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  1. What made you first notice Tony? Also, what is it about Tony’s character that appeals/doesn’t appeal to you? The day he came to Summer Bay of course! How could I not notice a man like him! Really. I've always been a big Beth fan, they were neighbours, Beth and Tony were friends and I loved their relationship. So yeah, I've loved him since he came. Do you think Jon Sivewright was the right actor to play Tony and why? What do you think he brought to the role? Ohhh, yeah! I could not imagine anyone but him. He is so hot! Like really. Like Jon hasn't got long acting career, he just started, but where has he been for so long? Waist of talent! He is really good actor and I think it's good he wasn't known before Tony's role, because there wasn't any comparing him with earlier roles. I think he was funny and I was melting when he smiled. Great! Tony was mainly a background character for his first year or so on the show? What storylines would you have liked him to be involved in during this time? More, more and more scenes and storylines with him and Beth! They were waisting talents! Jon and Clarissa had such great chemistry, they were so good together. Why didn't they use it? Can't understand. Like marriage? Okay, maybe it was too soon. Tony had so good relationship with his sons so they should've used it more. I don't know how. What were your favourite Tony storylines? Him and Beth getting together, Beth's death, his relationship with Matilda, Lucas' troubles with Mum's loss and living with Beth, getting together with Rachel, Jack's death, proposals and wedding. Especially second proposal, football team and relationship with Geoff and Annie, Martha & Jack's first wedding, the explosion and Jack being paralysed afterwards, when they first came and it was revealed that Jack had killed a teenager and how he protected Jack. What was Tony’s worst storyline? The thing with having so many women after Beth's death. Naomi was horrible! What other storylines would you liked to have seen Tony involved in? Other storylines? His life was like... I don't know. Circus? He had everything in it. Marriage, kids, deaths, friends, affairs... I just wish we could've seen more of him with Beth. They were too background! I loved them together. They were waisting him and his talent. Shame. First year was waisting... What were your favourite Tony scenes? (1) With a love interest? (2) With a family member? (3) With a friend? 1) Omg, all the scenes with Beth! Every single one. Then playing with Harry and happy scenes with Rachel, like first date and first kiss, first night together and dinner after that, wedding, proposals etc. 2) Swinging with Matilda, surfing with Jack or Lucas, moving in with Jack and Lucas, first day at school with Lucas 3) Scenes with Alf and coaching football team, night with Aden before Adelle's wedding, scenes with Martha What do you feel was the best written Tony scene during his time on the show? I think I have to say the day Beth died and Tony saw her hand hanging... It made me cry! It was heartbreaking. Jon acted it so well. It was so realistic. Do you think Tony made a good partner? Why/why not? What? If I had him, I'd be in heaven! He was so caring, loving and supportive. Jack's death was just so hard on him, he was never the same, but that's no miracle. He was honest and always there for others. He helped always if he could. He never meant to hurt anyone. His heart is in the right place! What do you think about Tony’s relationship with Beth? Also, if Beth hadn’t died would her and Tony have still been together now? Oh, gosh... I LOVED them! Just loved. I was devestated when I heard about Beth's death. I didn't think I'd be able to get over about it and I couldn't imagine Tony with anyone else. But there came Rachel. and she was perfect. If Beth hadn't died... It's hard. I loved Beth & Tony and I'm a big Tachel fan. As much as it hurts I'd have to say, I hope he'd be with Beth. I don't know why, but they were real soulmates and the way he reacted when he saw her hand hanging... It just tells more than thousand words. Not that he didn't love Rach that much. Of course he did. And it's weird to think him without her and Harry, but Beth was his first love at Summer Bay, but knowing the writers I doubt they would let Tony and Beth be together like that. During Tony’s time on the show he has been portrayed as a good family man – Do you think HotDad was a good dad and why? Also, was he a good father figure to and other characters such as Mattie and Geoff? HotDad was the best dad ever! I wish I had one like that (don't get me wrong, I love my dad). He was supporting, but at the same time funny. He was a best friend and father. Caring but he could be rough. He loved and protected his childs no matter what and would do anything for them ,even kill! He was the kind of man you could always count on and know that he is there. He was a total family man. I'm glad we had a man like him. He was definitely a great father figure to others, like Mattie and Geoff. It mattered to him, what Mattie thought of him and Rach and he always worried about her. He helped Geoff so much and was always there for him, Lucas was even jealous, so of course he was a good father figure. He wasn't afraid to communicate and did everything he could to help his children. Just perfect! I wouldn't chance a thing about him! In your opinion, what is HotDad’s best look? And his worst?! Let's be honest, he never looked bad! Even with his hair too long, I loved him. and with short hair I love him even more. Best look was when he didn't have his shirt on! He was always so handsome, only joy to watch. What are some of your favourite Tony quotes? Anything that came out of his mouth was pure gold! Okay, maybe not everything, but most of it. I can't pick a favourite What would you like to see Jon go onto do now? What kind of TV shows/films would he be suited to? I'd like to see more films. I know he has done some short movies, but I haven't found them anywhere (If anyone know anything, PM me please). Some comedys, some dramas. Anything, I'd watch anything for him! As long as I can see him. He is so talented, he could act anything out. Of course I'd like to see him back at Summer Bay again one day. So, I hope we hear a lot about him and as long as he is happy, I'm happy too.
