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Guest Dan F

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As you may have noticed, we have had to remove all episode downloads from the site and forum. We regret that we have had to take these actions, but it is due to circumstances beyond our control (you can probably guess why).

I cannot go into details at this moment in time, but I can say that I will be trying my hardest to come to some sort of compromise. I hope to update you with more information towards the end of the week.

In the mean time, please do not ask for episode downloads, or post any links for episode downloads on the forum.

We appreciate your understanding and patience with this matter.

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Don't they realise, what there meaness. Can do to the site an forum.. :ph34r::(

So not right, what they doing. I hope you can get some kind of compromise. As it will be a very, very sad loss indeed.Esp to the older 1988,to hwta ever they class a old ep's. Which i don't even see why they'd have any issues with. Newer eps yes. But not the old ones.

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I just wanted to say thankyou to Dan and everyone else who has taken the time to thank myself and everyone else who has ever posted an AUS pace episode.

It's (painfully and boringly) clear,how important doing this has been to me,over the past two years,and how sad I feel that it's come to an end so suddenly. :(

I have an immense sense of honour and pride of having been able to contribute like this,along with all the other people who have taken the considerable,time,effort and patience to post an episode every day!! Epecially,those who live in Australia,between us all we've certainly not missed an episode in the nearly five years I've been a member here. Quite a feat,I'd say! :wink:

Lastly, Thankyou SO,SO very much to ALL the people who have said just that. I apologise deeply for the times I've ever said I'd stop. I haven't because you've kept me,certainly,motivated,appreciated and above all,thanked. :wink:

I'd best make a change to my sig. now.. :huh:

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It is a shame that this has happened for BTTB as a whole, particularly in relation to the older episodes on the site, as having a resource available for viewers to explore the history and background of the show is very important in my mind. Also, I know it takes a lot of time for people to convert episodes from VHS - capturing, encoding, uploading, etc - and it is a great shame that their efforts will no longer be available for others to appreciate.

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Thank you to everyone who kept the uploads going before Jack arrived, back in the days when converting took hours and nothing was readily available elsewhere to put on megaupload - a small group of members have always contributed heavily to that part of the forum.

It's such a shame that it's come to this, but hopefully some sort of way forward might be agreed.

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