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  1. Hello! I hope you are well! And yes thank you. I am enjoying university so much. Everyone is so lovely. I'm mostly on the Mansion Site for my learning but everyone is so nice and helpful. As for my journey, I was on time luckily because the other bus drops me right off outside the university. Hope you're okay. Xx

  2. I was always under the impression that alcohol didn't affect the pill whether it's used for contraception or otherwise??
  3. The Midwife's Confession. It's amazing I recommend it to everyone
  4. I like you Carina I'm sorry you're struggling so much at the moment Don't be so hard on yourself though; I think you'll find there are a lot more people out there that like you than you realise. I went through a period like yours nearer the end of my school year - actually the whole of school. I hated it. It's a huge change in your life and there's so much uncertainty that it's frightening and you don't know whether you're going to keep your friends or even want to. Hold out though because I think going to University is going to be a brilliant thing for you. I found all of my close friends when I started University and that's when I finally managed to go through all the things I do and don't like about myself and now I feel much more settled. You're going to meet new people who won't judge you for anything that's happened in the past and you'll be able to have a fresh start x
  5. Poor you Carina It's very difficult to say whether there's anything out there that you can use to reduce the visibility of scars; there are many treatments such as Bio-Oil which claim to do just that but they're very controversial and there's not actually any evidence to suggest that these do help. Some people will swear by it for stretchmarks in pregnancy and won't get any but whose to say they would have got them anyway? The one thing I can say is that it is highly unlikely anyone else even notices them so try not to feel so self conscious. I think we always look at ourselves and first notice the things we hate about our look when actually other people don't even notice them. Your scars all tell a story so try to embrace them In terms of your edit you made; I meant to comment the other day but didn't get a chance. If you want to PM me about it feel free; you know what line of work I'm in, nothing is too much information for me so if you want any advice or just to talk let me know
  6. Ahhhhhhh they are just absolutely perfect thank you so much and such a huge choice as well. I'm so lucky I can't choose! Haha! I think I'll alternate, thank you so much I adore the one of Rachel and Harry as well, the lighting is just beautiful! And the ones by Jack's grave to; I love the different contrasts. Thank you so much Zetti
  7. Can any of you beautiful people do me an avatar? I'd love to update my one to include Harry in it so wondered if any of you would be able to do me one from Tachel's last episode when Tony agrees to go to America and they kiss and Harry's looking at them? I'd be most grateful Ariana-tithe - those avs are just stunning! The colouring is beautiful and if I could bear to part from Tachel I would definetely have loved to steal one
  8. I'm really pleased it's worked for you There used to be an even better gel but that's been discontinued and Iglu is the best alternative I can find. Only thing I have problems with is trying to spread it on before the saliva makes it go all sticky haha! But it stops it rubbing for a few hours at least Hopefully the pain will go from the wisdom tooth soon; mine didn't last for very long! x
  9. Aww I'm sorry to hear Carina I had that when my wisdom tooth came through and had ulcers and pain all down my throat and neck it's horrible. And the gum swells up which is probably why you feel like you need to bite down. I get ulcers quite a lot and the best thing I've found that works is iglu gel. It's quite expensive but sticks to the ulcer so it has a coating over it and you can't knock it and it also has anaesthetic in it to so will heal at the same time. I recommend you put it on just before you go to bed as it works overnight and only takes a couple of days max to clear it up completely. Bonjela is completely useless but it tastes so nice You could try taking some ibuprofen for pain relief? It's an anti-inflammatory so might take down a bit of the swelling? xx
  10. I agree with you Red; I find them really uncomfortable to watch. I just can't get used to them both together.
  11. I, of course, will be very interested in reading I love your fics x
  12. Hey Laura! Ive been meaning to clear up some space in my PM inbox for a while lol, I've made some space so you can now message me about whatever it is you wanted to ask me about :) xx

  13. Hi Kevin!

    Couldn't email you because your PM box is full, there was something I wanted to ask you. Could you contact me pretty please? Hehe x

  14. Aww Carina, you're so lovely thank you so much. And callyha that's really sweet. Trust me you're a brilliant writer though, it's easier to criticise your own work and you usually find faults where no-one else reading it does. Sabrina and Red Ranger to thank you so much for your comments, I wasn't sure whether to post it but I'm glad I did now just to know a few people enjoyed it. I did wonder if people might not read it because they thought it was the same as the contest RR1, perhaps I should have made a note in the title but I'm glad you all read and enjoyed so thank you so much
  15. Thank you so so much Carina, your reply really made me smile You're so so king thank you so much. Without your comments it would have been very lonely in here! The word count definetely wasn't enough but I think a part of me feels it worked better as a one shot without them finding him. However I love Tachel too much to do that to them Thank you again! xxx
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