  2. When did you first become a fan of Rachel? (Which episode/storyline/year) The moment she arrived. I loved the storyline with Kim, it was great, expect the way it ended... What qualities do you like/dislike about Rachel? I love that she is herself no matter what. She doesn't chance herself. She only does what she thinks is right and she only wants to help everyone. Rachel makes mistakes, but that's what made herself who she is. She has learnt from them. She apologizes and admits her problems and mistakes. She loves kids and I love that fact! Oh, boy. And I love how she protects the ones she love. Like when Harry was kidnapped. She was furious! I'd like to be more like her myself She's a great rolemodel! What outfits did/didn’t you like seeing Rachel wear? (Feel free to add screen caps to your description) Wedding dress was amazing! She was perfect! I loved most of her outfits. I can't really remember anything I hated. I loved that she wore many skirts and dresses. and not only clothes- her hair too! But shortly after Harry was born there were some clothes that were too big for her. I know that they were trying to make it realistic, but there could have been other ways I think. What was/were your favourite Rachel storyline(s) and could you relate to them in any way? Favourites were her mum's death, getting together with Kim, Harry's kidnapping and many others. I could really relate to them yes, because Rachel always likes and wants to help everyone and sometimes she messed things up, but that's how life is. And the Joe storyline. She loves kids like I do and I really understood her. Tell us a few of your favourite quotes from Rachel. I haven't really got one. I think it's because in Estonia there's a male voice that reads lines in Estonian, so we can't really hear, what the characters are saying. Pity. Who do you think was Rachel’s ultimate soul mate and why – Kim, Hugh, Lewis, Henk, Roman or Tony? TONY! No doubt for me. I would've chosen Tony out of them as well, any day! Kim was too young and sometimes childish for her, although they were a good couple. Hugh was great, but he wasn't as honest as he should've been, I think his job was more important. Lewis didn't take her seriously enough and wasn't good enough for her. Henk- omg! He raped her! There's nothing to say. Roman, yes he was funny and good guy and Rach had fun with him, but I think it wasn't ment to work between them. I don't know why. They were too different maybe. But then there's Tony. Perfect guy. Loves his family like she does. He is mature and understanding. He knows how to treat a woman, he has experiences and is caring. They fought but who doesn't? I think he was the best for her and she was the best for him. They were just so good, they completed each other. Who would you have liked to have seen Rachel paired up with from all the male regulars and guests from the show? I could not imagine anyone else but Tony. I don't know. I'm so in love with him, he's just perfect. I think it wasn't ment to work with anyone else. What type of storyline did you enjoy Rachel in – a work related storyline, a personal related storyline or a storyline with another Summer Bay character (apart from a relationship one)? Definitely a personal related storyline. Then Rachel was herself and could focus on her a bit and didn't have to worry about anyone else. At work she always helped and everyone trusted her, told her everything. But I have to say, I loved her relationship with Leah. They were best friends and I loved how easy it was to them to talk to eachother. They trusted eachother completely. It was great to see a true friendship. Do you feel that we should have had more/less focus storyline wise on Rachel during the years and do you feel that she was/wasn’t a background character towards the end of her time on the show? Yes, I feel like there should have been more focus on her and she was really background at the end. Really, can't understand why. She was always the one to help and fix everything, but she had so few storylines for herself. It's a pity, beacause Amy would've played everything well! It's sad that they focus on young ones so much and don't have time for older characters. Rachel didn't have enough attention on her. What was/were your favourite storyline/s that featured Rachel that stood out in your mind? The storyline when Rachel's mum died. How she cried, was drunk after that and even slapped Leah. I can't forget how she tried to bring her mum back to life. And when Joe died. She was devastated. Of course when Harry was kidnapped, she was great too. Funny, all the storylines, what stood out in my mind, are sad.. What type of storylines would you have liked to have seen Rachel tackle – both professionally and personally? I would've liked to see her celebrating her birthday or Mum's death anniversary. Also I would've liked to see her asking for help. She was so indepentent and helped the others. Her crasching down and crying, wanting to be alone. Okay her Mum's death was something like that and Harry's birth, but not enough for me. More happy familyt time would have been great too! Let's be honest, there were not enough storylines envolved the 3 of them and being happy. Can't think of anything else right now. What song (by title and artist) best describes or best depicts Rachel? Omg. I really can't think of anything. But charmed60 said Kelly Clarkson- Miss Independent, good choice! What storylines do you think Amy Mathews did a tremendous job in portraying her character’s strengths? Really though one! She always did great job! And again I have to say the storyline, when her Mum died and drinking problems after that. It was just so good! Then with Jack's death, she was there for Tony no matter what, even when he tried to kill him, she forgave him. I think she also acted really great with all the depression after Harry was born and kidnapping after that. Oh, and of course when Rachel and Kim separated. Brilliant work with Chris