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  1. Brendan - he wasn't happy about the police coming to question Xavier about something.
  2. Just a friendly reminder that this thread is for discussing Joey as a character and Kate as an actress. Therefore, people are free to discuss anything they want to related to Joey or Kate (within the rules of the forum of course ) It is irrelevant if they have left the show or not. If you have any negative opinions regarding Joey then feel free to express them but please don't judge others for wanting to share their thoughts. That's what this section is about after all And back on topic.....
  3. There are plenty of screencaps of various characters (departed or otherwise) in the Screen Captures and Photos section. If anyone chooses to post a few caps in here or any thread then they can do so and are not obligated to post in every departed characters threads. Back on topic.....
  4. What on earth did they do to my lovely HotDad?! Gave him a personality transplant overnight it seems! Since when does he behave like that?! I understand that obviously there have been discussions about it since we last saw Tachel on screen last week but going from that to this seems like too much of a leap. I thought it was more realistic for Tony to be a little subdued about it and slightly moody... but writing him to be downright rude and disrespectful to Rachel was the wrong avenue to go down, in my opinion.
  5. Good lord I found this thread tucked away on page 5! I found something of interest tonight so thought I'd share.... a bit of a gem considering the lack of Jon interviews floating around! I don't recall anyone mentioning it before but I could be wrong. If you click this link http://www.cpod.org.au/page.php?id=151&amp..._style=edge.css and go down to the podcast from 5/2/10. Jon's interview is on at the beginning and also about half way through the podcast. He talks about being a firefighter, starting out in acting (including his non-appearance in Fireflies!.... I wondered why I didn't spot him in the episode he was supposed to be in!), lots of stuff about H&A, Tachel and various other bits and bobs. Well worth a listen though he says 'gee whizz' a lot!
  6. Yeah, the continuity with Tony and Jack's ages is all over the place so it's not worth even trying to figure that one out I'm pretty sure 13 years is about right between Tony and Rachel. I think they both stated their ages at various times in 2006 which were 27 and 40.
  7. Erm.. just a touch The pig did soar high in the sky did it not!? I would say it was well worth the wait but that would be ridiculous as it's really has been waaaaaay too long since we've seen any Tachel scenes like this! The 'banter' between them was first class and it something that has been lacking in the writing of their relationship at times. I thought it was funny how Rachel tried to be mad with him but couldn't keep a straight face! Then he won her around with his little story. Bless! I also thought it was rather amusing how Rachel was secretly impressed with him winning the fight! Let's hope the pig doesn't go back to it's sty permanently and instead goes for an occasional joy flight! I really must stop using the pig analogy to descibe Tachel... it's hardly flattering!
  8. I'm not sure the pig flew but there was a bit of air between it and the ground It was certainly an improvement on recent Tachel goings on but not perfect..... or am I just too hard to please? She was certainly freaking out somewhat! Two I love you's in one episode! We are honoured! 'Harry' crying at that very moment must have been a fluke and Amy may have just improvised.... though the lightening flash may have contributed to it!
  9. I have to admit to laughing out loud when Tony looked terrified in the back of the car! Bless him! I guess he isn't used to dealing with baddies with guns! The Tachel scene was good and showed Rachel's horror at her hubby putting himself in that situation but, you're right charmed, a little more affection wouldn't have gone astray. Maybe if Tony returns safely we could get that..... is that a pig I see flying out there As for Harry... I have to say the first Harry in today's episode is the true Harry in my mind... the other one is an imposter! Usually in these situations they have twins so you can't tell the difference.... I guess there were no twins available
  10. Rachel has been great in the last 2 episode and that line was really good I've liked her interaction with Tony and the lighthearted banter between them. That has been sorely missing of late. I loved in Friday's episode how Rachel wasn't speaking to Tony but she wasn't really serious... Tony should have stuck around and bugged her until she spoke to him... It would have been funny to watch I agree Kirsty, Rachel's friendship with Gina has been a quite interesting to watch. It's like they've know each other a lot longer than they have. Though, I wish Rachel and Leah had been in more scenes discussing Leah's new relationship... that would have been good
  11. Cruel moment of the week: Letting us see Rachel leaving the surf club with a bottle of wine and her telling us that the three of them were having a quiet night in - then not letting us see it!! Surely they could have squeezed a scene in somewhere
  12. We're still around don't worry I agree it would have been nice to break up the drama. But to be honest as time has gone I've gradually lost hope that anything would be mentioned about their anniversary. I guess which milestones are marked depends on what other storylines are going on at the time and this particular milestone has come around at a time where Tachel are in the background. Which is a shame really Us Tachel fans need something to keep us going through these barren times I'm sure we will have some interesting moments to enjoy soon
  13. Yes, it was nice to finally see them in an episode like Friday's... Tachel affection has been sorely lacking of late... so much for the Bay of Love The writing of them during the whole gym fiasco has been 'patchy'... I thought Rachel was a little too cold towards him at times, especially in Tuesday's episode when she came home from work, took Harry from him and walked off ignoring him. She wasn't particularly supportive but she soon came around when she knew about the school job and has been very encouraging towards Tony since then. I loved a few of the little moments in Friday's episode such as the 'my love' bit and the little bit near the end when they were just being a normal couple. Loved the lemonade stand story too! I'm not sure if it was intentional on the writers part but the lean over the sink looking nervous reminded me of the time when Tony lost his job at the school and was putting a brave face on for Lucas. I can't believe they had him teaching about STI's on his first day! Talk about cruel! It sounds like Phys Ed teachers teach sex ed in Australia.... I think he mentioned it before when he was having a talk with Mattie. Going back to Tachel being happy and affectionate... I hope that continues too. Even if it's just little moments it's worthwhile and makes them believable as a happily married couple. Their anniversary is coming up in a month so I hope that it is marked in a good (and hopefully romantic) way. I won't be particularly happy if it's forgotten.
  14. With my Mod head on.... please can we try and keep spoilers where they should be And with my non-Mod head on... ... Yay to the Tony and Harry scenes One had considerably more hair than the other too, tucked up in his hat! I kinda like that we get a surprise as to which Harry we get for each scene!
  15. ^ See the last two paragraphs of Dan's post here
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