. Thank you so so much Carina, your reply really made me smile You're so so king thank you so much. Without your comments it would have been very lonely in here! The word count definetely wasn't enough but I think a part of me feels it worked better as a one shot without them finding him. However I love Tachel too much to do that to them Thank you again! xxx
  10. That's just stunning colouring Jen! You've really adapted the lighting to suit the mood of the av - they're all beautiful!
  11. Carina that was such a beautiful story, I'm so please you've posted this as a one shot, hopefully you'll get the good comments you deserve for it! It was so nice to see how different things could have been if Belle didn't have cancer in the show. I loved how you didn't make it a strictly gushy happily ever after, fairytale sort of happiness but spoke about the difficulties they could have gone through with Belle's past drug misuse and her miscarriage. It was so sad but sensitively portrayed and the ending with a hint of hope was a really bittersweet way to conclude your story. Aden was so l
  12. Thanks for the comment I'll send you the link for it when it's all done, it's going to included a pictorial 'story of Tachel' so will help fill in the gaps for everything you've missed. It's lovely to see new Tony&Rachel fans The fish episode is episode 4914...it's very cute! Enjoy
  13. Hi all Tachel fans! Thank you all for your contributions towards the Tachel features, there's loads of brilliant stuff that's been sent over. I'm going to start putting this together and getting the wheels into motion now so this is a last message for those who'd like to contribute either with new material or if they've written Tachel fanfics, made Tachel artwork or created Tachel music videos etc in the past then please send me the link so I can collect it into one place. You will of course all be credited! I do miss our Tachel chats, even those who weren't fans! Thank you all for your
  14. Woowie they're so so beautiful Barbara! Sorry it's taken me so long to comment but all of your icons are just amazing! The cropping is fantastic and I love how you've merged two pictures together so flawlessly. And can I also give a special mention to the av you did for QA, it's just.......perfect So beautiful, the colouring is so warm and vibrant and the crop and cap is just beautiful
  15. Oh wow Kirsty! That was in incredible end to an absolutely amazing story...I'm so sad it's over Where to start? I loved how you left a bit of a gap in time and filled in the gaps with flashbacks. It added more depth to the story as we still learnt everything that had happened but there was no waffle and it left me constantly wondering what had happened with Emily and how Michael was coping. One of the most brilliant things I think you did was the portrayal of Tony and Rachel's relationship. The way you've written it you can tell how much their relationship has developed, how much Rachel tru
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