Sadrinna! And I have to mention Emily having cancer. She was so supportive to her and Brad and so strong, especially at their wedding. Amazing! Which direction would you like to see Amy venture into next – stage (theatre), television (tv dramas/soaps or a mini-series) or film (short films or movies)? Films would be great! They're easy to watch in every corner of the world, but it would be hard to start watching new TV-series just beacause she is playing there. But I would watch it in the Internet if I had to, Amy is just so good! But yea, what ever she is comfortable with What message would you like to convey to the writers of the show in regards to the character of Dr Rachel Armstrong? It's pity you didn't use her as much as you should have! Especially the last year. So lame! But I have to say, she is one of the best characters of all the time in Home and Away! She was realistic and so many people can relate to her (so do I). If she falls, she gets back up and tries to move on. She is role model, yes! Now that you've lost her, you've lost a big part of Summer Bay. No one can replace her. If there's any chance, bring her back! What message would you like to send to Amy in regards to her on-screen character and for her future in the world of acting? You're AMAZING! Thanks for the good work and nice moments we had with Rachel Armsrtong. Your character will be missed terribly. You've done brilliant job and we love you. So thank you. Good luck, all the best, be strong and know that we support you no matter what!
  3. Describe a few memorable pre-Tachel scenes that are worthy of mentioning. When do you think that you saw that first Tachel spark when they weren’t a couple yet? It was even before the Reverend Hall mess. Tony and Rachel were spending time together after Beth's death, I don't even know if it was before or after Jazz. I know that one time they were at the Diner, just having lunch, and there it was. I think Colleen or someone noticed that too, but I can't remember the exact episode unfortunately. What were your favourite and least favourite Tachel storylines? Favourties... There's so many! Of course Rachel's pregnancy and the mess with wedding. And Tony and Rachel getting togehter. They were so cute and happy and in love, it was pleasure watching it. Least favourite- when Tony had an affair with Bridget and the other one, when Rachel thought Tony was having an affair, but he was only trying to fix Jack's boat. Mention a few of your favourite Tachel quotes. When Rachel asked Tony, if she was still hot!!! Describe your favourite Tachel scenes with and without Harry. Without- first kiss and that night, the morning before Dan's memorial, after they slept togehter for the first time and were having lunch later at the Diner, wedding of course, both proposals, the day when Rachel found out Joe was dead... and etc. With- when Harry was born, after kidnapping and they were lying in bed, the day at Martha's farm, the barbecueing at the back yard and Jane was stalking them etc. Which was your favourite Harry? Please mention the name of the actor or a scene/storyline that he was involved in. I don't really know, I haven't watched all the episodes, it's too painful, I'll wait til' we catch up in Estonia and watch them then. But they were all soooo cute! What will you miss most about the Holden family? That they were so true to life! They fought, but that is part of the life. They always loved eatch other, forgave everything and wanted only what's best for their family. I loved the fact that Tony was older, there's plenty of families like that. It was just so good. There never were and there never will be no other family like the Holden family! It was only joy to watch them! What song best defines Tachel? um.. I like Westlife- I wanna grow old with you. If you could re-write any Tachel scene, which would it be and how would it play out? I wouldn't chance anything, because it all made Tachel who they were. I loved every second of it. Maybe, just maybe I think I'd re-write the storyline, when Tony tried to kill Angelo, but then again, it was all understandable. It was well-played and everything ended well. So, let it be. Are there any storylines which you think could/should have been written for Tachel? Um.. Don't know. Maybe some birthdays or anniversary would have been good. I just wish we could have seen more of them. In the end they were the only family, where there were mum, dad and a child. Or am I wrong? If you were given the chance to let the writers know how you felt about the writing of this couple, what would you say to them? That it was the best idea ever to put Tony and Rachel together! They were THE best couple ever. They should've payed more attention to them, but yea, there are other characters to. I'm just really glad the didn't separate them in the end, thanks for not killing them and if there's any chance in the future... PLEASE, BRING THEM BACK! Any parting words that you would like to express in regards to Tachel? They will be missed so much! It's hard to put it in the words. It brings tears to my eyes. I just loved them so much. I hope to see them again in Summer Bay one day. Let us have that dream. Thanks for all the good memories
  4. OMG! I haven't been reading it for a while, I didn't have time, so I read it now. It was shocking! I was afraid it would be cancer but I hoped it wasn't. Really realistic. I hope Rach will get better and Tony tells her the truth and they'll be a family again... Anyway, I reallo love it ! Wating for update
  5. It was so good to read about happy Tachel, so thank you It made me smile and feel happy.Waiting for next chapter ;)
  6. Oh, it's so good I just started to read it and the first chapters are great! It's so real and I can really imagine the characters say things like these. I can't believe Kate's back! I just hope Tony and Rachel stay together and Tony and Kate don't get back together. Anyway, waiting for nezt update. You're doing really good job
  7. I thought the man would kidnap Rachel but raping. Really good! Waiting for update. I hope Rachel tells Tony though.
  8. That's exciting! Really good. I hope everything is going to be fine. Waiting for the next update
  9. I just love reading it! It's just so good and adorable to read about happiness. And that Leah and Rachel talk was so like them. Good job! I hope you keep writing it and thanks for letting me know if there's a new chapter
  10. It's sooooo goood I totally love reading it "Ohh that might be hard , Tony is hotdad!" That was hilarious! I can imagine them to say things like that, you're doing a very good job. Keep it up Oh, Mini Rachels and Tonys- I'd love that
  11. So nice to read about happy Tachel & Harry. And Jack... Aww. I'll be waiting for the next chapter.
  12. I read it today... Finally I had time. It's GREAT! It's full of surprises, you are very good writer. Good job, waiting for the next one ;)
  13. Aden-5 Alf-5 Charlie-6 Colleen-4 Dexter-4 Geoff-10 Harry-7 Indigo-4 Irene-5 Jai-5 Leah-7 Liam-6 Martha-3 Miles-7 Morag-7 Nicole-8 Ollie-3 Ross-5 Sid-5 Xavier-4
  14. Omg, Guru, you're collection is amazing! wow, like I don't know what to say. Lucky you I wrote to Jon, I just hope I'll get response...
  15. The beach scene was weird for me. I thought they kiss slightly before they split up. I can't understand what's wrong with Rach, I feel so sorry for her. She'll be so guilty when she understands what she has done. At least I hope she understands. I wouldn't blame Tony for being angry, but he's so nice! He's done everything for Rach & Harry, but it's still not enough. I hope we'll get old Rachel back soon.
  16. Aden-6 Alf-5 Annie-5 Charlie-5 Colleen-5 Dexter-5 Geoff-6 Harry-7 Hugo-3 Indigo-6 Irene-5 Jai-5 Kirsty-2 Leah-6 Liam-5 Martha-5 Miles-5 Morag-5 Nicole-5 Ollie-4 Rachel-4 Ross-5 Ruby-5 Sid-5 Tony-5 V.J-5 Xavier-6
  17. Okay, thank you very much for all your help !
  18. Aden-5 Alf-5 Annie-5 Charlie-5 Colleen-5 Dexter-6 Geoff-6 Harry-6 Hugo-4 Indigo-5 Irene-5 Jai-5 Kirsty-2 Leah-5 Liam-5 Martha-5 Miles-5 Morag-5 Nicole-6 Ollie-5 Rachel-5 Ross-5 Ruby-5 Sid-5 Tony-5 V.J-5 Xavier-6
  19. Can someone help me a little please? I'd want to get some autographs too, but there has been different addresses in different places, so which one I should use? And when I want autographs from different actors, do I have to write different letters with his/her name on it or how does it work? Thank you for your help.
  20. America's next top model, Cycle 6 . I think.
  21. Miley Cyrus- Are you ready (Superstar)
  22. black jeans, yellow t-shirt and socks. Soon I have to put on PJ's
  23. I've started to really like Indigo too. And like standbyme, I like the way Indi dresses too. First I thought she's really rough and arrogant, but I was wrong. Which is a good thing here. She's such a good friend and knows how to say no. Oh, boy, I hope we see her enough before she's gone. Great character
  24. They whole time when Ross was at Tachel's I waited for Tony to come out to see who is it and what's going on. But he didn't. But Rach did a good job with Ross I totally agree with you TachelHolden, they're so adorable family I wish I could see them more
  25. I think we see Leah and Rachel too much talking at (or in?) the diner. Leah is usually working and they can't talk much. Can't they just sit at Leah or Rachel's house, drink coffee and talk? I really miss it.
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